Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel: 8 Best Decks to Play (2023)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel: 8 Best Decks to Play (1)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel: 8 Best Decks to Play (2)


September 22, 2022 9:36 a.m. ET

Yu-Gi-Oh! cross duelrecently launched globally, attracting new players from all over the world and introducing them to the range of experiments available.cross duelhimself is very different from othersYu-Gi-Oh!formats. All these innovations include tabletop RPG mechanics and are reminiscent ofDungeon Cube Monster,Capsule monster,false empire, Offast duels. A fusion of different aesthetics from around the worldYu-Gi-Oh!Franchise.

While this game has a limited card pool of less than 200 cards compared to over 10,000 inmaster duel.cross duelIt has eccentric deck combinations, as many monsters, spells, or trap cards are used in different ways compared to the franchise's trading card game counterpart.

This guide covers eight of the best decks incross duelto help you achieve the glorious Platinum 1 position in ranked mode.

invent way

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel: 8 Best Decks to Play (3)

This deck focuses entirely on the inventor ability, which many monster cards can equip. When a monster is summoned with Inventor, it gains a random effect. This can increase your attack or defense, gain indestructible properties, or even change the battle position of other Monster Cards you are fighting. After activating four inventor abilities, monsters with inventors gain two random abilities instead of one for the entire duel. The Ace monster for this Deck isMagicians of the Sevens Road, as it is your win condition. When Summoned with its Master Skill, it increases its ATK/DEF by 400 for each Inventor Skill activated in the Duel while gaining two immunity effects. This allows you to let a monster charge across the field with over 4000 attacks with additional protection.

dark burning attack

Dark Wizardis the Ace monster for this Deck with its Master ability that inflicts 300 damage to all other players after activating a Spell Card. The main goal of this deck is to wait and use a large number of Spell Cards with Dark Magician on the field to reduce the health points of all enemy players. Magic cards like Sparks are powerful here. Some of the Monster Cards in this deck will becomex Kopfkanone,HÉROE elementar Burstinitrix,Archer blushed, OfBromiestrella liquorice, because when summoned with their Snipe ability, they can deal direct damage to the opposite lane they're summoned to.Joker NarkissusThe master ability can even be implemented to add a snipe monster from your graveyard to your hand.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel: 8 Best Decks to Play (4)

sniper tricks

This deck is similar to Dark Burning Attack's win condition, but Ace Monster isMalandro Holly Angel. Holly Angel's master skill allows monsters' snipe ability to deal 100 extra damage, but more importantly, the snipe ability applies to all other players. Keep Trickstar Holly Angel safely in Defense Position while summoning monstersmalandro lilibelljGirls with shiny heartsEquipped with the snipe, it will offer a field of monsters to protect your hit points more often than the Dark Magician deck, which prioritizes using spells.

unique magician time

The main, in fact, only monster in this deck isWeather Observer's Assistant. This Time Wizard is your Ace Monster and your only win condition for this Deck. Timegazer comes equipped with Sorcery, increasing your Attack/Defense by 300 for each Spell Card you activate and the Immunity: Swap Position ability. The goal is to summon Timegazer Magician and use cards likeshield manipulator,Opti camo armor, Ofmagic scrollto keep it from being destroyed. Then you activate Magic Cards likeCross!,Einhornhorn,Sword of Dark Destruction, Ofmythical bestiaryto activate this spell. Timegazer can easily go over 4,000 attack points, and with certain cards he will bypass or go straight into a lane and decimate the opponent. This deck can easily win in less than three turns if the right cards are drawn.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel: 8 Best Decks to Play (5)

Exodus, make me forget!

would not beYu-Gi-Oh!Play without the unstoppableExodus. Exodia works differently than the trading card game format this time. Instead of collecting all five parts, the Master of Exodia skill increases its counter by one each time a normal monster is drawn during the draw phase. If the counter reaches five, you win the duel. Exodia herself is summoned onto the field beside you to protect your hit points. You must protect the Exodia from destruction for the application of its victory condition to take effect. This is a loss deck, so the monsters you summon will be high attack or high defense ones.Exodia is currently the only monster that must be purchased with real-world currency. You cannot eliminate or select Exodia as an ace monster by completing the game's tutorial..

Destroy the Archdemons

Red Dragon Archfiendis the Ace monster of this Deck. Archfiend's master ability destroys all Defense Position cards on the field at the end of each turn. You need to equip monsters likeceltic guardian,Y Head Dragon, OfVice Dragonwith intimidate. Intimidate forces all monsters that battle these Attack Position cards into Defense Position. Cards like Block Attack or Enemy Controller allow you to constantly manipulate enemy monsters into Defense Position, where they are destroyed by one at the end of each turn using Red Dragon Archfiend's master ability. If you equip Red Dragon with an Immunity: Destruction Effects skill along with your master ability, you can keep your archfiend in a defensive position without moving to keep killing monsters from a safe place. The only way to counter this tactic is for opposing players to move monsters into Attack Position first, but you can stop them with cards like Mandatory Escape Device.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel: 8 Best Decks to Play (6)

Z-Metal unit

metal container Zwill be your Ace Monster for this Deck equipped with Cohesion and Immunity: Destruction effects. Cohesion increases Z-Metal Tank's Attack and Defense by 200 each time you Summon a monster. Cohesion's effect is continuous, so monsters you Summon a few turns later will gain full Cohesion buffs as long as Z-Metal Tank is on the field. His winning condition in this deck is summoning Z-Metal Tank and summoning other monsters like Performapal Silver Claw, Sonata the Melodious Diva, Dark Resonator, and Elemental HERO Burstinatrix, all of which come with the Attack Support ability. This deck is all about leveling up your monsters and making the Z-Metal tank stronger every turn. After your attack has been greatly reduced by the battle, use your sword and shield to change your attack and defense points to continue this heavy artillery attack. This is another inexpensive deck and an undemanding deck to craft since most cards can be obtained by earning rare monsters.

fever beats

The Ace monster in this Deck isWhite dragon with blue eyeswith his Master ability, which causes the player to choose any monster on the field to destroy when Summoned. An absolute powerhouse with a high offensive and also defensive. This deck uses cards like Dark Resonator and Performapal Hip Hippo, which come equipped with Double Material, allowing both monsters to be used as full Blue-Eyes Tribute Summoning costs. Cards like Y-Dragon Head and Z-Metal Tank, which come with superspeed, make these cards run across the field faster than normal, or help mark the special card in the center of the field faster than your opponents. Cards like Gaia the Fierce Knight combined with Super Rush Headlong create opportunities for your monsters to hit enemy HP within range for massive damage in one turn. Using Defense Stop or End Attack commands changes the battle position of defensive enemy monsters, giving them no choice but to fight your monsters and leave their hit points open afterwards.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel: 8 Best Decks to Play (7)

cross duelIt's only been out for a few weeks, but with so many different deck styles to choose from with such a small card pool, there's definitely a deck or two that you could end up making or using for your playstyle or win conditions.

Good luck, duelist!

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Written by Veerender Singh Jubbal on behalf ofGOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.


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