Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (2023)

"The best magician in terms of attack and defense." For many, these were the first words read from a person.Yu-Gi-Oh!Map. Perhaps one of the most iconic cards in gaming history, Dark Magician has added many support cards to the game over the years.

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Yugi's Legendary Ace Monster has grown into a pretty big archetype with a large number of cards that will power up any Dark Magician Deck. Also, some Dark Magician cards are so powerful that many decks play them and don't even focus on Dark Magician itself. As one of the older cards, Dark Magician gets a lot of support.

Updated February 19, 2022 by Johnny Garcia: There have never been such official forms of the Yu-Gi-Oh! That now. Master Duel has finally launched, offering duelists the first official simulator to play the TCG-focused game instead of an anime. Roleplaying continues to thrive, with a new ban list and sets shaking up the metagame. For fans of alternate formats, Speed ​​Duel is getting more additions with the recently announced GX Box, bringing plenty of new cards and abilities for fans of the format. With so many ways to play, Yu-Gi-Oh! It's more accessible than ever.


15/15Black Magic Inheritance

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (1)

Dark Magic Inheritance is one of the many quests available to the Dark Magician. It requires two Spell Cards to be banished to use, but with the number of Spell Cards included in each Dark Magician deck, this isn't a problem. Dark Magic Inheritance allows you to search almost any non-monster support card for Dark Magician.

It's a tough time per move, but that's all you need. Since it's a quick play spell, you can use it when it's your opponent's turn to draw a card you need to deal with the board he ended up building. When playing Master Duel, quests are even more useful, as countering the opponent without taking sides can be difficult, but Dark Magic Inheritance solves this thanks to its versatility. This makes Dark Magic Inheritance one of the best Dark Magician support cards for Master Duel.

14/15Black Magic Attack

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (2)

Heavy Storm was banned for a reason. Being able to completely destroy every back rank on the field is awesome, and the dark wizards have an archetype support card that is a one-sided heavy gale.

Dark Magic Attack is one of the oldest supports for Dark Magician and is still played today. It is a researchable card that can be accessed from a variety of Dark Mage cards, making it one of the best Dark Mage spell cards in the game. While it does require a dark mage on the field, decks with dark mages easily meet this requirement.

13/15Secrets of Black Magic

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (3)

Secrets Of Dark Magic is the support card for Dark Magician that allowed him to easily spawn his Fusion or Ritual Monsters. It is one of the few cards in the game that has the ability to do both with a single card. Dark Mage Fusion Monsters are no joke, and your Ritual Monsters are just as powerful. For Fusion Summoning, Secrets Of Dark Magic is among the best Dark Magician Fusion cards.

It's a simple card, since you still need to use materials from your hand or field, but the fact that it's researchable within the archetype is what makes it so great. Plus, it's also a fast-playing spell, so you can surprise your opponent with an unexpected monster to interrupt your turns.

15/12chaos mage

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (4)

While not quite as notable as its Blue-Eyes counterpart, Magician Of Chaos is still a fantastic accessible Ritual Monster for Dark Magicians. Each time a Spell or Trap Card is activated, it can destroy a card on the field. This effect combined with Secrets Of Dark Magic allows you to surprise your opponent with a summon.

Magician Of Chaos can also flow into other Chaos or Black Luster Soldier rituals, giving it synergy with a heavy Dark Magicians ritual build. He is also treated as a Dark Magician on the field, allowing you to use other Dark Magician Support cards on the field that require it.

15.11soul servant

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (5)

Soul Servant is one of the best ways for Dark Magician decks to draw a lot of cards. While the first effect is usually a bit damaging, cards like Souls of Mages can throw soul minions into the graveyard just for some benefit. With the number of Dark Magician cards that count as Dark Magician, it's possible to draw a whole new hand with just one Soul Servant activation.

Soul Servant isn't as stellar as some other cards, but its ability to get you into your biggest combos makes it one of the best Dark Magician cards out there.

15.10wizard combination

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (6)

The Mage Combo allows its user to Tribute a Dark Magician or Dark Magician Girl to Special Summon the opposite of the Tributed monster, andnegate the effectsan activated card. A Dark Magician deck doesn't have many negating cards, making the Magician combo a very welcome addition to any Dark Magician deck.

Not only that, but when the card is sent face-up from the field to the graveyard, it can destroy any card on the field without a target, which is one of the best ways to remove it. In Master Duel, with so many boss monsters that are difficult to interact with, this type of removal is incredibly powerful, and something the Dark Magician will take full advantage of.

15.9Illusionist Apprentice

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (7)

Each archetype values ​​a card that it can bring. When Illusion Magician's Apprentice is summoned, he can add a Dark Magician from the deck to the hand. It can also be Special Summoned from your hand, for the small cost of discarding a card.

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It has an additional effect that when a Dark Spellcaster monster battles, the Apprentice Illusion Magician can send itself to the Graveyard and give that monster 2000 ATK and DEF during that battle's damage calculation. With Link Summoning in play, getting free Link items on the field is always welcome, making Magical Illusion Apprentice one of the best Dark Mage cards.

15/08black magic expanded

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (8)

Dark Magic Expanded is a fast-playing spell card thathas various effectsbased on the number of Dark Magicians and Dark Magician-Girls in the Graveyard. If one or more are present, give a Dark Spellcaster monster 1000 Attack for the rest of the turn. If there are two or more, the opponent cannot activate cards in response to the activations of spells, traps, and effects. Spell and Trap Cards also cannot be destroyed this turn. And finally, if there are three or more, all Dark Spellcaster monsters are unaffected by the opponent's card effects.

All effects can be used with one activation, bringing ample Dark Magic Expanded protection to its user's board. In Master Duel, these multiple effects are useful. As the best format, Dark Magic Expanded's versatility is welcomed in Dark Magician Decks.

15.7dark magic circle

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (9)

The card that broke Dark Magician decks in Duel Links, Dark Magical Circle, is also great in the TCG. When activated, the user can look at the top three cards of his deck and add a Dark Wizard or a Spell or Trap card that specifically includes it to his hand. Additionally, when Dark Magician is summoned while Dark Magical Circle is on the field, it allows its controller to banish a card the opponent controls.

Since it is aContinuous Effect, the effect is much harder to deny. This makes Dark Magical Circle able to easily and permanently get rid of problematic cards just by summoning Dark Magician, which is very easy to do. It's a map that few players will focus on switching quickly and which, in turn, helps set up your opponent's monster dump.

15.06Magic wand

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (10)

Magician's Rod is probably the best Normal Summon Dark Magician deck out there. During the Normal Summon, the Magician's Staff can add a Spell and Trap Card that specifically lists the Dark Magician in hand. This allows you to add a large number of cards that can really turn the tide of a Duel.

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Magician's Rod can also be recycled from the Graveyard. When its user activates a Spell or Trap Card while in the Graveyard, its controller can Tribute a Spellcaster monster to add the Spell Rod back to the hand. This allows you to call it back normally, repeating the cycle over and over again.

15/05Magician of dark illusion

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (11)

Magician Of Dark Illusion is an incredibly easy monster to summon and can duel on its user's behalf very quickly. While it can be Normal Summoned, Mage of Dark Illusion can be Special Summoned from your hand.just activate a spellor Trap Card during your opponent's turn.

When a Spell or Trap Card activates (or uses an effect) on the field, you can select a Dark Magician in the Graveyard and Special Summon it. Combined with Dark Magical Circle, this can result in a large number of bans while gaining monsters to attack or additional material for the deck, such as Dark Magician Fusion cards. For Master Duel players, the opponent will also not be able to counterattack as they don't have the tools to stop it.

15.4dark wizards

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (12)

dark wizards area very versatile fusion monster. Once per turn, when a Spell or Trap Card (including your opponent's) is activated, it allows the user to draw a card and Set it if it is a Spell or Trap Card. This Set card can be activated during the same turn. Combined with deck stacking cards like Black Magic Circle, Dark Magician decks can easily draw the cards they need, including more interruptions to the opponent's turn.

Even if The Dark Magician is destroyed, it can still float out of your hand, deck, or graveyard into Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl, making it one of the best cards in Dark Magician Fusion. In Master Duel, thinning your deck is already easy thanks to cards like Maxx "C", and The Dark Magicians effect only helps you get to your key cards faster.

15/03eternal soul

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (13)

best trap cardDark Magician decks have access to it, Eternal Soul is a simple but effective card for the archetype. Once per turn, Eternal Soul can Special Summon a Dark Magician from the hand or Graveyard, or add a Dark Magic attack or Thousand Knives from the Deck to the hand.

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Additionally, Eternal Soul offers protection to any Dark Magician on the field, as it is unaffected by the opponent's card effects. The downside is that when Eternal Soul leaves the field, all monsters on the field are destroyed. This debuff often pays off, as many powerful cards can be dealt with as Dark Mage, giving them powerful protection. If you play Master Duel, Eternal Soul is much better as there is no sideboard and there is even less chance of finding spell and trap removal.

15/02magical souls

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (14)

Magicians' Souls does a lot. It has two effects. While on the field, its controller can send up to two spells or traps from their hand to the graveyard to draw that many cards. In addition, it can send a Level 6 or higher Spellcaster monster from the Deck to the Graveyard to Special Summon, or send itself to the Graveyard to Special Summon a Dark Magician or a Dark Magician from the Graveyard to Summon.

This can put a free Dark Wizard on the field or Spell and Trap Cards with powerful effects in the Graveyard. It adds a high level of consistency to Dark Magicians that Master Duel players will appreciate due to its better format. Magicians' Souls is a must have in the best Dark Magician decks.

1/15Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best dark magician cards, ranking (15)

Although Red-Eyes is in the name, Red-Eyes Dark Dragon is also a Dark Magician card, with the fusion material that Dark Magician requires to do so. The card cannot be destroyed or targeted by card effects. During the Main Phase, it can destroy monsters the opponent controls, equal to the number of Normal Monsters used to Summon it (usually two).

You can also negate a card or effect for the simple cost of discarding a card, gaining attack in the process. Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon is incredibly difficult to remove, with multiple Force effects that make it not only the best Dark Magician card, but one of the best cards in the game.

Be careful though, Master Duel players. Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon is so good that it was banned from the game, making it inaccessible to all decks.

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Which Dark Magician is worth the most? ›

#1 Dark Duel Stories Prismatic Secret Rare Promo

I think in a vacuum, when people talk about the coolest, most sought-after, most iconic printing of Dark Magician (Dark Duel Stories), this is the card most people think of.

What is the strongest magician in Yu-Gi-Oh? ›

Dark Magician is, of course, No. 1 on this list. That placement doesn't come down to the card itself, but instead the numerous support cards that specifically mention "Dark Magician." Without those cards, it would be much lower down on the list.

Is Dark Magician Girl stronger than Dark Magician? ›

While the Dark Magician has more raw strength, as we saw in her inaugural duel, the Dark Magician Girl can utilize her ability to be more powerful than the original when the conditions are correct.

Is a Dark Magician deck good? ›

Realistically, Dark Magic Attack IS a great Side Deck choice, or even a Main Deck choice in the right format, thanks to Eternal Soul!

What is the strongest card in Yu-Gi-Oh? ›

1. Apoqliphort Towers. This card is so powerful that it was actually banned from Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments.

Who is the top 1 magician? ›

7 Of the World's Best Magicians
  • David Blaine. ...
  • David Copperfield. ...
  • Apollo Robbins. ...
  • Penn and Teller. ...
  • Shin Lim. ...
  • Juan Tamariz. ...
  • Derren Brown.

Who is the most powerful magician in the world? ›

David Copperfield is the most famous magician in the world.

How powerful is Dark Magician Girl? ›

The Dark Magicians is a powerful Fusion monster requiring two tributes to summon, one of which has to be either Dark Magician or Dark Magician Girl, plus another Spellcaster monster. It has powerful stats of 2,800 ATK, 2,300 DEF, and a strong effect that can easily take over the game.

Who is the Dark Magician girlfriend? ›

Mana is always portrayed as excitable, loving, caring, and supportive to all her family and friends. She's also usually portrayed as Atem's girlfriend and ends up in a Dark Magician Girl outfit one way or another.

How many dark magicians does Yugi have? ›

The Dark Magician is one of the most iconic Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters out there. As the signature card of Yugi, the main character of the first anime, we've spent a lot of time with the card over the years. With that in mind, it makes sense that the monster has gotten eight different artworks over the years.

Is skilled dark magician good? ›

Skilled Dark Magician is great if talking about straightforward monster stats, as it's got 1900 ATK and 1700 DEF. But it relies on an ancient mechanic like Spell Counters, which doesn't work outside of Endymion. Each time a spell card is activated, place a spell counter on the card.

How much can I sell my Dark Magician for? ›

Raw examples of Dark Magician (DDS-002) currently sell for as much as $1,500-$3,000.

Which Dark Magician girl is worth money? ›

#1 Magician's Force 1st Edition

The original 1st Edition version of the First Lady of Dueling sells from anywhere between $800 to $1500, Near Mint and ungraded. Graded copies can fetch two to three times as much depending on condition. It's a gorgeous card, and it's truly one-of-a-kind in the Yu-Gi-Oh landscape.

How much is a Dark Magician YSYR EN001 worth? ›

Dark Magician YSYR-EN001 YuGiOh Starter Deck: Yugi Reloaded
Sale DateTitle▲ ▼ Price
2023-01-01YSYR-EN001 Dark Magician Unlimited Ultimate Rare Yugioh Card [eBay]$5.41
2022-12-31Ultimate Rare - Dark Magician - YSYR-EN001 Unlimited Heavily Played X1 Card 🔥 [eBay]$2.00
28 more rows

How much is my Dark Magician girl worth? ›

Dark Magician Girl #000 (1ST EDITION)
21 more rows


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