Yura Quest Elden Ring: Rewards, Walkthrough and Rankings (2023)

In this article we will discussYura Quest Elden Ring.From rewards toarmedand amuletsthe spell, we will cover all the important points of Yura's quest line, review weapons and even check out rewards at the end of the quest. Elden Ring offers players various quests to complete, each of which becomes unique, and even offers some of the rarest weapons in the game. However, there is always a key to solving them and we are here to break down all the main points and effective ways to solve Yura's quests.


central points

  • yura exploreis a stealthy journey and bravery into the Ring of Elden. It rewards various rare items and weapons. Yura is the name of our companion on this mission.
  • We first meet Yura inFirst step.Then, after defeating Bloodfinger, you will receivereduce dagger.
  • The next step is to help Yura in the fight against the bloody finger.eid mubarak.You get some gifts as a reward, e.gAshes of War: Mist Raptor.
  • the next thing is to gosissy churchand findLeonor.You also get Yura's weapon,katana sarcasm, with a special and deadly ranked ability called Piercing Fang.
  • After defeating Eleanora, you will obtain Cleansing Crystal Tears andEleanora's Long KnifeThe Poleblade is an insanely bloody weapon.
  • In the end, you go to the top of the giant mountain to find Yura, defeat him and getRonin armor setYura.

By completing quests you can earn Reduvian Daggers, Ashes of War: Raptors of the Mist, Dragon Heart, Cleansing Crystal Tears, Runes, Blacksmithing Stones and Eleonora's Polearm.

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Yura Quest Elden Ring

To find Yura, go to the first step. We think the closest waypoint you can take is from Agheel Lake through the forest. When you reach the first step, go under the bridge and you will see Yura right next to the fire. Talk to him and your quest will begin.

However, he will warn you about the Agheel Lake Dragon and how you should avoid it at all costs. Then he'll warn you to avoid the nearby dragons and stay away from the lake, but if you're manly, you may face a mighty dragon.

reduce dagger

Yura Quest Elden Ring: Rewards, Walkthrough and Rankings (1)

The next step to take after talking to Yura is to follow the path by the lake directly to another point in the structure, where you'll find him again. You should know from the beginning that this is the part where you find the Reduvia Dagger and the first step.

That's right, you will be able to get this weapon from the Bloody Finger invader while walking the paths around the lake. After traveling a bit, he will invade you. After fighting the bloody finger for a while, Yura will help you personally and together you will take him down.

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The idea of ​​finding allies in the Elden Ring is fantastic. Having Yura as our partner in his quest line was a unique experience.When you and Yura defeat Bloody Finger, he will drop Reduvia Dagger. This dagger now applies one of the deadliest effects in the game, bleed. Dual movement of these daggers is very light and yet very light. Gives 79 proportions of stamina and strength,abilityAnd Arcanum, which is awesome.

eid mubarak

Either way, after defeating the attackers, you'll need to follow the stream to the end of the nearby cave. You can find Yura inside the cave, talk to him and listen to what he has to say. He snarls that he's a Bloodyfinger killer, talks about the Defiler, and warns that more enemies will stick around for a long time.Yura Quest Elden Ring.

So after talking to him in the cave you will have to go to Raya Lucaria and if you don't know how to enter the gate you will need a Glintstone Key. Once you get the key and open the door, you can fall in love at first sight.

Afterwards, cross the broken bridge and find the item that says "Called to Aid Yura: Killer of Bloodfinger". Only this time you will help him fight the bloody finger. When you find this item, it will put you in a fight between Yura and Bloody Finger, so you can help him in the fight.

Ashes of War: Mist Raptor

Yura Quest Elden Ring: Rewards, Walkthrough and Rankings (2)

Defeating the Raiders will give you a Rune Arc and Furkalling Finger Remedy. When you're back in your world, you'll get Ashes of War: Mist Raptor. ContinueYura Quest Elden Ring,You will be able to meet Yura again on the same bridge. Talk to him again and he'll thank you for helping him fight Bloodfinger, and he'll give you five Forgestones as a thank you.

Abilityfog raptor
InfluenceGives affinity with weapons and abilities.

He also mentions Eleonora and how he pursued her for a long time, warning against crossing paths because she is the deadliest of the Bloody Fingers. Therefore, the next step is to find Eleonora in the second church in Malika.

Marika Second Church: Finding Eleonora

But to get to the second church, you need to activate and use Dectus' Store Elevator. If you don't know how to activate it, find the two halves of the Dectus Medallion. For the first, turn your attention to Fort Height, which is located in the lower right corner of the upper Limb Grave map. You have to go through the fort and jump over all the enemies that cross your path.

Enter the tower and go up the stairs, above it there is a chest, you open it, you get the left half of the medal. If you continue from there, you will go to Farosberg. Same principle here; you have to go through the fort and get to the top.

Admittedly, this is a larger area and enemies take a lot of damage, so depending on how long you've been doing this in the game, you might just want to avoid everything. Follow the path to the fort and go up the ladder. When you reach the top, you will again see a chest with a medallion on the right.

There are a few other things in this castle, but that's all you need to activate Dectus' large elevator. That said, you can go back to the Grand Lift and activate it. When you reach the second church in Marika, you will meet Yura again. Afterwards, you'll have to talk to him again. He was in poor health and spoke of Eleonora.

Get Yura's weapon

The next time you meet Yura, he will be possessed and appear as Shabriri on top of Giant's Mountain. Anyway, after Yuri says her last words during her meeting with Eleonora, you can get her unique sword, Nagakiba.

katana sarcasm

Yura Quest Elden Ring: Rewards, Walkthrough and Rankings (3)

Nagakiba has an incredible range, probably the longest katana of any other katana in the game. You can see the big difference in length which gives you a lot of extra range. A samurai sword comes with a specialAbilityThese are called piercing teeth and they emit an unstoppable shock.

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You can also use this katanaWarriorBleed to build and upgrade. Also put Ashes of War on him with double slashes. The first attack costs only 6 FP and subsequent attacks only cost 3 FP. The move Blood River will be your double slash attack.

Use Keen Affinity as this will give you A-level Dexterity at 24+. The property requirement is 18strengthand 22 Dexterity.

The katana also causes a blood loss at level 45. However, you can use this to specify more bleeding if you want, and you can also add things like Seppuku on top. You can do many things with the Nagakiba Katana, such as applying a blood affinity to it, which will greatly increase blood loss.

Reward of Eleonora

Yura Quest Elden Ring: Rewards, Walkthrough and Rankings (4)

Anyway, you'll also be invaded by Violet Bloodfinger Eleonora while you're in the second church in Marika. If you manage to defeat her, you can get some amazing rewards from her. After defeating her, you will get Eleonora's Cleansing Crystal Tears and Long Knife. The Polar Arm was the other—best gun bleedYou should choose this because it causes insane blood loss and the attack speed of this weapon is very fast.

Eleonora's long knife

Yura Quest Elden Ring: Rewards, Walkthrough and Rankings (5)

This weapon does decent damage and scales with Strength, Dexterity and Arcane. Instead of strength, the requirements are very low as you only need 12 strength, 21 agility and 19 arcane. have a 77Accumulated blood loss, your skills are amazing. Not only that, but if you hold this weapon with both hands, the action combos can be a lot of fun. Arcane spells on weapons are for blood lossliveUp, the unique skill is called Blood Blade Dance.

Attack animations are efficient and powerful, allowing you to jump in front of enemies and unleash a whirlwind attack, then return to dodge all incoming attacks. So the skill helps you deal damage and then immediately go out and regroup.

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There are many chain attacks you can use your Poleblade for. Then you can use something like the Rotten Wings Sword Badge that stacks based on blood loss over timebleeding construction.So you can use many different things with your Poleblade to make it even more powerful.

top of giants

ok so the last stepYura Quest Elden RingIt will be at the top of Giant's Mountain where you will meet Yura again, only this time he will be possessed and called Shabriri. Going up the hill is a challenge so you need to activate the Roald Grand Tramway and to activate the Roald Tramway you need the Roald Medal. You will receive this medal after defeating Mogot the Omen in Throne of Elden.

After defeating him, just go up the stairs and interact with the wall of thorns. After that, when you go downstairs and sit in front of Grace, Melina will appear and give you the Rold Medal.

Once you have it, now take it to the Grand Lift of Rold, and when you get there, do the same as you did in the Grand Lift of Dectus, enter the elevator and choose to lift the locket.

Itens de Yura ou Shabriri

Yura's Ronin armor set can be obtained after defeating Shabriri. We've written a separate guide on the best armor for samurai, with a brief explanation of the Ronin armor set. You can go to oursBest Samurai Armor GuideAnd see for yourself.

to beYura Quest Elden RingIt doesn't have to be completely completed to get a good project,armed, and other stuff. If you go to the beginning of the mission where you interact with Yura under the bridge. You will see your weapon lying on the floor near the fireplace.

Also, if you jump to these parts, you can also get all the other gear like the second church in Marika. We believe we have covered all the necessary steps to complete the mission, so we have also provided a brief overview of the weapons you can earn from the quest.

The Elden Ring has a lot of secrets and quests that you can do if you liked Yura's quest line article,Be sure to check out our other guides, they will surely help you in many ways.

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