What letter would you tattoo on your arm? (2023)

  • "I don't want the world. I only want your half


    1. I understand
      "Love you with the future, to hell with the past" - Say Francis
      Next month, but thought I'd do some research. It's my first tattoo and the only one I want. any opinion?

      1. Don't think it's something you'll be proud of for the rest of your life. I mean, it's good news, and don't get me wrong... But it's just the lyrics.What letter would you tattoo on your arm? (1)

      2. I tend to agree... -awesome- message. But as much as I love using the word "fuck," I don't think I'll want it with me forever. maybe we don't all have such a dirty vocabulary at 95, do we? 🇧🇷

  • Chin up, it couldn't come at a worse time.

    -The hip

  • goo goo k'choo.

    1. Rolf xD

  • There is no way, there is no difficult way.

  • I know you wouldn't get a tattoo from any of your posts about how stupid tattoos are for a long time.

    I also saw this tattoo and was contemplating what letter to put on my arm... Idiotic love will trigger the fusion - Soul Love, David Bowie

  • In my defence, iThey never said they were stupid🇧🇷 I said that I think people don't think enough about their tattoos:

    “In summary: think carefully about what you want from a tattoo. So crack it up, it's probably one of the worst impulse buys you can make.

    I still find it odd that tattoo parlor walls are lined with tattoo designs. As I mentioned before, this seems to imply that when they walk into the store they don't know what type of tattoo they want.

    1. Have you ever thought that these tattoo shops have tattoo samples to show customers what they are capable of?

  • If I had to pick one letter to tattoo on my arm, it would be "What kind of sky am I looking for?". sinceGrauProAni Difranco

  • Well, there are many things I hear that immediately come to mind that I should NOT put on my tattoo:

    - "He gave me a big ol' cock and I like to have fun", NIN
    - "Point the damn finger in your butt", tool
    – “I have a mouse and it has no home, I don’t know why. I call him Gerard. Pink Floyd

    As for good decisions.

    – "The child has grown, the dream is gone.", Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb
    - "It's too late to lose the weight you used to throw away.", Pink Floyd, Dogs. (a little long maybe)
    – “Lies are easy. Simple is happiness.”, NOFX, The Decline
    - "I don't know if the millions will survive, but I will believe in God when 1 and 1 make 5." Bad religion, do what you will
    – “And in the end the love you receive is equal to the love you make.” Beatles, The End (I think)
    - "I'll get high with a little help from my friends." Beatles, with a little help from my friends

    Having said that, I would probably never get a lettering tattoo. At the very least, you would probably get an equation like Euler's identity (e^pi*i - 1 = 0).

  • I almost forget:

    "Amerika! Fuck yeah!" DVDA (glaube ich), America, Fuck Yeah, „Team America, World Police“-Soundtrack.

  • e^(pi*i) + 1 = 0

  • "When I'm king, you'll be first to the wall, and your opinion won't matter" - Radiohead

    1. Awesome quote from an awesome band. Actually my favorite band of all time.

  • Yes, I knew that, typo 😉

  • "Everything seems to be made of gold before it changes."
    Jonatha Brooke (Zu lang, huh?)

    "This world is full of creeps like me."
    Lyle Lovett

  • Darren, same character, put bandages on his fingers and wrote something on them, you know?

    1. It was DESTINY and then LATE

  • Chanelle: Sorry, I must not have seen the episode that closely. I'm sure Google knows this if you ask correctly.

  • Oh, I had to go in there!

    Everything for the hips goes without saying; but how about:

    "Extremist /
    We all know you're out there /
    Can you feel the resistance?/
    can you feel the hunger
    Tom CochraneCreepy 80's style fascist riffs.


    I don't know where we're from
    I don't know where we're going
    But if all this must have a reason /
    We'd be the last to know."
    Steppenwolf "Rock Me Baby"

    But privately, if I were to spend the proceeds to tattoo myself, it would be something cheap and common, say, a barcode from a tuna can, placed right where the tax collector could kiss me.

  • Oh yes, Google knows everything:

    Charlie writes the letters L, A, T, and E on each of his bandages around his fingers and spells LATE.

  • We can't do what we want, but we can do what we have to!

    1. I got a tattoo when I was 15 and it means a lot to me, my grandmother passed away and her favorite flower is a lily, now I'm 17 and looking for a new tattoo for my grandfather who recently passed away.

  • I know what you say about people not thinking about the tattoo they're getting. I have a friend who just turned 17 and has 14 tattoos (12 of which are stars) and none of them mean anything to him. I got a tattoo when I was 16, but I designed it myself and it means a lot to me. I've been in a band for 5 years so I have something that will always remind me of the amazing times I've had and hopefully continue to have.

    With that in mind, I'll be tattooing some of my own lyrics soon:

    you just ran away
    you never told me why
    All you left was this note
    your last goodbye

  • Beauty is on a razor's edge One day I'll make her mine


  • "Life is a game, true love is a trophy." -Rufus Wainwright, "Posing"

    And also

    "All you need is love." 🇧🇷

  • And damn, I HATE it when people get tattooed without thinking. I have NO respect for those middle-aged women with the chirping bird on their shoulder or the guy with the Elmer Fudd tattoo on his back pointing a shotgun up his ass with a slogan balloon that says, "Get out of here, lunatic." !” I mean, JESUS!! I've met people who actually told me they wanted a tattoo that didn't mean anything, which they would never regret... I think they're afraid that one day they'll grow up and not believe what they thought they were doing, when they got the tattoo. But tweety bird? Come on. And if you take the idea off the wall of the room you're in, you're an idiot, a real idiot. Getting a tattoo is only half the experience, the other half will stay with you for the rest of your life... I HAVE NO RESPECT.

    1. I can only agree...although, to be perfectly honest, my first tattoo was "off the wall" as you put it. I've been looking for a wolf for a long time and found one I liked in a catalogue. I revised it and finished it a week later. I've thought about it more since then...probably a mistake. It's very black and the lines are thin and close together, giving it the potential to warp for years to come.

      in the thread of this thread I have the text...

      "You are everything, that's so typical
      Maybe you're alone for a reason
      you are the reason"

      on my left arm writing running along the outline of the wolf...stylized and with music notes floating around...much happier with it than the real wolf unfortunately...

      I have a giant owl on my back...more writing on my right foot...and a grim reaper underneath (so I'm stepping on death...started as a joke), ace of spades on my right wrist. ..

      Some tattoos are amazing and you will never regret it… others……. You are right, just think carefully and they can really improve how you feel.

    2. I partially agree with what you say about that ridiculous Elmer Fudd tattoo on your ass. That's stupid and I think whoever had them was stupid.

      But to say that someone who has a tattoo of something that "has no meaning is an idiot" then I think you're delusional and possibly your own ass.

      Tattoos are ART, not a journal as you seem to think. I'm all for people getting tattoos that symbolize a moment in their life, but some people are fans of tattoos, art, culture, and having artwork on their bodies is a tribute to that. None of my tattoos have any meaning, but they are all long, meticulous, intricate works that I am absolutely proud of and will not be ashamed of because they symbolize no point in my life.

    3. live and let live hehehehe.

  • I always thought it would be cool to have the lyrics to Motörhead's Ace of Spades.

    "You know I was born to lose and play for fools, but that's the way I like it, baby, I don't wanna live forever."

  • "Every wave is a tide, if you stay you'll get wet." Artist: Elliot Smith
    Album: From a Cellar on the Hill
    Musik: King's Crossing

  • In fact, I have a letter tattooed on my upper back between my shoulders that says "The movement you need is in your shoulders" from the Beatles song "Hey Jude" (Paul McCartney). it means a lot to me so i got it tattooed... i really like it

  • "Mom, I have to trust the government"

  • I'm 16 and I think if I ever had one I would get:

    "All my words come back to me in tones of mediocrity"

    Simon and Garfunkel, Back Home

    I think maybe a bit of irony, a bit of personal humor and a lot of truth.

  • "Welcome to the machine" or "pleasantly stunned" Pink Floyd
    Where would I get them? I'm not sure. Use your imagination.

    1. I'm getting a Comfortably Numb tattoo on my right shoulder/back

  • I've got "tell my mom not to worry" on my shoulders. It's from an Iron and Wine song.

  • "Sometimes the only way is to jump, I hope you're not afraid of heights."

    "Faith makes things real."

    "It's been a long time, but I know the change is coming."

  • everything you touch and everything you see is all your life will be.

    -Pink Floyd

  • I've thought long and hard about tattoos and am very attracted to dating.

    Some I like:

    - Not all wanderers are lost
    - World without strangers
    - Life is a journey, not a destination

    (I'm obsessed with travel and countries and people...)

    And I would like to have the Chinese symbol for "anchor" on my wrist. Normally I would say that getting a Chinese symbol is too common, but I spent my summer in China so the link is relevant.

  • Sarah McLaughlin - I will remember you
    "Don't let life pass you by, don't cry for the memories" (on my foot)

  • And then one day you find out that ten years have passed, nobody told you when to run. You missed the starting gun.

    Rosa Floyd

  • definitely stayed with simon and garfunkel - at home.


    Home where my thoughts flee
    home where my music sounds
    Home where my love awaits
    silent for me


    this random quote... (for my right forearm).

    “Some poems don't rhyme and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, needing to change, seizing the moment and making the best of it, not knowing what's going to happen next."

    1. How long is your forearm?!?!?!

      1. haha i thought the same thing too!

  • Even though it's three parts to one song, it would have to be "Lightning Crashes, the Angel Opens Her Eyes, The Angel Closes Her Eyes" live.

  • none:

    "Dive Your Soul in Love"


    "What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here"

    Both from Radiohead

    1. Another fantastic pair of quotes from a great band. I intend to put "Dip Your Soul in Love" on my back between my shoulder wings. Beautiful music

  • "The house you live in will never fall apart if you pity the stranger at its door" Gordon Lightfoot

  • "what tomorrow brings"

    by Incubus

  • 'Oh we're so c-c-c-c-controversial'
    Okay, I believe you, but not my machine gun.

    1. YES! I thought. "I'm heaven sent, don't forget" or "Coordinate brain and mouth, so ask me what it's like to have discovered myself like this... I'd like to know"

  • "Very close, no matter how far..."

    Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

    1. I love it! I love Metallica and I can't believe I never thought of it.

  • under oath - it is dangerous to go to the front door:

    "The pain has never been so bright"

  • "I never want to feel the way I did that day again."
    -Red Pepper

    "If there's no one in your bed, the night is hard to get through."

    "Burn the Piano Island, burn it."
    - Blutsbrüder

    "Calendar girl in love with the world... she's still alive."

    "When everything looks like it's in the movies, you bleed just to know you're alive." (long)

    That's all I can think of... =]

  • I spent many months in a psychiatric hospital with schizophrenia and depression. I've also been an editor for many of my life, so I thought about it. I'm not a big fan of Papa Roach, but the lyrics are a good choice.

    "My scars remind me that the past is real" scars, daddy cockroach.


    "It's been so long, but it feels good" Good enough, Evanescence. Luckily I'm a huge Evanescence fan so this is probably the most likely one.

    or, it's not letters, but sentences that I like very much:

    "in control of my mind" (I would probably write in another language, maybe Latin, because I'm finally in control of my mind)

    or "I'm not who I was" (would be nice in English or Latin, but I've always wanted an Icelandic/runic tattoo so maybe I could translate it).

  • But sometimes it's just about feeling good


    Italics at the foot or on the right side, between the stomach and the back.

  • I want to tattoo;

    When words fail, the music speaks.

    ... And no, that didn't occur to me. But whoever made it is a genius!

    1. wow this is sick. really great idea

    2. I have this on my shoulder, it's a quote from Hans Christian Anderson 🙂

    3. Danish author and poet Hans Christian Andersen wrote that...amazing writer...google more of his quotes...absolutely brilliant.

    4. I have it tattooed on my left forearm, love it.

      Hans Christian Anderson: he is the genius 🙂

  • "Sometimes it's not about love
    How much is someone good for you?
    but how willing are you
    change to customize them

    -Alexisonfire-Rough Hands-

  • Love like you've never been hurt.

    on my right side under my ribs.

    Dance like nobody's watching you.

    on my left side on my hip.

    Ambos: Alexisonfire-Get Fighted.

  • "And I've Seen Everything I Need"

  • "cube vestri vita"…."Take back your life" from the activation of the off switch

  • I admire that you would do something so amazing because you are so into real words.

  • "No lies, just love" - ​​Bright eyes

    1. My girlfriend has this on her wrists!
      she has no lies in one and only love in the other

      1. I also have it tattooed on the inside of my wrists. 🇧🇷

      2. My friend has it too! I doubt it's the same person but her name is Jade White 😉

    2. Sooooo this is one of my favorite bands of all time and uhh... this was posted on my birthday... lol weird but awesome 🙂

  • "Don't put your lust in a rich man's gold, all you need is in his soul"
    Simple guy man - Skynyrd

    1. I've been waiting for someone to post some easy guy lyrics, a very, very good song. very very good part. I would personally say "Is there someone up there" or "Be something you love and understand"

    2. Whitey these letters are wrong so don't tattoo them!

      "Forget your longing for the gold of the rich, all you need is in your soul"

      1. LOL It's been 3 years so I'm afraid he tattooed the failure letter...

  • "I dream of a day when we won't have to bleed anymore just to know we're alive"

    Okay...it's not ACTUALLY a letter, but it is a letter.

    It's a bit long.
    But I like it. 🇧🇷

  • Your bones were my bed and your flesh was my pillow.


    I'll write graffiti on your body, I'll draw the story of how hard we tried

    Ani Difranco

  • "there is no right or wrong, you just have to live it" - shining eyes

  • I really want to tattoo some lyrics from My Chemical Romance on my body.
    The only question is where.

    "I'm not afraid to walk through this world alone"

    1. If I could, I would
      the word "only" is empty.
      like a double meaning that you're not afraid of the world,
      and then the origin. sense

      It's cool, I like it 🙂

    2. i love this idea I have "Awake & Unafraid" from this song on my left wrist.

    3. I love it, this song is very inspirational 🙂

    4. I love this song 🙂 I would like to have "I'm not afraid to move on" on one wrist and "I'm not afraid to walk this world alone" on the other. Because life is written in red and only white, it means so much to me.

  • I am looking for a tattoo and have been thinking about it.

    All the dreams you never thought you would lose have been left behind
    goo goo dolls name - this song means a lot to me

    I know it's not a letter, but
    dream like you'll live forever, live like you're going to die today
    James Dean

  • A friend of mine has these lyrics from Killswitch Engage on his back:

    "Through the humble eyes of a child we shall see true equality"

    A bit long but in my opinion the best lyrics ever written...

    1. Try listening to Bob Dylan.

      1. a man

  • I am 18 years old and currently have a tattoo that means a lot to me. My best friend passed away so I have a heart with angel wings and a halo that has her signature in the center.

    As for the lyrics, any one I can think of would be too long, but I think my next tattoo will be the phrase: "Never Abandon Hope".

  • Got it on my back... For all the battles I've conquered and lo and behold
    Times have changed and now I'll take it easy.

    É from LostProphets, "Influence"

  • "Wandering stars reserved for
    The darkness, forever out of the darkness."

    -Portishead: Wandering Stars.

    It is actually a biblical reference to the expulsion of fallen angels from heaven. In our sense it means to be lost without a cause. In fact, I'm going to do this on my left kidney next week. possibly divided into 4 lines.

  • "I used to watch Riptide on Channel 4"
    - A mission called Tribe

  • "Wall-to-Wall ruft."
    -David Bowie

  • "Too Drunk to Fuck" - Die toten Kennedys

    1. This letter turns me on.

  • "You're as close to heaven as you've ever been."

  • "Life's a slippery slope, regret the steepest hill" Bright Eyes

    I already have it as a tattoo on my back

  • Could be

    "You shine more than everyone else"

    Heller – Paramore

  • It's hard for me to think of one that I would love to get tattooed because the letters that mean the most to me are usually the ones that remind me of the darker places in my life.

  • What Do You Want From Me (Floyd - song of the same name)

    the light was brighter (Floyd - high hopes)

    I really love you and I mean you (syd - terripin)

    Are you your baby or just a shiny costume?

    heavier than the rest

    a dream is a lie if it doesn't come true or something worse

    Right in between the pretty lies you tell

    Down in Jackson's cage

    Bums like us, baby, we were born to walk

    the baby likes to rock

    they call me dr love

  • I'm dying to get some letters tattooed either on the side or on the hip and here are some options...

    "My heart will remain the same" a change

    "I never fell in love by accident" - always deeply

    "I promise you" - the sunbeam

    "Show me nothing and everything I never knew" - a change of pace

    Those are just a few ideas, I'm trying to think of a few more before deciding because I wish it was a song I would never hate.

  • "Despite everything, we are everything"
    all excuses

  • There are two quote tattoos I want to get.

    The first is "eternal love" in Gaelie, which is Sioghra or something like that.

    And the other tattoo I want to do is Scars & Memories.

  • I would like to take "You can say I'm a dreamer" from John Lennon's "Imagine".

    1. In fact, I have "Imagine" tattooed on my foot!

  • Smiles are tempting and hopes are as good as lies, memories are pains that lose meaning over time.

  • "You live long and fly high, but only if you ride the tide."

    -Pink Floyd, „Respira“

  • I got my first tattoo two years ago.

    "IMAGINE" in ambigram (letter that reads the same backwards and forwards) between my shoulder blades

    I think an ode to John Lennon

  • I already have a tattoo but want a few more.

    "God Knows Why" - by Bon Jovi

    'For what it's worth, it's been worth it all along' - by Greenday

    "I think I'll always be my dad's girl - to Katey Sagal

    and also as "a prayer for the savage at heart locked in cages"

  • what tomorrow brings

    The cruellest dream comes true
    .A profile

  • I want the lyrics to the song "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. I want the lyrics "If I lay here you would lie with me and forget the world", but I want it on my arm and it's too long. Any ideas to shorten it?

    1. I would forget the world

    2. Lay down with me and forget the world

  • Bitches ain't shit, it's bitches and tricks

  • he's not busy being born, he's busy dying. -Dylan from "It's alright ma (I'm just blooding)

  • "For those I love, I will sacrifice myself"

    "Life doesn't wait"

    "I will, I will find a way...or I will make one"

    "think again"

  • I would think it would be cool to have something like a italic "cheer up heavy heart" on the lower back on the right side. These are lyrics from The Academy Is...

  • My first tattoo was written in Latin on the right side of my rib cage, under my arm

    "I'm on my knees, I really want to believe"... "horrible lie" for 9 inch nails

  • I get:

    And the birds sing like they know the score and I love you, I love you, I love you like never before - Songbird, Fleetwood Mac

    1. This was written by my grandmother's cousin Christine.

  • “Forget everything and remember;
    for all reasons"

    – Ian Braun

  • „All you need is love“ – Käfer

  • I would use the lyrics of Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here"...any tattoo ideas for this song would be greatly appreciated.

    1. You traded a ride in a war for a roll of lead in a long cage but it's my favorite line in the song sing it louder hahaha idiot but that line gets on my nerves

    2. We're just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl (

      1. If you don't want specific words, you can place two fish on different parts of the body.

    3. "Same Old Fears"

  • I tattoo the letters on my wrist. I think something like "...nothing is as simple as you". from Fall Out Boy. I

  • "My soul brings tears to angel eyes."

    -AFI, God called in sick today

  • I'm caught between...

    “Everything is full of love” – Bjork


    "There is no way to measure it, because love is nothing else." - The pimples.

    Do I get on the inside of my arm or upper back...

  • "A little rain must fall on us all"
    Led Zeppelin, The Rain Song

    1. I love this song and the lyrics, I'm considering tattooing these lyrics 🙂

  • I'm going to get one of these in about a month:

    „Breathe for Luck“ – Podiumsbeichtstühle


    "They love to say stay within the lines" -Jack Johnson

  • Life is a journey. Music is the backdrop. prepare yourself.

  • I thought so many times.
    I like writing "Possibly Maybe" on my left shoulder and "Possibly Love" on my right shoulder.

    Or with the same places 'We are forever'
    and 'All this pain like an illusion'.
    The text above is probably my absolute favorite text from the awesome tool.

    Or one of the MANY Opeth lyrics.

  • If I die before waking
    At least I can skate in heaven

  • "When I find my peace of mind, I will keep it until the end of time."

    - "Soul to Squeeze"
    Spicy red chilies.

    or maybe….

    "I'm so tired of saying words nobody understands."

    I can hear you whisper but you can't even hear me scream.

    -"Where are you going"


  • "Follow your joy." the senses fail.

    I received it today on my left wrist.

    1. I have it on my chest

    2. I know I'm replying years later, but I want to point out that "Follow Your Bliss" is actually a quote from the late Joseph Campbell. He has written extensively on the psychology of myth. It's a great quote anyway, I just think we should give credit where credit is due.

  • "Just look at me
    look at me now
    I am wrong
    I am wrong
    I am wrong
    I'm a swindler"
    'I am a forger' from used

    "I love how it rolls
    Sorry on the tip of your tongue
    as i slowly fall apart
    "Great Novels of the 20th Century", resumed on Sunday

    I would like one of these ^^ the first two on the side of my ribs under my right arm like the Megan Fox tattoo.

    "I'm a thinker with the worst intentions"
    'you are so last summer', pick up on sunday
    I definitely want that somewhere... but I haven't decided where yet.

  • I got this tattooed on my right wrist...

    "We are the moon and I..." by Something Corporate.

    I've been through very difficult times and have struggled with depression most of my life... Music is my refuge and as a writer I find solace in certain lyrics... This tattoo reminds me that I can overcome anything. I have the symbol of strength on my other wrist.

  • I would definitely get "Blinded By The Sun" tattooed on my arm. Music courtesy of The Seahorses.

    The best song ever made.

  • Hmm, good question because I told someone I wanted lyrics on my wrist and they said I was stupid when they heard it:

    "Fear Is The Heart Of Love" by Death Cab.

    That's not good in music, but this line has always interested me and is something positive for me. You've ever loved someone so much, and knowing that one day you might never see them again made you want to show them all the love you could on your journey together.

    Other letters I love are:

    "I think I was blind before I met you..." - Bright Eyes, first day of my life

    "Ask me what it's like to find myself like this. I would like to know…” – Brand new,

  • I am an extraordinary machine.
    -Fiona Apple, "Machine Extraordinary"

    I've been thinking about getting this tattooed on my right side (starting under my armpit and ending on my hip) in a nice cursive font. It's a statement to me to have had tough times in the past (the body really is an amazing machine). This has become my mantra when things get a little rough in my life.

  • In every life we ​​have some problem
    if you worry, you bend

    Don't worry, be happy - Bob McFerrin

  • i will take

    "Growing up isn't as much fun as growing up"

    in this ataris diary

  • We are all made of stars - moby

  • Happiness, something in my own place I'm naked and smiling, I'm not ashamed of who I am THE VERVE, THE HAPPY MAN

  • "Stealing Lips and Kissing Benches Under This Moon"

    "Leave a Heart, Break a Name"

    "All Those Feelings, Those Feelings From Yesterday"


  • I have a tattoo on my foot that is the lyrics to the Dave Matthew Band. He says…
    "We do everything the same"

  • I'm sixteen years old and have four tattoos
    a shamrock, a star drawn on my foot, a big star drawn on my ribs that says
    "God will only give you what you can handle"
    and a storm cloud around his neck
    "A little rain must fall on us all"

    1. I hope the part that says God only gives you what you can handle is well written...because it's handwritten...

      1. If spelling is the problem...it spells, it doesn't spell.

      2. Actually 'spelled' and 'spelled' are correct. Just for your information.

      3. hahaha You would expect them to spell it right... It sucks if they get it wrong.

  • For a year now I've been toying with the idea of ​​getting a tattoo of Bright Eyes' 'Stay behind the wheel, stay ahead of the storm' on my wrist.

  • Come on, people smile for your brother
    Everyone come together, try to love each other now..

  • Oh, and that quote from James Dean...amazing!

  • I have "the first day of my life" glowing eyes tattooed on my back

  • "Tattooed bugs will fade over time."

  • I'm so surprised no one said that...
    I get the words "Let it be" in italics on my cross. It's a good statement of life, it's meaningful, and I love the Beatles. hahaha

    1. I know what you mean by passing, I couldn't believe nobody had said that before. I've always wanted to tattoo "let it be" or "whispering words of wisdom let it be" somewhere.

  • I have part of Lennon's imagine tattooed on my back:

    "Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    There is no need for greed or hunger.
    A brotherhood of men
    Imagine all the people
    share the whole world"

  • "over the hills and far away" - driven zeppelin,
    Let it be - Beatles
    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Life goes on - Beatles
    there are many of us who think life is just a hoax - along the watchtower, bob dylan

    Happiness is what you need so badly - Zeppelin
    Living reflection of a dream - Zeppelin
    So when you wake up with the sunrise
    And all your dreams are still new - zzeppelin
    you never know tomorrow - beatles

    I personally look for chilled lyrics that basically say tomorrow will be better and by a classic artist,
    All the new shit and new lyrics are getting old and I regret having them. If you have ideas, share them. I am looking for soothing lyrics from HENDRIX but haven't had much luck so far. Knowing and living is easy with your eyes closed

  • "There's no place you can be where you shouldn't be" - Beatles

    "Let it be" - Beatles

  • always tomorrow

  • In fact, I've been thinking a lot about tattoos lately. I'm only 16 but I've been drawing recently, but I'm not a big caricaturist. Anyway, I'm from New Jersey (

  • For some reason it was not sent in full

  • ANEW!

  • and my favorite band is MCR. Then the letter "Give Em' Hell Kid" at the top with a small red heart at the bottom of the anchor and possibly an N on one side and a J on the other side of the anchor. If you look at a photo of Frank Iero's tattoos and look at the inside of his right arm, you will understand. It's not my favorite MCR song even though I love them all, but I think it suits someone from NJ.

    My favorite MCR song is Cemetery Drive though and lyrics to that would be nice but I don't know what to put on it.

    Also, it's not a letter, but I was thinking of a "pain is temporary" tattoo around my left ring finger because I was thinking of the quote "pain is temporary, love is forever" and if I were to get married my ring would cover up . I was only thinking about it because the pain from the tattoo is temporary. I didn't quite get it, but I thought it was cool.

  • "Easy. Happy. Free." -Shining eyes

    1. Chad Shugg has it on his right arm.
      It looks incredible


  • "In your heart, in your soul, have you found peace there?"

    Lorenna McKennitt
    full circle

  • I'll tattoo the first half of this tomorrow:

    "There were never good old days
    They are today, they are tomorrow
    It's stupid what we say
    Curse tomorrow with sadness"

    -Bürdel Gogol

  • Woah, I just learned a bit about the Gogol brothel in my English class week. I think it's a great quote.

  • I just got "Never Too Late" tattooed on my right forearm. It's the title of a Three Days Grace song about suicide and how it's never too late. I have dealt with many people in my life who have attempted suicide. Recently a close friend committed suicide and it helps me deal with what happened. I have her favorite flowers next to the script as well as a bird in flight to symbolize that you can be set free because I know you can. If you plan on getting a tattoo, make sure it's something meaningful to you because you don't want to get a tattoo of the same dolphin that hundreds of other people have. Yes, it may be cute and you like dolphins, but yes. to personalize something at least for yourself.

  • 'when you've lost faith in love and music, the end won't be long.'

    The good old days of the libertines

    1. I'll write that on the inside of my arm next month... I think it's beautiful and so true...

  • I got the lyrics "Till the Sun Burns" from The Grief of Coheed and Cambria tattooed on my wrist. It's just a line that comes to me and it means a lot to me. I love that!

    1. I have that too, but on my side. I got it from The Used!

  • I'm getting a tattoo in a few weeks and I wanted Mr.

    "Love, Life and Laughter" by Dreamer


    "always, in every way" lost prophets

    (Video) Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Tattoo | Dos and Don'ts
  • I've been drifting down the river for a long time with the oars freed from their hulls. I lie face down on the bottom of my boat, admire the stars and feel my heart overflow. incubus

    1. that's good from incubus.

  • Definitely a book quote
    Whoever controls the past controls the future. Whoever controls the present controls the past.
    1984 George Orwell

    or maybe

    Just once more
    distant and dissatisfied
    -Football, but the regret is killing me

    Time stands still while I drive faster
    - Hi, Thank You

  • "It's a bittersweet symphony" - The Verve.

    I think I'll get this tattooed on my arm for Christmas, I wanted the lyrics "Life is easy with your eyes closed" as it's one of my favorite songs, but it would be pretty unoriginal.

  • "If your heart was broken you would be dead"
    - the sleeper

  • Two years ago I breathed into my right wrist and love into my left, symbolizing that the only thing keeping me alive and breathing was love.

    someone other than me should get it;

    "Does anyone remember when you were very young? Did you ever think you would be so blessed? -from the music of Guernica to its release

    I get "Let's party because life is short but sweet indeed." We went upstairs in pairs to make sure those days continue.” -dmb is long, but you can't use one sentence without the other if you want the full impact of the words.

  • ob-la-di, ob-la-da and life goes on


  • I love the trees from Not even H&Bf. So I would think of these:

    *..this makes me thoughtful,
    When the stars shine, when my eyes close

    *When I see you in my dreams
    means something?
    are you trying to talk to me

    *My soul begins to bleed
    And nobody listens to me, not even the trees

  • I have "I have died a thousand and I will die a thousand more" on my arm. Aesop's Rock

  • "All I Ever Wanted Was For You To Know I Care"


  • I think if I got another tattoo... and it had to be the lyrics... it would be the lyrics to the song... "Nobody" By: Alicia Keys! I love this music!

  • "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. - Bttf

    Chaos is my friend - Dylan

    I walk among you, but I am not one of you.

  • "I'm just a soul whose intentions are good,
    Oh god, please don't misunderstand me” – The animals

    I've been thinking about putting this on my left ankle for a while but I don't always feel like it so I probably won't. However, there is a quote by Douglas Adams that I am seriously considering getting a tattoo of.

    "I may not have gone where I wanted to go, but I think I ended up where I needed to be."

  • Maybe the stars know why, we fell, I just wish they'd think out loud.

    Thousand Miles Wish - Finger 11

    forgive me if I put on a worried face now

    the same song

    I need you like cancer, but my door is always open

    I forget who

    1. It is not..

      You're as welcome as cancer, but is my door always open?

      1. If I'm not mistaken, what isn't is:

        "You're as welcome as cancer, but my door is always open."


  • "Throw your arms around me" - block party

    "all your dreams come true." - oasis

    "Just jealous because we're young and in love" - ​​new

    If only I knew what I want!

    1. brand new ❤

  • "We don't know where we're going"

    - Arcade fire.

  • We're just two lost souls
    swimming in the aquarium,
    Year for year,

  • "The seasons change and the waves break and the stars fall for us" From Her Guardian Angel of Apparatus in red mono

    1. That's incredible. I would definitely get that.

  • "Welcome to the Machine" by Pink Floyd
    in my left arm

    1. you say ….? HIGHER ? left arm ?
      will you tell us ...do you also have a BOTTOM and maybe even a MIDDLE left arm?
      WOW Allien-Man comes out in a very subtle way. Although you're probably some kind of syborg, hence the words "Welcome to the MACHINE", yes; Everything makes sense now.

      1. I think "left arm" was referring to the biceps, or that area in general; as opposed to the forearm or “forearm”…. It's not a weird idea you've been trying to justify...

        "Ever since I've been with you, you catch me every time I fall." -Joseph Arthur, "Honey and the Moon"

      2. I'm sorry, but why did you feel the need to correct this person for a perfectly correct statement/description? All that came out of it is that you look like a complete idiot. Not only that, the whole comment was completely unnecessary. just say…

        Nice quote but big Radiohead fan here

        "Dive your soul in love" - ​​Street Spirit
        "I don't have any big ideas, they won't be implemented" - Naked
        "I'm not here, that's not happening" - How to disappear completely

        Just a few of my ideas, I plan to place the first one in the middle of my wings on my back.

  • the same old fears
    I wish you were here

    on my neck

  • "My eyes are wide open.
    And I have a strong desire to fly.
    But I can't fly anywhere" - Nobody Home - Pink Floyd


    "The boy has grown up
    The dream is over, I've gone comfortably deaf." -Comfortably Deaf- Pink Floyd

    I have to admit I'm a bit confused. Sometimes I feel like I'm just being used." - Dogs_Pink Floyd

    Pink Floyd hold a very special place in my heart. I can't wait to get one of these quotes and the infamous flying pig or dark side of the moon bending light through a prism tattooed on my back! I'm super excited. 🇧🇷

    1. I also.
      Pink Floyd is above all.
      I think the prism, or I wish you were here.
      Where, I'm undecided.
      The letter in my wrist area but the prism on my shoulder blade?

  • love will Tear Us Apart

    joy department.

    Love conquers all

    different feelings i know but they still make me smile 🙂

    1. I have it like love Vincit Omnia

  • I would probably get some Kimya Dawson

    could be

    "My soul is just a whisper caught in a tornado"

    Beautiful, is not it?!

  • "I will sacrifice myself for the ones I love"...it's not a letter but I think it's the best phrase for a tattoo...

    1. yes it is a letter 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 comes from a song called "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by a New York hardcore band called Indecision. I have "What I have in my heart I will take to the grave" from Before Dishonor by Hatebreed

  • These aren't lyrics, they're Shakespeare, from Romeo and Juliet...

    "I'm the lucky guy"

  • "Only hope can hold me together"

    Message in a Bottle - The Police

    I got it tattooed on my arm (actually around my upper arm) 4 days ago 🙂 I love it

  • I've been discussing this for about 6 months, I want an original tattoo that means a lot to me, so I've been thinking about what letter AND where to get it. My favorite song is "whatever" by Oasis because it reminds me that we can all be whoever we want, but the lyrics are very simple "I'm free to be what I choose". The other thought I had was to live forever, 'I think you're like me, we see things they'll never see!' I like this better now I think! I'm also trying to find some lyrics by Pete Doherty to consider because all of his songs are so poetic!

  • The lyrics I would get tattooed on my arm (around the wrist) are "Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division" on my left and "Long Live The Car Crash Hearts" - Fall Out Boy x on my right

  • I have MANY favorite quotes, lyrical and otherwise, but the ones I've thought of to get tattooed are:

    1. "The most beautiful characters are marked with scars" I would choose this one for two reasons. The first is that I have been through a lot in my short life and I would like to think that this quote would touch me. and the second reason would be that it would remind me not to judge people by what i have seen or heard about them, they are all beautiful, they just need to find a way to shine.

    2. "Love (live) higher than the soul can hope or the mind can hide." Think about it, think of the best that could happen (love more than that). And don't let that bother you by trying to say it's not possible.

  • I have one for my mom and dad lol.
    "Oh sweet child, oh my god
    Oh sweet love of mine"

    and one more for me
    "Live the moment"
    - Monstermagnet

  • I have a tattoo of letters. I bought it for my 17th birthday last year.
    Yes, I may be young, but that doesn't automatically make me stupid. I've thought a lot about my tattoo and I'm sure it will always mean a lot to me.
    I have "Follow Your Luck" in italics under a realistic look and a very cute sparrow.
    The lyrics are from my favorite band of all time, Senses Fail. This band has been my favorite band for over five years and remains my favorite band to this day. They will probably always remain my favourites. I also feel like I can really relate to almost all of their songs.
    Now to explain the meaning behind the letter and the bird? Well before I got the tattoo I was having a really hard time making a life changing decision and to me follow your luck is about finding your happiness. So when I'm not happy, I look at my tattoo and think about the decision I'm making and whether that decision will make me happy in the long run. For me, the bird represents freedom. So, by and large, I claim that I have the freedom to make myself happy.

  • "I write to remember"
    and why not followed by "forget those letters"

    but wouldn't it be weird to let someone else write a line?

  • "Some dances to remember, some to forget"


  • I have
    "I wish you were here
    It's for my father who died in a car accident. It's also a Pink Floyd song 🙂

  • I'll get it, on my upper back.....

    If you've lost faith in love and music, oh the end won't be long.

    The good old days of the libertines

    1. They do? I want it on my arm but it's a bit long so think about my back too 🙂 The most beautiful lyrics in the world always x

  • I have a tattoo written in script that flows down my lower back in one long line that says:

    "I tear my heart apart, I sew myself together, my weakness is that I care too much and my scars remind me that the past is real. I tear my heart apart just to feel it.”

    It's the lyrics to "Scars" by Papa Roach. It appears long, but it fits perfectly, meaning it doesn't look like I've been stamped with words.

  • I will definitely get this as a tattoo.

    "You mean more than you can imagine"~Where the Moss Slowly Grows~Tiger Army.

    The main reason is that some people who were very close to me have passed away and it's just a way to show them how much they meant to me. But apart from that, it's also a message to my best friends for the same reason. The song brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it.

    Then there are other songs I want to have. I'm just trying to find the right quotes or maybe the whole song.

    Reach Distortion Sky Social

    "When I was young I was invincible,
    I think twice now
    I never thought of a future
    it's just the roll of the dice.

    But the day may come when you have something to lose
    And just when you think you're done paying the fees
    And you say to yourself, my god, what have I done?
    And I hope it's not too late, because tomorrow may never come.

    Reach for the sky because tomorrow may never come."

    It's a throwback to how I made stupid decisions in the past that I now regret because I have something to live for. And luckily I got a second chance to fix it.

    Gone-The Descendants

    "Maybe in another life
    I could find you there
    way ahead
    I can't trade, it's so unfair

    And it shines and it shines
    heaven is so far away
    And it seems, yes it seems
    The world has gone cold
    Now that you're gone

    Leave flowers on your grave
    To show that I still care
    But black roses and Ave Mary
    I can't take back what was taken from me

    I reach heaven
    And say your name
    And if I could negotiate
    I could"

    Another to process the deaths of people close to me and another song that always brings me to tears.

    Hateful World - Dropkick Murphys

    "I am everything you wanted me to be"

    Some might interpret this as a message to conform to one's ideals, but to me these lyrics are basically saying "Are you proud of me and what I've done?"

    “Until the end I will be by your side again as a friend
    And I wouldn't change a thing."

    The one from the same song just shows how much my true friends mean to me.

    Murphy's dropkick forever

    "Your strength is the power that has taken me forever

    His power and strength will stay with me forever."

    "There's a part of you with me they can't take forever"

    Both about my fiancé whom I love dearly and who has helped me through difficult times.

    911 for Peace Anti Flag

    "We are all human, it's time to prove it."

    My position on violence in this world, especially through intolerance.

    I'll probably get others that I don't know about yet.

    So yeah, some of these letters are really long, but I don't give a shit about length, as long as it fits where I want it and looks good, they all mean something to me. then it's alright

  • I'm seventeen years old and when I turn 18 I'm going to tattoo some letters, I don't know which ones, but here's my list:

    Nothing will change my world

    through the universe

    Jai Guru Deva

    Boundless eternal love that shines
    around me like a million suns

    Take these broken wings and learn to fly

    all you need is love

    love is all you need

    The girl with the kaleidoscope eyes

    In the sky with diamonds

    It may rain tomorrow so I will follow that

    Life flows within you and without

    Life is easy with your eyes closed

    I let it be

    you never know tomorrow

    Anything by The Beatles, or these:

    Faith makes things true

    You can say I'm a dreamer

    Cheer up with a heavy heart

    I'm a positive thinker with the worst.
    The intention

    Imagine all the people

    -Gavin Degraw, John Legend, The Academy is…, Taking Back Sunday, John Legend (respectivamente).

    which of them?

    1. wow... i love all your options
      I'm a big Beatles fan, I'm 18 too and I've also been thinking about picking up some of what you wrote,
      However, not an easy decision!

    2. My favorite is Tomorrow Never Knows. It's like my philosophy of life.

  • Philosophy is a ride.
    slippery stones,
    Religion is a light in the fog.

    or (from the same song)

    Philosophy is the talk of the cereal box
    Religion is a dog's smile.

    i know what i know
    If you know what I mean.

    What I am is what I am.

  • - That's all that counts

  • Memories are the road map of our soul
    I take mine all with me

    It's not from a song or anything, but I think they're beautiful

  • Life is what happens while you are busy planning other things. -John Lennon

    And maybe some Beatles or Oasis lyrics.

    The lyrics by Coldplay's scientists are also amazing.

    "Sometimes you can't do it alone" - U2 would be fine too.

  • I saw a photo of a beautiful brunette woman on the internet


    tattooed in beautiful writing on his hip...omg he looks amazing!!!

  • Jimi Hendrix... obviously.

  • To find yourself, just look into the remnants of your past, to hide it all you have to do is lie - 30 Seconds to Mars: Spin

  • Keep the Faith - Bon Jovi

  • "Spread love like violence" or "Spread hope like FIRE"
    simple but definitive! Both are lyrics from Angels & Airwaves "Secret Crowds"

    1. Great date and my favorite band next to Blink-182. Just watched the last show of the tour until further notice 😛

      I have a Blink 182 tattoo behind my left ear and have been criticized a lot but the truth is I grew up with them and my love for them will never change. Every time I hear them or go to a concert I feel free and like I can do anything. I think anything that can give you that feeling should be remembered forever.

      I also have "my life, my rock". on my left wrist hovering over a burning heart that has "mother" inside.

  • a slave in heaven
    or a star in hell

    1. Wow...I love that.

  • "We will crucify the insincere tonight, tonight...

    We'll make things right, we'll feel it all tonight, tonight...

    We'll find a way to offer the night, tonight...

    The untold moments of your life tonight...

    The impossible is possible tonight, tonight...

    Believe in me 'cause I believe in you tonight..."

    Smash pumpkins - tonight, tonight

  • "People are fragile things, you should know that by now, be careful what you ask of them." Verlag Munich

  • "Sweet Pandemonium" by HIM.

  • Any guarantee only increases the doubts.

    Shining eyes

  • Weird, I just found this thread through a random google search. I already have a handful of text tattoos. Lyrically, however, I have a great performance on my arm:

    Now you want to make more love
    The kind that lingers like a bad song
    Maybe you're thinking if you love me enough
    I can be with you, but you're wrong

    The rest of my text tattoos are poems or excerpts from books. [Photos on my Flickr link].

  • "May the angels guide you" - Jimmy Eat World

    "There is no truth in beauty" - just give up

    "Knowing nothing is better than knowing everything" - The Used

    "Something real, make it timeless"

    "There is no mistake if it is repeated over and over"

    "You are so sensitive. I am, I am a machine.
    -Resumption on Sunday

    "So what did you do the three days you were dead?" - Brand new

  • Who says just because you took a tattoo off the wall doesn't mean anything? I have 3 tattoos, all very personal and meaningful, but I would never mind if someone does something that is attractive to them. Tattoos are meant to be art, and art doesn't have to be unique or personal, and saying yes is rediculous. Maybe someone really likes Tweety, for whatever reason, it's theirs and we should respect that.

    Call me dumb but I got dude tattooed on my hip 'cause man where's my car? It was the first movie I've seen with my best friend in over 8 years and she's cute. Some people think it's boring, but to me it's more than most people will realize. knows. When I met a certain famous person that I admire and he gave me an autograph, I tattooed him on my body because from the time I was in 6th grade until I was 23, I was this man , and that was another memory of my life that I didn't want to forget, and as for my third... it's special to me.

    My next tattoo will be the letter, I will post it when I have it.

  • "basement doors"
    - song of the mozart season about the film donnie darko.

  • You don't know what it is. Tom Petty

  • Denelle, I agree with you, everything in life is relative... what may seem silly to some, means the world to others.

  • My best friend moved to California last fall and I stayed in Indiana. Being so far apart, it was difficult for us to keep our friendship alive at first. But we were so amazing and at the end of this year our friendship is stronger than ever and we are so blessed to have each other. So when I come home this summer, we're going to tattoo these letters.
    "I wish the world was flat like it used to be and I could travel just by folding a map. No more planes, express trains or freeways, there would be no distance to stop us.” -Death Cab for Cutie The New Year

  • It's hard to choose, but either:

    "Catch me when I fall"

    "The idea of ​​perfection slows me down"

    "Forever Lost in a Happy Crowd"

    “I walked alone with nothing but faith”

    "Sometimes I dream where everyone else is dancing"

    "Your name is like ice in my heart"

    "I would have made the whole world bleed, I could only help you, dear"

    "Strangers Like Angels"

    "Whoever drowns shallowly loses less than we do"

  • I have "um with..." in my foot.
    It's from my favorite band LUDO!

  • keep me where i belong
    everything related to music.

    In fact, I'll have this on my wrist in a week.

  • My friend was always talking about taking "There Will Be an Answer", off the Beatles album of course.I let it be.

    I always liked that.

  • "May your heart always be glad, may your song always be sung, and may you... stay young forever."

    Bob Dylan - Young Forever

    "Free yourselves from spiritual slavery. No one but ourselves can free our spirit... Won't you help me sing these songs of freedom? That's all I ever had... songs of salvation.

    Bob Marley - Redemption-Song

  • I stumbled upon this topic by accident on a google search and felt compelled to bookmark it for future reference. My best friend and I got a tattoo in one night. Now I'm longing for something more meaningful.

    There will never be a moment of truth for you.
    While the world is watching
    All you need is what you forgot
    And that is learning to live with who you are. (Ben Dobra)

    And with big eyes
    I've seen worlds that don't belong. (Paramore)

    We are at war: we live like this. (Paramore)

    Glowing Embers: Burning hot, smoldering
    And deep down I'm shaken by the violence of existing just for you. (Sarah McLachlan)

    It's simple: we all fail
    That counts? (Sarah McLachlan)

    I would stay here forever
    And not satisfied? (Sarah McLachlan)

    Carry on my naughty son
    There will be peace when you're done
    Put your weary head to rest
    cry no more (Kansas)

    I'm not sure about the last one. The implied message is obvious, but would it be weird to get a tattoo that specifically appeals to a gender I don't belong to?

  • I love this song...originally by NIN but I like Johnny Cash's version better.


    ~ If I could start over, a million miles away. I would stay, I would find a way.

    ~ You could have it all, my dirty empire.

    ~ Try to kill everything. But I remember everything.

    ~ You are someone else. I'm still fine here.

    ~ Full of broken thoughts. i can't fix it

    ~Under the stains of time, feelings fade.

  • Time was far away and somewhere else


  • I just turned 17 and I've been thinking more about tattoos. Do you have some new favorite bands/songs for tattoo ideas.

    A line from one of my favorite Tokio Hotel songs, Through The Monsoon.

    Fighting the storm, in the blue
    Through the monsoon (Through the monsoon)

    Could be? Who knows?

  • Life is just a dream...

  • "Nothing can break when your house is made of stone, but you know there will never be a home within you."
    - Manifesto of Public Lighting

    I like it. It's like living on the safe side... but that doesn't sound like a long life.

  • What letter would you tattoo on your arm? (2)

    I really like this tattoo.
    I want something similar
    but different music.

    What do you think?

  • I agree Seph
    "No Lies, Just Love"

  • Living well is the best revenge

    It's the title of a Midtown album.

  • I just snatched the doll:

    “I listen to the wind, the wind of my soul. Where I end up, well, I guess only God really knows."

    Gato Stevens

  • A friend of mine recently died of cancer so I would choose a text from the Streetlight Manifesto.

    “You were born and it was a good day. One day you will die and it is a pity. But somewhere in between you lived a life we ​​all dream of and nothing and nobody will take that away from you."

  • Earthquakes are what a girl guitar
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Pelos

    It's like the power of music, a kind of symbol
    Also, the band pretty much made me look at the beauty of life every day growing up.
    So it's kind of a double symbol for me.
    The power of music in general.
    and the power rhcp had over me

  • Time flies, but these little hours remain.

  • I have tattooed "Eat, drink and be happy because tomorrow we die" in Hungarian. It's by Dave Matthews along with a few other artists. I think it reminds me to live each day to the fullest.

  • "Somehow this skin has to work for now" - The End of Sirens reception

  • I like it.

    what is the best between them.

    "My life is like a religion, I invent it as I go"

    "Snails see the benefits, the beauty in every inch"

    "Don't you dare speak for someone you don't know"

    "to make a mess"

    -All by format


    "Love is the only answer"
    -rocky vote

    "You wouldn't be if you changed for it"
    - william fitzsimmons

    Any ideas?? I want it to be something I never regret.

    and I'll probably put it on my rib cage or shoulder blade.

    gracias 🙂

  • I'm going to get one today. I just got out of two years of painkiller addiction (I was sober for a month yesterday). I don't know who has heard of a band called Mando Diao, the song is “Mr. Moon"

    music lyrics
    "Sad but true, sad but true, you tell me what to do"

    I'm thinking about getting excited and getting the rest of the verse too... haven't decided yet.

    "I learned my lesson, a stupid question, now my pride hurts"

  • If you haven't heard Iron and Wine's "The Swinger Trapezium" I suggest you check it out soon.

    "The trapeze act was wonderful, but it was never meant to last"

  • I intend to get "no lies just love".
    but in a different language.
    A few other people have already said this, but I've been planning this for a while.

  • "No Gold Can Stay"

    Or something like New Found Glory, they really saved me.

    1. that's the name of a very good poem by robert frost
      I was thinking of tattooing a line of him on my ribs:
      The first green of nature is gold,
      Their tone is the most difficult to maintain.
      Its initial leaf is a flower;
      But only one hour.
      Then the sheet becomes a sheet.
      Then Eden sank in pain,
      Then the dawn descends into the day.
      Nothing gold can stay.

      I don't know which line

  • Shine with your crazy diamond

  • I'm 45 years old and I didn't choose the tweety bird. Instead, I finally got the text tattoo I've been contemplating for 14 years. It's quite long but the tattoo artist really is that and it got you excited.
    From the Rubiayat of Omar Khayyam: “I sent my soul to the unseen; to send some letters from this afterlife. And little by little my soul returned to me and answered me: 'I myself am heaven and hell'”.

  • I'm considering buying one but haven't decided on the letter yet.

    You run to catch the sun
    But the "Pink Floyd time" is falling.

    Also, I'm thinking about having them on my wrists.

    "The child has grown, the dream has passed"
    pleasantly stunned by pink floyd

    "The time is over, the music is over" Pink Floyd again

    "We'll stay together, we'll fall apart"
    hallo pinkfloyd

    "Open your heart, I'm coming home" Hey Pink Floyd

  • I have "And we learn, as we get older, we learn nothing" across my chest from shoulder to shoulder.

    taken from the song Jaws Theme Swimming by Brand New

  • "...capture these moments as they pass."
    - Count crows

    (actually it's all "I can't remember how many times I've tried telling myself to capture these moments as they pass" but that's clearly too long)

  • I have "High Hopes" Pink Floyd on my neck
    I received it today 🙂

  • i want to be strong enough
    don't let my fear dictate my destiny"

    It's from the Thrice song "The Sky is Falling"

  • "We are eternal, all this pain is an illusion."

    from the song Parabola by TOOL.

  • Never step aside, never deny yourself. You should be who you are when you come with me.
    stay tuned.


  • I want to get a tattoo of the lyrics of Verves Bittersweet Symphony.

    Any ideas?

  • "I let the melody shine, I let it clear my mind, now I feel free"

    "Because it's a bittersweet symphony, this life"

  • These are not letters, but from my point of view they are powerful words. I am going to get them tattooed soon and just hope someone reads them and finds the beauty that I see in them.

    hope remains; that's why i'm staying. Countless deadlines have not intimidated me. I'm still alive, full of life. The black cloud will disappear, the sun will reappear in all its eternal splendor.

    I'm fifteen years old, already have a tattoo and I'm getting my second one in a month. I'm young but I know exactly what he wants and I'm not the one to stop him. My first is very private; but it is equally significant. I know I won't regret it. My next tattoo is going to be big and I would explain but it's a long story and it's mine. But it will take up about half my back. I will receive it in a month. And by the way, I love the idea of ​​the lyrics, something that tickles the senses, you know?

  • I'm still a few months away from my 18th birthday but so far these are my thoughts...
    "If you feel like it, let her out"
    Taxi of Death for Cutie

    "And if this has to end, then I hope it ends where it began."

    "You were right about the stars, each one is a sunset"

    && the rest are illustrated/poetic quotes

    And that is the miracle that separates the stars
    I do not fear fate
    -e.e. Cummings

    "From One Shooting Star to the Next"
    -Jack Kerouac

    "...but some of us look at the stars"
    -Oscar Wilde

    && Finally
    "Life would be an awfully big adventure"
    -Peter Pan

  • "My spirit is willing, but my flesh is so weak"

  • If it takes shit to make you happy, then I feel so lucky
    - modest time

    I'm seriously considering doing this, but I think it sounds a bit emo.

  • "I believe some children are born with tragedy running through their veins" - Bring Me The Horizon

    "You tie the rope, I kick the chair"

  • I have "Tears in the Rain" breathing down my neck. Not really from a famous song or anything. But from the poem I wrote for the most important person in my life.

    But I really want to have lyrics on both hips, but I'm still looking for the perfect ones.

  • I have Coldplay lyrics on the bottom of my foot.

    "The lights guide you home
    and they will set fire to your bones,
    and I'll try to fix you"

  • I'm wide awake, it's morning.

    Shining eyes.

  • "I can live without you, but without you I'll be unhappy at best" - May Parade.

    "If You Look Around the Room So Nobody Sees How Normal You Are": Children in Greenhouses.

    “This is what the edge of your seat was made for” – bring me the horizon.

    'I don't want to be who I was then, I almost lost you again' - sleeping armor.

    or some glass gag or new characters.

    or nothing

    and I don't know

  • My favorite lyrics of all time:

    "Am I valuable to you now?"
    Disturbed - Ascension

  • I have a straight tattoo on my neck that reads:

    "I was sent from heaven. Don't you dare forget.

    (Video) TATTOO PAIN : Most Painful Places for Tattoos

    from Brand New, also thought of acquiring,

    "Jesus Christ what a pretty face" on my ankle.

  • I plan to put the dark side of the moon prism on my neck/upper back with the writing:

    "You live above you and you fly high
    And smiles you give and tears you will cry
    And everything you touch and everything you see
    It's everything your life will be."

    I would also consider

    "When I get out of here tomorrow
    would you still remember me

  • I want to have a tattoo on my wrist that reminds me of the relationship between me and my boyfriend. We've been together for 19 months and we've been through a lot together. We want to be together for the rest of our lives, but even when we're apart I want to remember the memories and what it meant to me. He's my first love and the only boy I'll ever love like that. my ideas are:

    1. A heart split in two and formed into puzzle pieces that fit together. That's because we always say our hearts are a perfect match. The hearts of others may try to match ours, but only theirs match mine perfectly.

    2. Lyrics of our songs. these are my ideas

    "in my big dreams it's always you" - Konstantine for something corporate

    "Forever will see us, not you and me." - May Day Parade

    "By taking this piece of you with me, I'm taking it to my grave" - ​​Mayday Parade

    "I'm just waiting for proof that there are sunsets and dreams of silhouettes" - Mayday Parade

  • "You can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." from Imagine by John Lennon.

  • “In a single moment we all have love. It's in the sound of laughter. It's in the interlaced fingers. It's in the squeeze of a warm hug. He goes and comes back. And when that happens, I'll drop everything and take it. I'm not exactly proud of that. On the other hand, maybe I am.” – Okay, it's not a song… it's from a wonderful book. But I loved it.

    I love all lyrical Beatles tattoos.
    -That would also be a good idea-> if someone said "I have lived and loved. 1988 – today.” It would of course be their anniversary.

    1. What is this book called?

      1. girls in trucks

  • "Below is love."
    -While I was dying

  • you are all mine
    thoughts and passion
    and the dreams of
    My joy.
    whatever removed
    my mortal structure
    you will keep it
    hot at night?

    I write this in calligraphy on the side of my torso. looks good?

  • Today I have one!!! I have talking head letters on my chest: love me 'till my heart stops, love me 'till I die.

    for my wife claire x

  • No sympathy for jealousy.

  • hero time


  • The best lovers were killers first - every time I die

  • "...until you decide to wake up" - Wake Up by Coheed and Cambria.

    "The present is just a pleasant break from the past"
    "The first star you see might not be a star"
    – Konstantin for something corporate

    illmeetyouinthestars* - Just a quote from my sister in law.

    Am I alive or am I just breathing? - Name of an attractive Killswitch album

    „There is no love like apathy“ – ein Song des Formats

  • I have one who says, "Tomorrow is no place for your best days", Dave Matthews

  • Who wants to live forever? Who dares to love forever? (Queen)

    can you throw me a souvenir (Billy Joel)

  • "You Have Not Forsaken Me My Brothers In Arms" Dire Straits (Brothers In Arms)

    Most Brothers In Arms songs have large tattooable lyrics.

    "See you on the dark side of the moon" Pink Floyd (Brain Damage)

    "And at the end of dreams we will leave each other" Van Halen (dreams)

    "Shame To Judge A Life You Can't Change" Shinedown (Shame)

    "Living without you, living alone, this empty house feels cold" journey (open arms)

  • "Shame To Judge A Life You Can't Change" Shinedown (Shame)

  • I think of radiant texts ...

    could be,
    "No Lies, Only Love"

    the same
    "I went out in the rain, suddenly everything changed"

  • "I'd rather stand and die than crawl to life"...no lyrics, but I'd like them wrapped around my chest in a splattered script under my armpit.

  • I thought

    "If I get the chance, I'll be somebody"
    Reyes de Leon

    Music does something to me that I don't even understand, I heard this song off the album for the first time and it's just...amazing!

  • I breathe happily through my waist in the dashboard confessional
    I would also like to.

    they lay here, undiscovered, intertwined.

    It's all fantasy, isn't it - Maralin Monroe
    o 'The stars keep falling on our heads,
    but there is only old light'

  • I think I'll get another tattoo with the lyrics of Pink Floyd

    This time I'm thinking about getting a "any color you want" tattoo.

  • JAI GURU DEVA OMM – In the whole universe – Los Beatles

  • I'm not like her, but I can pretend.

    There is a picture of this line handwritten by Kurt Cobain, I thought it would be a unique touch. I was told it looks negative...

  • "Cross my t's, try to dot my i's"

    Letras de Kings of Leon (McFearless).

    It's the tattoo I got last week (and I still love it - haha)

  • I want "my future is limitless" in French on my wrist. is a line from the musical Wicked.

  • I look forward to the day when I can break these chains and go to heaven.

  • "Love Always Stays" - MGMT song title

    "Nothing I Know Changes Me" - all by blink-182 and Robert Smith

    "You won't die for me" - Brick from Ben Fold's Five

    I would also like to have "DREAM BIG" on my back. I think it would be good. 🇧🇷

  • “at the end of the road you will find the answer, at the end of the road you will drink the fear” – the stills

    'so keep the blood on your head and keep your feet on the ground' - new

    2 of my favorite bands. I want one on the back of my head but they are too long 😦

    Any suggestions for a shorter way to say live life to the fullest?

  • I still have a few months until I'm 18 to think about it, but I'm dying to have the Slipknot lyrics on my wrist because I absolutely love them. I'm not sure what to get as most of his lyrics are quite negative. suggestions? I also love Green Day, Finch and Placebo.

    1. Finch rule: The

    2. "The unnecessary sleep
      A song nobody sings

  • Hm
    I would go out tonight but I have nothing to wear - that handsome man - the smithy

    You will harvest exactly what you harvest from perfect Dia Lou reeds

    It's Friday I'm in love - It's Friday I'm in love - the cure
    just like honey-just like honey-Jesus and Mary Chain

    It takes one to meet a guy, I think you're the evil shining moon gaze

    Cross my Ts, try to dot my Leon i-kings

    dying by your side the pleasure the privilege is mine - there is a light that never goes out - the forge

    from the sun of waterloo fine-waterloo sundet-the kinks

    I will crush them mercilessly - ceremony - new order / sharing of joy

    Walk on the wild side - Walk on the wild side - Lou Reed

    you wear these shoes like a pigeon-the heinrich maneuver-interpol

    I have to choose one of them 🙂
    What do you think

    1. definitely "Dying by your side, the pleasure, the privilege is mine" by the Smiths. He's a lyrical genius!

  • "It takes one to meet a guy, I think you look bad"

    Great lyrics, great music - take that, Kate!

    Or… “you only reap what you reap” – nice!

  • Emilio,

    If you like placebo, how about "carve your name on my arm." Instead of being stressed, I'm happy here."
    Great song "Every You Every Me" the lyrics are so beautiful and it's suitable for a tattoo right? And they're not as negative as Slipknot (I love them too, but I'm not really manic-depressive, so their lyrics would be pretty ridiculous to me!)
    But you should wait for something you ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO SEE IN YOUR BRAIN, you may not know it right now, but when it comes to you, you want to run out and get a tattoo... Don't be in a hurry , it 's there forever ...

  • I'm a huge music fan and especially a Beatles fan and I just got the words today

    "Let it be" tattooed on the back of the neck by the Beatles.

    If I had any other lyrics to the song it would have to be by Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. But I'm not sure what that would be.

  • So here I am, alive at last
    and I will enjoy every moment
    "the taste of color" used

  • I'll get the letter in a week
    "The world is a stage"
    written on my upper back
    in cursive spiral.
    your squeak. FOR TALKING ABOUT IT.

    1. Hmm... just a little by the way, that's not a letter. That's a quote from a guy named Billy Shakespeare that you may have heard of. It's from a play called As You Like It. The full quote reads: "All the world's a stage,
      And all the men and women just players"
      You might want to know the full story before you do this... although it might be too late.

  • "Every day we pay the price with a small sacrifice by playing until the traffic jam is over." Bob Marley

    "All You Need Is Love" Beatles

    "'Excuse me while I kiss the sky'" Hendrix

    "Life is easy with your eyes closed" Beatles

    "World Without Strangers"

    "You can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one" John Lennon

    "Let it be" Beatles

    “Imagine not owning
    I wonder if you can
    There is no need for greed or hunger.
    A brotherhood of men
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing the whole world” John Lennon

    one of these on my ribs {:

  • "Can't we give each other another chance?" - under pressure from the queen

    "Youth is like diamonds in the sun and diamonds are forever" - forever young by the youth group

    "Love is such an old-fashioned word" - under pressure from the Queen

    "Where is the good?" -tegan and sara

    "Karma Police" - radio head

    "if you only love your own race, then you only leave room for discrimination" - where is the love of the black-eyed peas?

    1. I was thinking of something from Karma Police, possibly "For a minute, I was lost, I was lost" on my left ribs 🙂

  • The Verve is my favorite band. Any lyrics suggestions? Bittersweet Symphony is my favorite song.

  • crystal says:
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 11:58am
    I'll get the letter in a week
    "All Worlds One Stage"
    written on my upper back
    in cursive spiral.
    your squeak. FOR TALKING ABOUT IT.

    said SHAKESPEARE first, darling

  • Love makes the heart beat faster

    os Whitlams

  • "And now you know why (your name here) doesn't fall for anyone."
    Keep the person you love close when they are by your side
    The person you love, not the person who will only have sex with you.
    Enjoy them to the fullest, and also,
    “Because you never really know what you have. Until it's over


    "'Capitalism' and democracy are not synonymous.
    You swallow propg'anda like a birth control pill
    sell your soul in mind on the back of the dollar bill.
    But that'll never be me 'cause I'm letting go of the past
    like child abuse, leave your ass,
    Like a drug addict, clean and sober, coming out of hiding.
    Unbre’akabl’ (his name here) when the plane dropped.
    I left with the black box and I refuse to return
    I refuse to engage in condescending advice
    Because I'm the only motherfucker that could change my life." Leaving the Past by Immortal Technique


  • I have 2 lyric tattoos..
    one and:
    “And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me. Shine see you tomorrow.. Let it be"
    Obviously by the Beatles. It's my favorite song in the world and my most personal tattoo.
    The other is:
    "Truth Beauty Freedom Love", das ist Moulin Rouge.
    There are endless options when it comes to lyrical tattoos.

  • I've always loved Eric Clapton's song "Tears in Heaven," so I'm thinking of saying, "Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven?" in memory of my grandmother.

  • Cast your words on the waves, take them home with approval.

    – Oasis, The Master Plan

  • I really want the chorus of "Milk" by Reis de León. absolutely beautiful song.
    She saw my broken comb, her hourglass body, she has trouble drinking milk and is late for school, she will lend you her toothbrush, she will be the waitress at your party. LOVED ;D

  • Some days I have "crack" in the foot. It's not a letter, but it's my favorite word and sentiment, and I don't think there are enough of those in the world right now, especially in my generation.

    I'm also considering wearing The Great Gatsby's "It Was Just Personal Whatever" on the inside of my elbow. I'm more into the quotes than the lyrics, and others I thought I'd get are:
    "Kiss me with the kisses of your mouth" song of songs
    "Something good will happen," my teacher told me, which I love.
    "Everything always goes well" a phrase from a friend that has become a slogan of mine
    Was it all coincidence? from an exhibition by Filschi and Weiss
    "Space and Dream. the mystery and the danger” part of the commentary of the last photo session of Marilyn Monroe
    "Who loved not wisely, but very well" Othello
    "There's only a man named Gatsby" The Great Gatsby
    "like dust that touches ashes", how is the water for the fish
    “I am moved by fantasies that squirm
    Around these images and stick:
    The idea of ​​something infinitely good
    Infinitely painful thing. from the prelude to T.S. Eliot

    As for the lyrics, maybe
    "I'm going to do what I was told to do in school, and I'm going to be the one to say, 'Hey, this isn't that hard and it's awesome.'" A little off Dogs Die in Hot Cars, (possibly just the second half because it's a bit long)
    "If I fall, no one will catch me" Sheila de Jamie T

  • I have "rock your soul" tattooed on my neck. I suffered a lot to get this tattoo because sometimes I thought it was cool, sometimes I thought it was stupid. So I realized that rock music has been in my soul since childhood and I listen to it... My God! So that really shows something that really moves me! Really in my soul 🙂
    I thought about getting a tattoo. "Live fast, die young" is a Devotchkas song, it seemed so wild back then (I was 16) but sometimes I'm scared to death... so I'm glad I didn't Got it. !

  • When I'm old I'll get this letter with a sun on the back:

    "Despite the lack of sun, I swim for better days"
    - Jack's doll

    1. very nice one of my favorite songs

    2. good choice!

  • I'm thinking about playing 'In My Mind My Dreams Are Real' by Rock 'n' Roll Star - Oasis.

    What are people thinking?

  • "My Friends Come First" from a song calledFast forward to 2012for an unforgettable day.

    1. It's tattooed on my chest.

      1. Wow

  • I intend to get, "What happens to a devil who stops believing in God?"

    1. I think you should understand "crack, it's probably one of the worst impulse buys you can ever make", although it's a bit wordy

  • i want your fantasy
    i want your energy
    from the song "Ich Will" by Rammstein, my favorite song from my favorite band =D
    I love it because I'm a person who demands attention. Everyone in the room give me your attention, your fantasies, your energy. feed my needs

  • "Sometimes the truth is harder than the pain inside"

    "Words are very unnecessary, they can only hurt"

  • "Life is like an hourglass taped to the table" - Anna Nalick 2AM Breathe

  • "Play a song that means more." - Hawthorne Heights, Dead in the Water.

    "You are the bottom of the dark ocean, I am the fast sinking anchor." - The hush, momentum sound.

    "Your enemies grow stronger with what you leave behind." – Elton John, and the house fell in

    Of course I have many more ideas.

    Oh, and from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, "And in that moment we were infinite."

    DELANEY::: I love this song and this band. Great tattoo. 🇧🇷

  • Hello guys... I want to know your opinion on the tattoo I'm about to get...

    What letter would you tattoo on your arm? (3)

    This is the design and quote is from Killswitch Engage - Be One... I also thought of just having "With the Promise of Life..." above the angel. This will be on my back. Contributions are welcome thanks guys!!

  • Isn't it nice to be alive? YES RIGHT - Bad Religion - Defense

  • Cowards often die before they die;
    The brave taste death only once.
    Of all the wonders I've heard
    It seems very strange to me that people should be afraid;
    Seeing that death is a necessary ending,
    It will arrive when it arrives.

    -by Julius Caesar, Shakespeare

    Our dreams are so related but often underestimated.

    - die Bubble Toes von Jack Johnson

    love is the answer
    At least for most questions in my heart
    Why are we here? And where are we going?
    And how is it so difficult?
    It's not always easy and
    Sometimes life can be difficult
    Tell you what, it's always better when we're together.

    -en Better Together by Jack Johnson

    There's a world we've never seen
    There's still hope between the dreams

    -en All At Once by Jack Johnson

    words of wisdom everywhere
    But nobody seems to be listening

    -de Traffic in the Sky von Jack Johnson

    I wish the world was flat like it used to be and I could travel just by folding a map. No more planes, express trains or freeways, no distance would stop us.

    -from The New Year of Death Cab for Cutie

    I already have the Shakespeare quote. It's on the inside of my left bicep.

  • "But we'll never survive unless we go a little crazy" by Seal

  • I have

    "All You Need Is Love"

    on the side of my foot

  • I'm thinking about getting "What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger" tattooed on my neck or wrist with some fancy lettering 🙂 Xx

    1. Just because something doesn't kill you doesn't necessarily make you stronger. I don't like this line at all.

      1. Well, however you look at it and how you deal with situations, that person has to be a strong girl. I say take it.

  • I have two song titles tattooed on me in fancy lettering and they are "Lucky Star" and "Belong".
    I also plan to put R.E.M letters on the back which will be;

    - I will stumble, I will fall, I will get up and walk without fear

    the last two words in larger letters under the other xxx

  • I never thought about lyrics until I read this. Right now I'm thinking about writing the lyrics to Coldplay's The Scientist. My friend died of cancer at the age of 15. They played this song at his funeral. My favorite part is:
    "Nobody said it was easy;
    It is a pity to part;
    Nobody said it was easy;
    Nobody said it would be that difficult;
    Oh! Take me back to the beginning."

  • I've actually been thinking about what letter I want to get and I'm stuck in between

    "Seize the day or die regretting the time you wasted" by Avenged Sevenfold

    Or only
    "Disassemble. Repair” by Anberlin.

    I want to put it on my left hip and go backwards but I think the a7x would be too long. I'm not sure, but these are my two favorites. 🇧🇷

  • "And there on the street so many opportunities not to be alone"

    -Death cab for cutie

  • My mother died when I was 5 years old, so I get a part of e.e. Cummings poem that says "I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart" next to a freesia as if it were her flower, but I didn't know where to put it, I was thinking of my back or my foot, any other idea would be welcome.

    1. My friend got this from her sister.
      His sister was at the front.
      and my friend took the second
      That is very sweet

  • I have "living with my eyes closed is easy to misinterpret everything you see" on my right side/ribcage. My first ink, but certainly not my only one.
    I didn't even know Dominic had half of what I have on my arm.

    1. I'm considering getting this. I can't believe you already have this. Do you have the possibility to send me a photo?

  • Live to the max. Live powerfully. live righteously. – Jason Mraz

  • completely flawed otep

    Pain has never been so bright - under oath

    There's someone in my head, but it's not me. -Pink Floyd

    "The eyes are saucers for the soul." -Pink Floyd

    I wish you were here Floyd Rose

  • I have on my back

    "Echoes Silence Patience Grace"

    It's a Foo Fighters album and it's a line from the song "Home".

    Underneath I have a treble clef.

    1. I'm getting a tattoo soon, a charm bracelet around my wrist with a letter underneath. There are a few I'm thinking about.

      "A distorted reality is now a necessity to be free." Eliot Smith.

      "I'll kiss you again behind bars." Eliot Smith.

      "Everything looks perfect from a distance." Iron&Wine (or the post version) or Such Great Heights.

      Basically, IT changed my life and that's why I want something to be named after it, the name of how it changed me.


  • "Songs and words have the beat of our heart"

    Jungs fallen - Fallen im zweiten Jahr
    I will tattoo that

    and in my breast over my heart I will bear
    'my Constantine...'

    from constantine, from soco

  • I plan to get this one day.

    drop the veil
    Stop your heart from feeling it
    Surrender your souls to compassion
    Embrace this heart with open arms
    See the truth with open eyes
    Embrace this life - KillSwitch Engage

  • I dance barefoot, take a walk, strange music pulls me in, makes me cum like a heroine - Patti Smith

  • maybe you're like me
    We see things they will never see
    you and I will live forever

    It reminds me of my best friend and those words that we see things they will never see speak so much about our friendship...

    and Oasis are always my favorite band yes =)

    Get programmed tattoo 2moz

  • "Born Free" by John Barry

  • "An open heart can never be broken"

  • Tengo „Forget Regret“ von Pierce The Veil

    e „Give Me Reason to Believe“ von My Chemical Romance

    i love both

  • The decisive factor is not who we are, but how long we move something!

    adore something!! Talk about the meaning... You may be the most perfect person alive but if you don't make a difference you are NOTHING... I think we can all learn a lot about life from this quote!

  • I really want these lyrics by Joy Division, the song Love Will Tear Us Apart:

    "And we changed our ways,
    go different ways
    Then love, love will tear us apart again"

    It reminds me of my ex girlfriend and how relationships always seem to end in disaster.

  • "Her hair reminds me of a warm and safe place, where I hid as a child and prayed for thunder and rain to silently pass me by."

    but i'll probably be doing the whole song about the price of tattoos these days. You have to pay a minimum... why not choose the maximum lol

  • I have that myself... "I want to live in every word to the point of absurdity" That means a lot to me because my favorite band is the Postband..

  • "Your love will be safe with me" - Re:Stacks - Bon Iver.

    It has to be the saddest sentence I've ever heard, but it drains hope with every breath.

  • Grace-- These are the letters I put on my left side, on my ribs......

    "When the first star you see might not be a star"
    For something corporate

  • "Too young to take it and too old to just break free and run" - Lover You Should Have Had by Jeff Buckley

    "You don't need a meteorologist to know which way the wind is blowing" - Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues

    "There is nothing but a stranger in this world" - Van Morrison Astral Weeks

  • A friend of mine got "Close Your Eyes Make a Wish That This Could Last Forever" - "Climbing the Walls" by the Backtstreet Boys... those lyrics are beautiful!

    I want Backstreet Boys 'I Still...' again

  • rebel rebelled

  • I'll take "Keep dreaming boy 'cause when you stop dreaming it's time to die." by Change by Blind Melon

  • "Your sex is on fire." - LION KING


    "Do not call me Baby." I DON'T REMEMBER THIS SINGER LOL.

    1. You're an idiot.

  • I'll be 18 in about two weeks and getting a tattoo is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, so I've been thinking about it for a while. I have a few tattoo ideas and they are all about words and letters because they always mean more to me than pictures. The first thing I think of is:

    "All you are is a beautiful child, but they'll never know" -Ross Copperman "They'll never know"

    "I never want to feel like that day again" - Red Hot Chili Pepper "Under the Bridge"

  • "Bye beautiful, don't bother to write" - coheed and cambria or "all you need is love" - ​​beatles

  • "Nobody Laughs Right Now, But You Can Always Make Me Laugh" by The Dave Matthews Band and "Sometimes the Weak Come Strong" by Staind.

  • I don't think I would ever tattoo letters on my body, but if I had to, I would choose these:

    "The Child Is Grown, The Dream Is Gone" "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd.

    And probably: "Whoever said you can't go back was all over the world and indeed
    There's only one place left I wanna go, who says you can't go home? By Bon Jovi. A little long, but I think it's beautiful.

  • "What we are is the sum of 1,000 lies, what we know is next to nothing, but we are what we are until the day we die or until we have no strength to go on.. ." -Rise Against.
    I don't know if I would tattoo it on mine, although I'm still debating it, but it's my favorite letter.

  • Reality is an illusion.

  • The world is broken... maybe it's our job to find the shards... or maybe we are shards.

    1. Apples 🙂 Das Beste. Movie. I!

  • I really want to take "As in life, as in death, breathe 'til there is no breath" from Hollywood Undead's City. There are so many lyrics from them I just want to walk away 🙂 Them and Finch.

  • I thought about it for a long time and finally made my decision. I want the lines "If time flew like a dove we might see it fly and keep watching" from Paramore on my right foot

  • I've been thinking about wearing the Metallica text "Forever trust who we are, nothing else matters" on my forearm! Hello yes!!

  • There is a huge list of tattoos I've dreamed of. But so many things mean so much to me.
    some letters;

    There are good things in all of us and I think I love people too much, so much that it makes me very sad.
    Kurt Cobain: suicide note
    "Life would be an awfully big adventure"
    -Peter Pan
    When words fail, the music speaks
    Just waiting for proof that there are sunsets and silhouette dreams - Mayday parade
    So here I am, alive at last
    And I will enjoy every moment of it - the used one

    and one that I'm seriously considering;
    If it made you do it, it will help you do it.

    Of course; Supercalifragilisticexpiallegic
    I'd have to check the spelling this time, haha

    although much more

    1. I forgot…

      and at this moment
      I swear we were infinite

      The benefits of being invisible ❤

      or down by my side;
      The young man turned to the old man for help.
      I broke something, man.
      How bad is it broken?
      It's in a million bits.
      I'm afraid I can't help you.
      There is nothing you can do.
      It cannot be repaired.
      It's broken beyond repair. It's in a million bits.

      or maybe just the last two sentences 🙂

  • I am considering getting 2 tattoos on my ribs:

    Everyone is worried about the time.
    But I keep that shit out of my head
    People who live on 24-hour clocks
    But we are on a journey that never ends
    Ziggy Marley - Libelle

    fuck my morals i drink my sorrows
    I live life and I'm happy, I don't think about tomorrow.

    Classifieds - all about you

  • i would like to get
    "Carved in my stone
    I will continue
    patience, faith
    love will rise
    from Machine Head - Empire

  • I can't believe I made it here, I deserve the worst: Honest To God from an amazing band called Dead and Divine!

  • I'm supposed to get my tattoo in two weeks. I have sheet music on my right shoulder with notes from what is probably Pink Floyd's most beautiful song, Us and Them, and underneath I get the lyrics to Pink Floyd's Have A Cigar.
    The text I have is 'They will love you'
    The song is about the controversial music industry I work in.
    The lyrics have a double meaning for me. On that note, I want to remind myself never to become the person I despise (in terms of my career) like the people Floyd sings about in the song.
    And that I want to remind myself that I am a person worth loving and that people always want and want to love me.
    The grades of Us and Them represent me as a peaceful person. I think there is a lot of hate in this world and I don't agree with that at all. So if you look at the song, you can see that it's about war, but not just war in the sense of battle, but war in the sense of unity and division between people.

  • I will be 18 in October and even though my parents are tattoo snobs I really want one, definitely lyrics because music means so much to me.
    I think about
    "Dorothy Was Right" by Arctic Monkeys, meaning that no matter where you are and who you are with, there's no better place than home.
    I also like the phrase "Maybe f*ck you might be too nice" but I definitely DON'T get that, kind of rude, thanks!
    "Clean up your eyes" by Dykeenies (my favorite band) is also a strong candidate because I think it would help me through difficult times.
    What do you think?
    These would be on top of my neck or on my wrist...

  • And yesterday I saw you kissing little flowers
    But everything that lives is born to die
    And then I tell you that nothing really matters

    Zepelin LED

    I think it teaches contentment and distance. Finding peace and balance in the midst of life's good and bad offerings.

  • I always wanted to get

    "And if we fail, my captain, our blood will be on your hands" Sea of ​​treachery and endless cycle of torture

    or anything via killswitch
    Music means a lot to me there

  • The Coldplay scientist

    "You don't know how adorable you are"

    boats and birds

    "If you are my star, I will be your sky"
    "I live to make you shine"

  • For times that change - Bob Dylan.
    Epic music that means a lot to me.

  • It's not a song, but a line from a poem:

    He loves to sit and listen to me sing;
    So laugh, joke and play with me;
    So spread my golden wing
    And mocks my loss of freedom.

    william blake lied

  • My fourth tattoo...I can't wait to get a quote for my chest...so for my 21st birthday I decided to finally get the lyrics to my favorite Simon and Garfunkel song "The Only Living Boy in New York " to get. .
    I understand..

    "Half the time we go, but we don't know where"

    I have the zeppelin trinity symbol on the back of my head... my favorite tattoo <333

  • Let the music be your master, will you answer the master's call? -Zeppelin

    Take your time, don't live too fast - Skynyrd

    Your life is an open book, don't close it until it's done - Metallica

    Where there are no words, music speaks!

    What do you like better and where?

    I really want something about life to the fullest.

  • I always get "If the deck is against me, I'll just play another game" running from my waist to my leg, but I also like...

    "You could say it's a work of art, like someone took a brush and painted their heart."

    "She remembers when she first got her wings, how it opened up the day she learned to sing."

    'now it's a bit scary to learn how to fall...'

    "I'm on the south side of solitude, it's a little hard to find but you'll know it when you get here if you haven't gone insane."

    "With her broken wing she carries your dreams man you should see her fly"

  • Who will love a sparrow?
    Nobody will write your eulogy
    "I will," said the earth.
    "For everything I have created returns to me,
    You were made of dust and you will be dust

  • Next year when I'm 18 I'll go
    "and so it is, just as you said it"
    tattooed on the inside of my left arm :]
    + will also have a green band around the lyrics to tie it to another favorite Damien Rice song.

    I have many more ideas but I have to shorten them or I'll end up with more tattoos than skin 😛

  • I spent a lot of time reading this whole page so thanks for all the inspiration 🙂

    I am designing a tattoo of the words "Here Comes the Sun" in my friend's handwriting surrounded by cherry blossoms. Both the song and the flower remind me that life is short and you have to live it to the fullest.

    I'm also thinking about doing a little "Forever Young" (more youth group inspired than Dylan inspired) with an anklet.

  • "I'm screwed forever"
    - Babyshambles.

    'live forever'
    - Bones.

    "I'm so smart, but smart isn't wise"
    - Babyshambles.

  • In August I get "I'm on the wrong end of it all" when I look down the inside of my forearm.

    I was a sober alcoholic for 2 years and always felt bad, now 2 years later I feel this way because life is hard when you are clean and sober so actually I would rather be on the wrong side. , as the wrong site, so it's good for me now if everyone can understand what and why I mean that :)

  • Beauty is a seductive call to death and I'm addicted to the sweet sound of her siren... what starts sweet ends bitter and what starts bitter ends sweet - Johnny Quid from Rocknrolla

  • "Eighteen Forever"

    "Give me a golden carriage? Or am I floating through the ceiling?

    'And now?'

    "life is easy"

    'There will be an answer'

  • "And so castles of sand finally merge with the sea" - Hendrix

  • The razors hurt you
    The rivers are wet
    Acids contaminate you
    And drugs cause cramps.

    Guns don't cool
    Give the ties
    Gasoline smells horrible
    You too can live.

    1. girl interrupted <3

  • let's not be sad
    We will be happy
    For all the life we ​​had
    and we will remember when

  • Thanks to the music in our lives for helping us survive

    For the leaping souls

  • "All I have is all of me and that's all I can give"

    – „All I Have“ von The Rocket Summer

  • When you think about getting a tattoo, "in the end it's all nothing" Does that sound good?

  • I already have 1 tattoo, this is my second, I admit I get... 'into the mess and then you're my fire sign'
    It's one of my favorite songs and my girlfriend's song so it will always remind me of it and if we break up I won't regret it at all as it's not like a name or anything....
    Do you recognize people?

  • I'll carry a cross and a song where I don't belong.

    change foot

  • Everyone wake up... Brand new

  • I have "May the angels lead you in..." on my chest. And I got "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" on my foot

  • "Nothing with music that saves you if you're not so sure of survival." - Jack's doll

  • Forbidden fruits taste better

  • „A vida continua“ – Die Beatles, Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da

    "Just be true to yourself if it takes you to hell, at least you know it now." Alkaline Trio - If You Have A Bad Time


    "Light my candles in a trance because I have found God" Nirvana - Lithium

  • I'm thinking of getting a tattoo of the first two lines of Charlie Chaplin's smile song "Smile Though Your Heart Aches, Smile Though It's Broken". Music is important to me after my sister died.

  • all you need is love

    The present is just a nice break from the past.
    -Konstantine for something corporate

    All you have to do is decide what to do with the time you have.
    -Lord of the Rings (no letters...)
    "Tomorrow is not promised to anyone."
    -Walter Payton (again without lyrics)

    To be one, to be united is a great thing. But respecting the right to be different is perhaps even greater.

    love the life you live
    Live the life you love.
    -Bob Marley

    Life is only as good as the memories we make
    -Goodbye Astoria do Ataris

    The only thing that matters is just following your heart and eventually you will finally get it right.
    -In this Ataris Journal

    All things must happen
    - George Harrison of the Beatles

  • I have a dandelion blowing in the wind at my foot and the letter "no I'm not where I belong" blows with them.

    all I could by city and color.

    and i also want to get somewhere "second star on the right and straight ahead see you tomorrow"...

  • All of these ideas are really great. I get many tattoos and the first will be:
    "when no one is by your side, when your soul comes on board, then i follow you in the dark" from the song i follow you in the dark in the taxi of death a sweet. I'm not sure where to get this from. Someone said they had one on the soles of their feet, which I thought was cool and would be great for the meaning of the song. How to proceed ... on foot. Yes.

    As for my others, I would like "Love is the answer to at least most of the questions in my heart, such as why are we here, where are we going and why is it so hard" from Jack's Better Together song. Johnson.

    Those are the only letters I've tattooed so far. but I will also tattoo my niece's name on my wrist. She is my reason for living. And then I have a shooting star behind my ear and there is a long story behind it. And I also have the word faith in the back of my mind. And finally, tragedy masks comedy somewhere on my body because theater was my salvation in high school.

    but i'm open to suggestions on where to get the taxi of death tattoo. please help. I thought of the soles of my feet or my chest.

    (Video) Sade - Like a Tattoo (Lyrics)
  • My best friend and I are looking for the lyrics to a Bjork song. He gets "Any nerve that hurts, heal it" and I get "You don't have to talk, I'm sorry."

    any suggestions on where to put it?

  • I understand

    "brave as love"

    Jimi Hendrix/John Mayer

  • My friend and I have matching letters on the sides of our feet. He's "walking in the sun" in his and I'm "walking in the sea," or we're planning it anyway. I also think "I stepped into the heart of someone who meant the world to me" or something new or shiny.

  • I recently got the letters from the libertines on the back of my right leg.
    "If you have lost faith in love and music, the end will come soon"

    1. This is exactly the letter I want, but I'm not sure where to get it

  • I can't believe nobody has mentioned it yet.

    When all are one and one is all
    be stone and not roll

    Stairway to Heaven from the greatest band of all time, Zeppelin was a given

  • “When there is nothing left to burn
    you have to define yourself
    on fire'

    "One love, one heart" - that in bigger letters
    Let's stick together and be good' <- so below, in lowercase italics.

    "Know that you can set your world on fire,
    If you are strong enough to get out of your doubts.
    Feel it, breathe it, believe it and
    You will walk on air.
    Your long but good news.

    1. I was thinking of getting "When There's Nothing Left To Burn You Gotta Prepare" by Your Ex-Lover Is Star-Dead! it just makes sense!

  • "Over silver stars I wish and I wish and I wish..." -Bright Eyes

  • "It's never too late to start the day again" aus dem Song "It's never too late" von Michael Franti

    ... In fact, I plan to have it on the right side of my back next year.

  • some thought of the assassins

    It's not hard to hold when it shines like gold, you'll remember me

    I have a soul but I'm not a soldier

  • "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one"

    Imagina - John Lennon

  • "Just because you can breathe doesn't mean you're alive"

    Get up 🙂

  • hey..!i would love to get a tattoo on my grandma..she is still alive but i want to do this so she can see how much i love and appreciate her and i want her to see this before i die.. i I don't even want to think about it, but... I would like to have a beautiful and powerful text on my wrist. any ideas????? I'm from FINLAND, sorry for my English 🙂 THANK YOU!

  • i will take

    "The hardest thing you will ever learn is to be loved and to be loved back."



    "Norbis Pro Lemma Vorbis" which means "For us, for them, for you" in Latin

    lost prophets

  • I found a good one.” I have a strong will to love you for all eternity. "I like that a lot and that's VERY TRUE. I will love her forever. because she is my everything. I mean EVERYTHING. she is my father, my mother. everyone. and without her all I have is my memories and my love for her. I would tattoo my face on my back just to show her how much I love her but I think ^^ was enough 🙂

    How about this text? to wrap around my wrist.

  • I think I'd really like to put "at arm's length" anywhere on my wrist or arm. lyrical laughter from Kiley. or "I am imperfect unless I am free." laugh again something simple, something i love.

  • I have this on my back...

    Two roads forked in a forest and I,
    I took the less traveled one
    And that made the difference.

    It comes from a poem called The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

  • "Make your own kind of music, sing your own special song, make your own kind of song even when nobody else is singing" - The Mamas and the Papas

  • I have "Mom and Dad" with a little cursive heart on my wrist and now I want some letters that match my personality...finding the right letters is so hard! !! so I thought of something that fits my personality now so I can remember it when I'm older... does that make sense?

    I have some…

    "Life is a dance floor, God is the DJ" - Madonna

    "Let It Be" - The Beatles.

    "...And you can tell everyone this is your song" - Elton John

    "I hope you understand, and then let go of my hand" - La Roux

    Any more ideas for me!? What do you like better?! Help!! 😉xx

    1. "Delirium Is My Last Target"
      apoton dj rankin 😛

  • I've got "I'm Definitely Going to Hell But I'll Have the Best Stories to Tell" by Frank Turner on my arm

  • 'Alig, Halig, a lie, Halig'

    1. I love this music.

  • Me Against The World (2pac) (written on the side of my hand starting at the base of my finger)

  • I love love love these lyrics:

    break against my stones
    spit your pity on my soul,
    never needed help
    You sold me to save yourself.

    the back of Slipknot - Snuff.

    I'm also considering getting a Beatles tattoo, either the lyrics or the apple.
    I want to be more original than "all you need is love".

    1. That's good

      I think "No one else can see the martyr preservation in me" from Psychosocial Behind My Back

  • I have one on my right shoulder:

    "A pill makes you fatter
    And a pill makes you small
    And the ones your mother gives you
    do absolutely nothing
    Go ask Alice
    When I'm three meters tall.

    and on my wrist:

    "I'll go to sleep at the bottom of the ocean"

  • "I feel you in my heart and I don't even know you"
    -tegan e sara

  • Live now.
    be yourself.
    It doesn't matter if it's good enough
    For someone else.
    - Jimmy eats world

    This song helped me a lot, it's one of my favorite lyrics. I'm not sure I could, I have a rose tattoo on my back and I would like to add a few words. even if it's a bit long.

  • I only eat meat on Fridays

  • "In this great future you cannot forget your past" - Bob Marley, No Woman, No Cry.

  • So impressed but so amazed;
    Such a saint but such a prostitute;
    So shy, so full of shit;
    So indecisive, so inflexible.

    I contemplate, think about thinking;
    It's overrated, just have another drink;
    Watch me fall apart

  • we can be heroes
    just for one day

    Heroes - David Bowie

  • 'What goes around comes around'
    "Don't fear where, don't fear why, don't fear too much as long as we live
    Life is to live, not to live tensely
    Until you're somewhere in heaven'

  • "We are the cause of a world gone wrong"
    tattooed on my chest.
    I don't like crying for myself either, I'm already dead.

  • I receive "Spiral Out, Keep Going..." from Tool - Lateralus. Does anyone have any information on what you think it means?

    1. Just guess:
      When the track is over, will you have to walk alone?

  • I have
    "forever young" on a doll


    "Live every moment as your last" behind my back 🙂

  • "I have no more blood to bleed because my heart was emptied into the sea"

  • "I want to hold on to something that won't break or fall apart like the pieces of my heart..."
    somewhat corporate - "globes and maps"

  • I've been thinking about getting the letters tattooed on my wrist for a while. I think I finally settled on "We Only Have Today" from Keith Urban's "Day's Go Bye".

  • "Life, Love and Laughter"

    From the song of the same name by Donavon Frankenreiter

  • "Follow Your Bliss" is a quote, but I can't remember who said it. It also appears in a Senses Fail song.

  • I've always wanted to catch, "this ship of fools I'm on is gonna sink"
    brand new, i think anything new would be great. any proposal? I wish I had some letters on my wrist too

    1. these are the facts about the future

  • I love those lines from Alice in Chains, from "Angry Chair"...

    The pink cloud has now turned gray
    i just wanna play
    Get on your knees when you pray.

    I don't know where to put it but I think it will fit well on my back 😛

  • I get "Destiny into a Ruthless Elegant Whore"...it's from Spill Canvas 'Polygraph, Right Now'

  • Typo... Fate is a classy, ​​cold-hearted slut

  • Damn, I'm getting a tattoo this holiday, bro. my chrizzy prez :D haha. Can't wait... here are some ideas 🙂

    "I would sacrifice this world to hold you."
    "Breathe for me... Don't wake me from this dream
    Stay with me... Possession takes over.
    "Deliver us from evil."
    "(When I see your face) my heart bursts into flames."
    - everyone makes bullet for my valentine's day

    "Starlight. You electrify my life." - Muse
    "I melt in your eyes. Like the first time I caught fire. - Clearly
    "I will do it for you." teddy bear

    Hahaha yeah everything that comes to mind now...stay tuned! Tinz!! kitten

  • Oh and that tattoo...
    "We'll stay together, we'll fall apart"
    + I want to be with me and my other half... Tom. but I'm not sure I would make it :/. Anyway I like it it's so cute :]

    + I find quotes or shared letters much more realistic than names. :D.. a special moment and a chapter of our lives between us.

  • So I'm not sure how to go about this because I wanted to post something where someone would post what was recently done as a tattoo. They said they had "Follow Your Happiness". Some of you may know that these are the lyrics to one of the songs on Senses Fail, although they borrow Joseph Campbell's thoughts. He wanted to let the boy know and give him a quote from Joseph Campbell speaking about the beginning of his life. Although the music is good and I'm a big fan of sensory failure, I thought I'd tell you who originally invented the character. Or at least published and talked about.
    "I even have a superstition that grew inside me, as a result of the invisible hands that keep coming, that if you follow your bliss, you'll embark on some kind of path that has always been there, waiting for you." . , and the life you should live is the life you live. When you see this, you start meeting people who are in your happy zone and they open doors for you. I'm saying follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they would be. -Joseph Campbell

  • I have "in times of disorder..." on my arm and "imagine" on my wrist.

    so i get
    "If you've lost faith in love and music, the end won't be long..."


    "Dream of yourself one more day!"

  • I am planning to get another tattoo for my birthday next week.

    I will:
    "I'll Go to the Moon When I Have to Crawl" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the neck

  • "She's holding the hand that's holding her."
    - You; pearl jam

    This one has a lot of meaning, it symbolizes the struggles I had with my dad... and it's going to mean a lot to me if I actually do it. I'm thinking of putting it on one wrist and the other... "She will rise above," that's the next verse of the song. I love my father more than anything in this world.

    - I'm fifteen years old, so I'll wait a while for this tattoo.

    took my arm last year

  • I am 18 years old and I really want to have a tattoo on my arm that says "I am the owner of my destiny, I am the legend of my soul."

  • I followed your luck on my wrist.
    all you need is love on my chest.
    and I wait with a cancer band on my foot.

  • The best part of believing is lying.

  • „Ob~La~Di“

  • I get "Time will help you, but it has time to give you all the answers to the endless why" placebo: the endless why

  • When the world ends, we toast it. -The Children Who Rise (RIP)

    You're a werewolf boy, get out of this town. - sea wolf

    How could you forget your yellow bird? -Shining eyes

  • I'll be 18 in three weeks and I'm staying
    'Cover up the scars, put on your game face' because I showed 182 on my ribs.

    1. DULL 🙂

  • "yes, to dance under the diamond sky" dylan

  • "In the end, the love you receive is equal to the love you make" - McCartney

  • "Never love anything wild, Mr. Bell," advised Holly. "That was Doc's fault, he always brought home wild stuff. A hawk with a wounded wing. Once upon a time there was an adult bobcat with a broken paw. But you can't give your heart to a wild cause: the more you do, the stronger it gets. Until they are strong enough to run into the forest. Or fly up a tree. Then a bigger tree. Then the sky. This is how it will end, Mr. Bell. When you allow yourself to love a wild thing. You end up looking up at the sky. - Truman Capote

    I will..
    "You'll end up looking at the sky."
    On my shoulder I think.

  • I did 2 full calf pieces today with John Lennon's "Imagine" lyrics, one says "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one" and the other says "Imagine all the people are alive in peace." . You are so amazing, it was a custom design and he did a wonderful job! Check it out on my site!

  • "And I don't need these things except to make you happy" Josh Pyke

    "So it's private education and it doesn't get any easier" Josh Pyke

    "The best you can do is good enough" Radiohead

    "Monday morning seems so bad
    Everyone seems to bother me
    Next Tuesday I'll feel better
    Even my old man looks good
    Wednesday just doesn't work
    Thursday goes very slowly
    I'm thinking about Friday.” The Easybeats

  • "I'm not afraid to move on, I'm not afraid to walk through this world alone, darling, if you stay you'll be forgiven.
    My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words.

    So take my hands, can I have this last dance? 'Cause it's raining outside and we don't live forever, so take my hand."
    The perfect measure - Take my hand.

    "Then you yelled the bridge and I cried the verse and our chorus came out unrehearsed and you smiled the whole time, I think that's maybe the worst part."
    Mayday Parade: If you wanted a song written about you, all you had to do was ask.

    "I slept on your side of the bed that night, so I was ready when you got home. We are like tic tac toe and opposites always attract.
    You, me at six: always attracts.

    “Take a step back… do your best to breathe.
    Maybe it's not meant to be. Just promise me you won't forget me..."
    The perfect measure: maybe.

    "It's not too late, it's never too late."
    Three Days of Grace: It's never too late.

    "The night is so long when everything is wrong if you give me your hand I'll help you get over it."
    Frying Pan – Last night.

  • If God made you, he's in love with me. to fight for five

  • I have the lyrics to a Fuel song tattooed on my back (yes, I know it's about guns; I reserved that spot for another song).

    "Anything you keep inside isn't on the label" by Shimmer.

    What I would tattoo on my arm I probably wouldn't get tattooed there because it would be harder to hide, but if I do, that spot is reserved for A Better Place, A Better Time from the Streetlight Manifesto.

    "The moment of truth haunts you."

  • We'll see how brave you are
    Let's see how fast you will run
    We'll see how brave you are
    and Anastasia
    by Tori Amos

  • Hey how come no one wants to tattoo Lady Gaga lyrics? Or the Backstreet Boys? Not even Fergie's things? For my next tattoo... I think I'll say, "Let's have some fun, this beat is sick, I want to ride your record." in my ass
    I'm just kidding. I get a famous text or quote... it will probably be in French since it's my native language. It'll probably be partly tribal in the middle of my upper back and say something like, "Mais les yeux sont aveugles. Il faut chercher avec le cÅ“ur”.
    I mean... But the eyes are blind. You have to look with your heart.
    And regardless of whether the tattoo you choose has meaning or not... think it through carefully.
    My husband got a tattoo while drunk and when he woke up he had no idea what it was...not good.
    Remember…we all get older, we don't look as good and we don't think the same way. Do things that you know will make you smile for the rest of your life! (Because the laser is not cheap!!)

  • and referring
    "In the Name of Love" U2
    "It's Better To Burn Than Disappear" Kurt Cobain (Farewell Letter)
    "Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse" James Dean
    "Money can't buy love" The Beatles
    "I admire all the lovely people" The Beatles
    "I must travel now, there are many places I must see" Lynryd Skynryd
    Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney
    "In moments like this you learn to love again" Foo Fighters
    "In the end it doesn't matter" Linkin Park
    "You know it's alright" Nirvana

    Entre los Beatles, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Nirvana, U2, Simon & Garfunkel, Lyrnyd Skynryd, Oasis, The Verve,

  • the hardest thing in life
    is to look at the one you have
    love someone else

  • "Learn to fly"

    The Beatles - Blackbird

  • because all the stars
    He disappeared
    Just try not to worry
    You will see her one day.

    Oasis - Stop crying mares

  • "May your organs fail before your dreams fail you"
    -The parties

  • "Don't worry about anything, everything will be fine" BOB MARLEY!(:
    he is a legend!

  • Proud in the name of love!

  • Especially torn apart by a world so undecided...&& there is no destination

  • "If all your desires are fulfilled, many of your dreams will be shattered" - Marilyn Manson

  • "Just because you see it doesn't mean you know it"

    – The Sunstreak, you'll never know

    ^^ Great band.

  • I got, "The only thing that matters is just follow your heart, and eventually you'll finally get it right."

    In this diary - the ataris

  • When we were so young we had nothing to lose, just to chime a clock and choose a hand.

  • in my back:

    "But I endured the believer, the cross, the star, and the crescent / That no cross, no crescent, but the growing unrest" - MC Solaar

    (which means in French: "But I sustained the believer, the cross, the star and the crescent / without cross, without bread, but the uneasiness grew...)

    And on my right hip

    "You spend your life waiting for a moment that just won't come / Well, don't waste your time waiting"
    - Bruce Springsteen.

    And this is what I really want:

    "My god, the killer is waiting, don't say you care, I know you don't care..." - The Killer Anna

    1. My only concern about The Killer Anna (that's the title of the song, "The Medic Droid" is the band, btw 🙂) is that it's my favorite song of all time and that song applies to so many aspects of my life that are not the deepest lyrics for me.What letter would you tattoo on your arm? (4)

  • I'm getting another tattoo in a few months but I have some ideas. I'm still waiting for one to show up. Words are so powerful to me, they evoke so many emotions.

    I really want to believe that there is truth, that love is real.
    "And I want life in every word as far as it is absurd."
    -Der Postdienst, Clark Gable.
    For me, these are less letters than more powerful words. Especially the last one. It just seems to describe me. I so desperately want a life so exciting that I would do anything to get it.

    I always want to feel like part of it is mine.
    -Jimmy eats the world.
    I'm about to graduate from college and I really wanted to find something that would describe the emotions I went through during college. I lost hope after searching for a few months to find one, then I heard this song I listen to at least every day and realized these were the words I should learn.

    It's less lyrics than lyrics I found by accident and fell in love with, or quotes from my favorite books.

    "It was all beautiful. And nothing hurts.
    'That is how it goes.'
    - Slaughterhouse five.

    "And in that moment, I swear, we were infinite."
    -The perks of Being a Wallflower.

    "Standing still was never enough."

    'One day I will find myself.'

    I hope someone likes them. Choose carefully when choosing a quote for a tattoo. Don't look for something that might look good or sound good in the moment. Wait for the moment when you really fall in love with the emotions these words bring, the charm of everything. If you find the right words, you will feel it.

  • "We are nearer than the hands of time, deeper than the drop of mankind." -2pac

  • "When it rains, it pours" - 50 cents.

  • There are only two I would buy:

    "There is a light that never goes out" - The Smiths


    "There's only one way of life, and that's yours" - The Levellers

  • "I'm not afraid of drowning, the breath does all the work"
    - clay glasses

  • I am 19 years old and have three tattoos. All three mean a lot to me. The first was a treble clef with a yellow rose in the center in honor of my grandfather. The yellow rose is her favorite flower and the treble clef because she bought me my first amp. It's on my ankle. The second tattoo is on my neck. It is also a treble clef with a crown of roses on it. This is in honor of my grandmother. She inspired me to become a musician. She was my own Simon Cowell if you will... and she always called me her little princess... (I was the only girl in her family for 50 years). The third is on my foot and his words just defy gravity. Yes, it's from Wicked. But what that means to me is what the song represents. Be alone and don't let anyone stop you. Have fun and live your life the way you want to. Don't be afraid to be who you are. A great memory. I'm thinking about getting my fourth tattoo. I'm stuck between two projects. You get two swallows (birds), one on each shoulder blade and between the quotation marks. Without love we are birds with broken wings. The other idea is to get a butterfly and the text "My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies..." - The Show Must Go On-Queen. Just make sure your tattoos have a special meaning to you.

    1. Kayla I can't agree more with your last line, your tattoos sound great to me, I have 3 tattoos, all dedicated to my children, the first is a large papyrus scroll on my right arm, it has the lyrics from the fairytale from new york " I can't do it alone, I've built my dreams around you" is dedicated to my eldest son who had a very bad accident when he was 5 months old. It was Christmas and I sang him something to calm him down, but he would always ask Gasping when he reached that line so it looked good and fitting to get the tattoo, my second is an identical scroll on the opposite arm but it says the lyrics of a Stone Roses song I got separated from My children's mother and I were really upset one day, my youngest son just lifted his head and smiled motionless for about 3-4 minutes, it melted me, the text says "I believe really not that you know I'm in heaven when you smile." In Latin, Mi Infanto Angelica, means my angelic son and is an acronym for my daughter's name MIA.

  • "Instincts are deceiving, you shouldn't think about what you're feeling" - Death Cab For Cutie

    "I Need You Much Closer" - Death Cab For Cutie

  • "War Has No Heart" from the music No One Would Riot for Less by Bright Eyes

  • I have "if I can, I will" around my mayonnaise veal squash squash music

  • "Because you know that sometimes words have two meanings..."

  • If my heart was a compass you would be north of my owl town if my heart was a house.

  • "He who learns will love and not destroy the life of creatures, the joy of flowers"

  • “The heart can freeze or burn
    The pain will be less if I can learn it
    there is no future
    There is no past
    I'm living this moment like it's the last"
    – Rent the musical

    “perfect only in its imperfections”
    but in Latin like this
    "perfect alone in the trunk"
    – Good mess, why did I forget that?

  • "Silence scares me because it screams the truth"

  • A space between the blink of an eye and a tear, Death Blooms - Chad Gray/Mudvayne Death Blooms

  • "I'm just a useless liar, I'm just an idiot. I'm just going to complicate you. Trust me and fall too." Tool sober

  • I won "To my true love, both after me...": Icelandic, untranslated means "To my true love, wait for me" xx

  • We Can Be Heroes - David Bowie


  • "We are all prisoners here of our own will" Hotel California, The Eagles. hands down

  • "I wished for a lasting kiss that rang through these bones like arsenic" - Point of Extinction from the Motion City soundtrack I don't know for some reason I really like it lol

  • I think eler fudd's tattoo is fantastic 😀

  • I've framed the Hanley gang icon around my right wrist because they're great friends and they inspire me, I also have the motto "Insecurity kills all that is beautiful" around my wrist too...it's the same motto Shaun Morgan has been cooking and it's amazing to me, it speaks to my soul

    "I want strength too, it cannot bring back the lost" on my chest... from a song of the sleepers

    und "there's more to living than being alive", ein Lied von anberlin


    Bring me the horizon - diamonds don't last forever

    "Now you have something to die for"

    Lamb Of God

  • I don't need anyone to tell me about heaven, I look at my daughter and I believe

  • That's how often it happens.
    That we live our lives in chains.
    And we never know
    we have the key

    I thought a lot about getting these lyrics. It's from Ja Gone by the Eagles.

    What do you think?

    1. One of the best here! 🇧🇷

  • If the sun refused to shine I would still love you. When the mountains fall into the sea, there will still be you and me.
    powered zeplin.

  • I have Follow Your Bliss on my chest right now.
    Amazing meaning behind.
    All people were created to live happily.

  • After some text on the left arm, preferably a short quote, especially after a letter. Thinking of:

    "A Kind Of Love, A Kind Of Hate" - Glenn Danzig (Misfits)

    "When I've Fallen From Grace" - Shane MacGowan - The Pogues

  • "He's a cannibal my dear, who are we to deny this?"

    "There is a place in the world like a cold black hole and there are people who are full of shit and the worms of the world inhabit it."

    You must drink rubies. You must drink precious rubies

    "Those Above Will Serve Those Below"

    All by Sweeney Todd

  • For years I've pondered which words I love enough to tattoo. I decided on three things:
    1. Cheer up, with a heavy heart: The skeptics and believers on the part of science are…
    2. 1928 - forever young - 1936 (a tattoo in memory of my grandmothers. The years they were born, not the years they died (one of them is still alive) because I always keep them healthy and happy in I will also ask my 81-year-old grandmother to write and draw with her handwriting).
    3. While there is life, there is hope - Cicero (Roman orator, statesman and philosopher) is usually written in Latin but I want it in Hebrew because when I look at it I want to think that Jesus is reminding me of that , as long as I still have life, I will always have hope.

    1. It makes me so strange... The Romans killed Jesus (if he existed!) Why not be reminded by Cicero?

  • I'll be 18 in 8 months and I've been thinking about the tattoos I'm going to get. it's all lyrics as i'm a bit crazy about music...

    Cheer up, swim - Jack's mannequin: Swim

    The hardest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved - from Gallows: Orchestra of Wolves

    Take off your colors, who do you wear them for? - YouMeAtSix: Pick up the colors.

    Do I want the first on my shoulder blade, the second on my ribs? and the third on the back or foot.

    1. I meant off

  • I really want to get Coldplay lyrics tattooed on my foot, right next to Scientist:
    "Come meet her, tell her I'm sorry,
    You don't know how adorable you are.
    The song means a lot to me and the lyrics have a meaning that only two people know, so it's very personal.

    My heart is in it, but I don't know if I can make it as small as I want. I was talking to a guy a few days ago and he told me that the smallest thing would completely cover my foot 😦

    Does anyone have any idea how small this can be made (in a font like Monotype Corsiva, not too curly or anything, but something like calligraphy).

  • "Don't Stop Believin'" - Journey (I know it's cheesy, but it's my favorite song of all time!)

    "Life Starts Now" - that's the title of the new album by Three Days Grace and at the same time a song from their album.

    *I'm thinking about putting it on the side of the foot but I don't know what kind of font..

  • Lyrics can be pretty powerful. I discovered this while listening to a song not too long ago.

    "A heart that suffers is a heart that works"

    No one can go through life without arriving heartbroken or ripped apart by something deep inside. a wounded heart is the only way anymore.

  • I have "Be the Voice of a Generation" from an anti-flag song typewritten next to me. The "B" is a bubble letter with "Peace" and "Love" under each arc of the B. And the "a" is anarchy a.

  • "Free us from spiritual slavery; no one but ourselves can free our spirit..."
    -Bob Marley

  • it's somewhat unpredictable
    but in the end he is right.
    I hope you had a great time.
    - Green day

    Maybe too long?
    Oh good.

  • We'll never let you fall apart together, let's dance in the dark... on my forearm, how about this?

  • Ich habe Protect me from my placebo song cravings ❤

  • "I have a soul but I'm not a soldier" from All These Things I've Done by The Killers ❤ my favorite song!

  • I Will Be Very Proud and Country By the Grace of God - by Colt Ford

    1. but i do it on my ribs with the blackout deer symbol

  • I have some that I like and can have when I turn 18 next year...

    "I never lied
    and that makes me a liar
    I have never bet
    but we play with the desire
    I never lit a match
    with the intention of starting a fire,
    but recently you call her
    they get out of control
    -Low all the time -Jasey Rae
    I probably wouldn't understand everything, maybe just some of my favorite lines...
    This is the main text I wanted to buy, but there are some texts that mean a lot to me. =P

  • I thought, "Don't win the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold..."

  • I plan to put my favorite hip hop lyrics on the back:
    "I think that's why I was born.
    Recognize the beauty of a rose thorn.
    And learn from the struggle of a torn soul"
    "Analgesics" - cannibal ox

    Props to the person who had the blood brothers.

  • I thought of Metallica's Fade to Black:

    "Yesterday seems like it never existed"

  • Sing me something soft, sad and tender or loud and out of tune, sing me anything.

  • "Dip Your Soul In Love" - ​​Radiohead

    "Ultimately, that's all we are" -Nirvana

    "Come as you are" - Nirvana

    "A little rain must fall on us all" - Led Zeppelin

  • Well the world can be an unfair place sometimes
    But your lows will have your highs - Yeasayer

  • Well I had this idea. I can get this on my forearm 99% of the time.


    (i.e. love. laugh. know. believe)
    what can you say without cool?? it's my first tattoo!
    Shud, did I understand the part in German or English? I'm not German, but this is from the song "Rock of Age" by def lppard
    although I added the knowledge part.

  • I am considering getting:

    "Don't let your dreams be dreams" - Jack Johnson


    "Take what you can from your dreams, make them come true like anything else" - DMB

    I don't know if they're too long or too frequent... but I love both of these phrases.

    But I don't know where to put it! Preferably in a place where you can cover yourself if necessary. This tattoo would be just for me so I really don't care if other people see or notice it as long as it reminds me to follow my dreams every day...

  • I'll follow you into the dark - Death Cab

  • I am 15 years old and will get my first tattoo after my 16th birthday. i want the letter

    "She dreams in colour, she dreams in red."
    - Pearl Jam, best man

    They have a very special meaning for me. Certain colors represent certain emotions. Red to me means blood and anger because I had a difficult past. But colors can represent everything and be beautiful.

  • I've been wanting to get the lyrics "Swim for the Music That Saves You" for a while, possibly followed by "When You're Not Sure You'll Survive" from the Jack's Mannequin song "Swim". .
    Originally I wanted the line "The whole world is watching, you didn't come this far to fall off the earth" or "I swim to better days despite the absence of the sun", both from the same song, but no. You seem to grab me so much. My uncle recently committed suicide and I'd like to somehow tie the lyrics to a memorial to him... if that makes sense. Any ideas?

  • What do you think... "when there is nothing left to burn, you have to light yourself".

  • "When I go to my grave, my head is held up" - Bob Dylan

  • I will leave with your misery a friend who will not betray you. Throw yourself from your tower and take away your pain, show all the beauty you possess if you only let yourself believe. That we were born innocent, Adia believes we remain innocent...
    Adia by Sarah McLachlan would make a lovely tattoo to encircle a design I want to have on my back or wrap around my arms. Also like Leonard Cohen, "there is a glimmer of light in every word, no matter which one you have heard, the hallowed or the broken hallelujah" of his song Hallelujah. Or it could be something I wrote myself. BTW, I've never been tattooed before, but I want a little bit of ink to make sense.

  • Please write.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody:

    Wherever the wind blows...

  • the perfect words
    never occurred to me
    There was nothing but you.

    For my wife


    1. Well, aren't you cute? She's a lucky girl.

  • I will do my next tattoo..

    "Looking at the stars without you, my soul cried"
    in my chest.

    Desree - Song of Romeo and Juliet

  • "I'm not here for the path in front of me, but for the path behind me"

    "My only gift is you and me"

    "All I need is the moment"

    "believe and achieve"

    It has all I have right now

  • "We will survive"

  • As soon as the music ends, we turn off the lights - The Doors

  • Don't let your life slip away
    Don't cry for the memories

    from I Will Remember You by Sarah Mclachlan.

  • "Your panic falls on deaf ears"
    -Framing Hanley - Built for sin

  • I currently have 4 tattoos and they are all music related... the first was "what a long and strange journey it has been" on the back of my foot surrounded by 3 scarlet begonias. then got "let it be" with 4 stars on the back side. my third was "lose your dreams and you will lose your mind" from the Rolling Stones song Ruby Tuesday which went from my armpit to my waist... and finally I just put 3 music notes behind my ear. I'm looking for more, I just can't decide, I like so many songs! I really like it...

    - "Sleep well, darling, don't cry, and I'll sing you a lullaby..." by The Beatles, golden dream

  • "Satisfaction is the death of desire" is a kind of credo I have in my chest, I am very happy about that.

  • I know mine is very long but it holds a lot of meaning to me and when I do it is written on my back or my shoulder blades with musical notes around or in the middle...

    Musiq is love in search of a word. the music speaks
    what cannot be expressed stills and calms the mind, heals the heart and makes it whole. Musiq flows from heaven to soul.
    Musiq cleanses the soul from the dust of everyday life. Musiq is enough for a lifetime, but one lifetime is not enough for Musiq. life would be
    be a mistake without music

  • By the grace of God I will live now.
    It's by Paul Brandt. live now

    I am Christian and this tattoo means a lot to me because God gave me this day to live, no one else and I will live it to the fullest and I know that tomorrow I may not be able to do the same to do.

  • I have 8 (common) tattoos, my 9th will be on my wrist and it will say 'music is my time machine', I also wanted somewhere 'we all have our own 8 miles'... not sure yet.

  • I'm sure I'll have Rent's "No day but today" on the side of my right foot.

    1. I was thinking of buying No Day But Today somewhere!


      forget the regrets

  • I'll get "love is the only reality" on my page. 🙂 I really like this quote.

  • I think about:
    ~ a stairway to heaven ❤
    ~ Where words fail... Music speaks (Amazing quote mentioned above)
    ~ And this blackened heart will sing - Halo by Machine Head
    ~Let it be- The Beatles
    ~ And I wonder
    when i sing with you
    If everything could seem so real forever
    If anything could feel this good again
    Everlong de Foo fighter

  • Maybe not all in the arm, yes 😛

  • Maybe it's a bit late but I'm thinking about doing the same.

    I would go for an absolute classic, so I agree with Jake Senior on Stairway to Heaven, but I also considered:

    "Chickens!" von Otis Redding/Rolling Stones
    "I cared, but... things have changed" Bob Dylan

  • "Faith is believing in something more than you know."

    Reba McEntire - I still love you

  • I'm also a big fan of Arctic Monkeys and personally I think Alex Turner is one of the best lyricists of our time, there's so much choice. I'm thinking of some Arctic Monkeys lyrics

    1. "Curiosity becomes a heavy burden"
      "They made it very easy to believe that true romance cannot be achieved today."
      "What came first, the chicken or the idiot?"

      Just a few ideas, also big fan 😉

  • "From time to time we wish to rob the earth of what could have been, but that doesn't ease the pain we feel when reality returns" -Wicked

    Love is the closest thing to magic.

  • I made an appointment on the inside of my bicep to fit inside Gustave Dore's Leviathan half sleeve/shield. The quote is from Batman Begins. "I know the anger that moves you. That impossible anger that smothers the pain until the memory of your loved one is just... poison in your veins. And one day you find yourself wishing that the person you loved never existed so that you could avoid your pain. What do you think?

  • "The ones that stood
    will make millions
    write books about it
    How it should be.
    -Incubus "WARNING"


    "My burning sun will rise one day"
    - Sublime "DOIN' TIME"

    In a few weeks I'll have the sublime on my right shoulder,

  • My favorite lyricist of all time is Matt Berniger from The National. i think i could

    - "How close am I to losing you?" - About today

    - "Don't you want a viewing angle, surprise, surprise, don't they want to look?" - Confused with strangers (although a bit long)

    - "Don't worry, everything is fine." history of the apartment

  • 'What a wonderful world.'

    - Louis Armstrong

    It was one of my father's favorite songs 🙂

  • "Then stay with me and I will do it." – Without rain, blind melon

  • I think of some.

    "Breathe out so I can breathe you in."
    foo fighters, everlong 🙂 nice song.

    "It's in moments like this that you learn to love again."
    novamente, foo fighters, times like this.

    I think it's nice to have a band that means something to you because the Foos are my absolute favorites and the first ones I've seen live.

    but I like "Here Comes the Sun."
    (The Beatles, of course).

    1. My favorite band too, I've seen them four times. So many lines I could easily tattoo 🙂

  • Wow, that's a great theme!

    I am considering getting:
    "Conformism is just a weapon to kill the reasons you live for" On my wrist.

    I love what that means 🙂
    It's a song by Gold Kids called Desperate Souls

  • Everyone knows you'd break your neck holding your chin up.

    Pain is weakness leaving the body

    everything I'm not makes me everything I am.

    How we survive makes us who we are

    for being true

    life teaches, love reveals

    (Video) 10 Tattoo DON'Ts!! How To Avoid STUPID Tattoos

    for those I love, I will sacrifice myself

    The past is practical

    Life is beautiful (life is beautiful)

    life is love (life is love)

    Love shines through the clouds

    just a touch
    Now baby I guess

    Life is what we make of it

    Imagination is more important than knowledge

    fall down seven times, stand up eight times

    one step at a time

    Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means you have chosen to look past the imperfections.

    In this great future you cannot forget your past.

    Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purpose

    Love builds bridges where there are none.

    I've learned one thing dealing with traitors. They are only powerful when your back is turned.

    What is behind us and what is in front of us are small things compared to what is inside us.

    You can keep hitting but it won't bring me down

    Well the moon is high and the stars are shining and whatever comes will be alright

    Cheer up, your heart heavy, take a chance and go big because it's the last thing you'll ever have

    Nothing can stop me, I'll touch the sky

    laugh as long as you breathe, love as long as you live

    my heart will remain the same

    Imagine all the people
    share all over the world

    Take these broken wings and learn to fly

    May the angels guide you...

    May your heart always be happy, may your song always be sung and may you stay young forever.

    who says you can't go back has been around the world and actually

    Smile even when your heart hurts, smile even when it's broken

    live now be yourself
    It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else

    I'm not afraid to move on, I'm not afraid to walk in this world

    heart burst into flames; I will wait forever to break up

    I have so many ideas for my first tattoo but I'm not sure which one to go with! Many of them have a very important meaning to me, but I'm at a loss, any ideas?

  • 'I must become a girl with a lion heart.'

  • I take "in your love is my salvation" or "my salvation is in your love".

    What do you think?

    1. "Hidden Just Beyond Perception" from the song "Under Influence" by Cassius

  • I stay there and watch myself burn because I like how it hurts. I'm standing there and I can hear myself crying because I love the way you lie.

  • "Do it yourself." – incubus.

    I have a heart that I drew on the inside of my left wrist, slightly tilted. It's meant to represent that I wear my heart on my sleeve, but also to remind myself that I shouldn't do that...

    It's slightly tilted because I like to have some words on the side. I thought: "Fill or burst..." Then "...crash or bury". (from Dashboard Confessional) on my right wrist to keep going. I've had this idea for years and it just doesn't seem to go away! haha.

    Where would you place "Make Yourself"?
    Any ideas? 🇧🇷

  • for a thousand better places than this - arctic monkeys

    we rejoice because pain is so painless - interpol

    right in the middle of adventure, a perfect starting point - arctic monkeys

    What now boy? where love

    You have to make your descent slow - arctic monkeys

    It's different now that I'm poor and old, I'll never see that face again - interpol

    what do you all think

  • I just got my first tattoo a week ago (the Superman symbol is returning on my right bicep).

    Now I'm looking for a quote or letter to follow.

    "If everything could feel this real forever, if everything could feel this good again" Everlong - Foo Fighters

    "Breathe out so I can breathe you in" Everlong - Foo Fighters

    "Tramps like us baby we were born to run" Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

    "If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?" Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    "It's a town of losers and I'm leaving here to win" Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen

    "Well I tripped and fell into a hole I know all too well." Taste of Red - Butch Walker

    I recently had a bad breakup and Taste of Red was our song, the first girl I loved and wish I could look back on it lovingly so the last one meant so much. I definitely chose to place "Where Words Fail, Music Speaks" surrounded by some notes on my left forearm. I'm also interested in "Every song ends, is there a reason not to like the song?" somehow in me It's from One Tree Hill, but it's always touched me personally.

    My friend had the amazing idea of ​​having the first three lines of Hallelujah wrapped around his left forearm. "I heard there was a secret chord David played that pleased the lord, but you're not really into music, are you?" A bit annoyed that he came up with the idea in the first place, haha.

    Any opinion is welcome 🙂

  • I won't suffer, I won't break, I won't get tired or wasted.
    Without surrendering to anything or giving up what I am
    Started and stopped, from start to finish
    A new day is coming and I'm finally free
    30 seconds to Mars - Attack

  • I like the way it hurts...

  • I'm only 17 but I have Breathe, from the Pink Floyd song Breathe, tattooed on my left rib. It was really difficult to find a short enough line for the song, so I went with Breathe, quite simply. I've thought a lot about this tattoo since it was my first and I've been thinking about it for a year and for my 18th birthday I'm going to give it to myself. Pink Floyd is my favorite band of all time and the entire TDSOTM album is simply the best. Too bad it's hard to tattoo an entire album

  • I want to put the following letter in English script in Sanskrit style on my forearm:

    "Open your eyes and look within, are you content with the life you lead?"

  • While I'm not sure I'll be able to do it, it's a quote from a song that really stuck in my mind

    "You can only escape loneliness if you love it"

    É aus "Monofobia" von Me Ten Months

  • I'll definitely get it
    "Revelations Run Wild"
    It's a chili pepper letter :}

  • "Life is around you and within you."

    from the musical The Flesh Failures hairless

  • "Love the life you live
    Live the life you love” Bob Marley

    "I will never forget it! I will never regret it! I will live my life!" -30 sec. 2 March

    because all the stars
    He disappeared
    Just try not to worry
    You will see her one day.
    Oasis - Stop crying mares

    everything amazing!

  • "You cannot kill what you did not create." - Slip knot

  • Because this life is a bittersweet symphony

  • "When everything is destined to fall apart, I just want you to know who I am"

  • I would like at least 2 of these.

    "People in this world have nowhere to go" Temptation by New ORder.

    Straight to Hell Straight to Hell collide.

    Hunde „Dragged by Stone“ von Pink Floyd

    "I dreamed that I was dying" I dreamed that I was dying for Devildriver.

  • "A tragedy I fear" OneRepublic.
    In fact, I'm considering putting it on the inside of my right foot.

    and I wanted to put "imagine" on my wrist or on the back of my bra line.

  • Give me a bottle, sir. Jones"

    Mr Jones - Counting Crows.

    Just don't know where to get it?

  • "Be strong, believe" by Yellowcard

  • The past is just the future with the lights on

  • I've always been into 'Oh no; It's a brand that always stands firm."
    Both because of the brilliant line and because of the ambiguity.

    But the first thing I'll probably get is "Something wonderful right away". Sounds like a good thing to remember every day.

    I am twenty years old

  • I would personally like to
    "The idea of ​​perfection is inherently cruel"
    or "All These Old Ideas Are Fundamentally Wrong" from I Know You By Your Bright Eyes
    Oder „If heaven is like heaven, it sure is hell“ von Laura Marling

  • "I start with the man in the mirror" By Michael Jackson, it's about change, the priority is yours. such inspirational lyrics.

  • I want a letter tattooed on the outer edge of my right foot...
    I was thinking about picking someone up.
    "I will be strong, I will make mistakes, but life goes on..."
    or "Life is a maze and love is a riddle..."
    What do you think?
    or any other ideas for a text/quote about life/love? Thank you 🙂

    1. When I was considering getting a Shakespeare quote tattoo, I particularly liked this line from my favorite sonnet (116):

      "It's a brand that stands firm, that weathers the storm and never trembles."

      Or simply: "It's always a fixed brand".

      The quote describes love.

      Or, if you're a Harry Potter fan (which I definitely am):

      "Have no pity on the dead. Have pity on the living and especially on those who live without love”.

      Or here the text:

      "Eternal and boundless love that shines around me like a million suns" - Beatles

      Or the famous phrase: "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved."

  • I have:

    "Don't worry, be happy" - Bob Marley

    tattooed on my left wrist with my best friend's initials underneath when he sadly died and it was his favorite song.

    1. It's not a Bob Marley song -_-'
      Bobby McFerrin - Don't worry, be happy

  • "Please use your face.
    that you smile
    Because you light up my heart

    – Adele, first love

  • "trust me"
    - A day to remember.

    I put an owl on my shoulder for my 16th birthday in memory of a friend who passed away and just as a reminder to stay wise. (This may not make sense, but owls are always portrayed as wise, and I want to be wise no matter what situations I find myself in.)

    and I intend to put "believe in me" on my rib cage next I think. I haven't decided where yet.

  • Do not accept anything that someone has suggested. Get something that means something to you.
    For example, has a close friend or family member ever given you good advice that you won't forget?
    Or does someone who has influenced your life have a saying?
    Don't get something for the simple fact of getting it because one day you will regret it.
    I have anyway lol.

  • "It's Just a Kiss Away" Gimme' Shelter - Rolling Stones
    "I wish I was something special" Creep - Radiohead

  • I think if I had a lyric tattoo I'd rather do a literary quote, but when we talk about the lyrics of a song, "Non, je ne hurte rien" comes to mind a lot, but mostly because it's in the makes sense.

    I would also enjoy any of the popular Beatles lyrics as they are my favorite band. “Love is all you need”, “Life is easy with your eyes closed”, “Leave it be” or “You can say that I am a dreamer”.

  • I've got "Abandon What Holds Us Captive to Suffering" from Take This Oath by Killswitch Engage on my arm

  • I'll be putting Nirvana lyrics on the top right corner of my back next month.

    "The sun is gone, but I have a light"

  • "Jesus, take the wheel."

  • Do scars remind us that the past is real? - Cockroach dad

    1. en – “And our scars remind us that the past is real

  • And I will find strength in pain
    And I'll change my ways"

    Mumford and Sons
    "cave" ❤

  • I'll be-
    'Don't call me a pessimist, try to read between the lines' done.

    God does not exist.
    unique tool.

  • “The absence of fear is the renewal of the self.
    The absence of doubt creates desire.
    If there is truth, I will project it.
    I will not be denied.

    - Killswitch engagement, uninterrupted

    Also from the same song...

    "Through adversity there is redemption."

    I'm thinking about getting the first one on the left ribs.

  • drink life as it comes
    Directly without a chaser
    –Gavin Rossdale

    de "Straight no Chaser" von Bushs Razorblade Suitcase, 1996

    on a hook
    you are the wave
    _ Gavin Rossdale

    from "Swallowed" by Razorblade Suitcase

  • I would put the word "Imagine" on the top of the foot near the base of the toes. Most people know that I am referring to John Lennon's music and ultimately his message. I think Lea Michelle from Glee has this tattoo.

  • I'm considering writing "don't think twice" on the inside of one doll and "okay" on the other. In white.

  • “Music washes the soul,
    the dust of everyday life.”

  • "We need lies to get through the day"

  • "If your fears keep you from flying, you'll never reach your height" Back to the Center - India.Aria

  • "No direction home, like a rolling stone" - Dylan
    "Below all this, just another human" - Pearljam
    "One must touch life for it to sprout" - gentle is the night".

    I think it might just be led zep. There is nothing like it. Maybe to California? my favorite song. 'standing on a hilltop in the mountain of dreams and telling myself that it's not as hard as it seems'.

  • Like roses we bloom and die.
    Like roses we fall apart

    From music brings me the horizon. It was based on a true story.
    Sergei's farewell letter. He was a Russian poet and wrote in his own blood before hanging himself.

    I like the metaphor.

    "Like roses we bloom and die.
    Like roses we fall apart

  • I currently have no idea where or which letter I would choose, but it's probably one of the following that I've been considering for several years:

    "The longer you live, the less you will die."
    – Carbon foil, Comfort.

    You were created for amazing things.
    – Finally sleeping, umbrella.

    We are made of love
    And all the beauty that comes with it.
    We are made of love
    And any fracture caused by the lack of it.
    – Sleep at last, needle and thread.

  • Killswitch Enables:

    free what holds us captive from suffering.

  • I'm getting my first tattoo here soon and what I want to do is lyrics from Eminem's Beautiful. I want this because not only do I love Eminem and the stuff he writes, but I also love the music, and if you've heard this song, it's a great song and I think it's very meaningful. I'm still not sure which part of the song I want, but I'm thinking about probably choosing the part that is
    But don't let her say you're not pretty
    All can be screwed. just be true to yourself
    Don't let her say you're not pretty
    All can be screwed. just be true to yourself"

    I don't know what you think about this but it means a lot to me because it always reminds me of who I am and I know that no matter what they say, everyone else is beautiful. Well, that's how I want it as a tattoo! xD...I also know that the letters I chose are quite long and so I'm not sure yet if I want to get them, but I think I want to because it repeats the same 2 lines who I am Remember to write it only once instead of two like in the song. 🇧🇷

  • I have
    "It's calm under the waves, in the blue
    of my oblivion" - Fiona Apple's melancholy girl


    Dagger "The sun girl is sleeping" by slowdive

  • These wounds don't seem to heal
    This pain is very real
    There is too much time that cannot be erased


    but who can decide what they dream of?
    and i dream...

    both through impermanence. both mean a lot to me. I have to decide which one to buy where...

  • If I had you, life would be a party, it would be ecstasy

    1. lol I'm like, 'It's me, I'm a freak, but thank you for loving me because you do it perfectly

  • "Dip your soul in love" - ​​Street Spirit, Radiohead, I'm planning on getting this as my first tattoo, on my back right between the wings on my shoulders (just the part in "")

    A few more ideas...

    "There are no miracles and this is not a miracle life" - God and Satan - Biffy Clyro
    "I only make sense of myself" - Home - Gym Class Heroes
    "Heaven is where it needs to be" - Better Than Heaven - Bloc Party
    "Forever and ever is for you" - A Night Like This - The Cure

    Just some ideas.

  • "The past is just the future with the lights on" Baby Come On-Plus 44
    "Dance and laugh and forget things like the weather" Come Back Down -Ivory
    "Love is movement" - Switchfoot. TWLOHA style (:

  • "Big horses couldn't pull me away" Rolling Stones

  • "Keep your friends close, your enemies don't matter in the end"
    -Hope States

  • Like "Even if you can't hear my voice, I'll be by your side baby." It's a line from Snow Patrol Run, it's a beautiful song and I'm very loyal so it shows I always will. to be there

    Also "I could have missed the pain but I should have missed the dance" Garth Brooks - the dance.

  • "You were born an original, don't die a copy."
    Juan Maurer
    I think this quote should be meaningful to everyone. It is impossible not to be satisfied with something, because non-conformity is conformity with non-conformity. But we are all still individuals and there are those who value being different, being themselves. I'm only 17 but I know it's me and nobody else.

  • "Everything you touch and everything you see
    It's everything your life will be."
    Rosa Floyd

  • These were some letters I would like to have on the back or on the forearm. I just have to choose one.

    "You bleed just to know you're alive"

    "Forget the World"

    "All You Need Is Love"

    "A little rain must fall on us all"

  • "Born with nothing, die with everything."
    I would go to this one. 🇧🇷

  • Not all are letters but I would like one... I can't decide!!

    "Wherever you go... always bring your own sunshine" - Anthony J. D'Angelo

    "Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt" - Kurt Vonnegut

    "And in the end, it's not the years of your life that count. It is life in your years.” -Abraham Lincoln

    "But it may rain tomorrow, so I'll follow the sun" - The Beatles

    "There is no place you can be where you should not be." -The Beatles

    "Life is easy with your eyes closed" - The Beatles

    and of course "Carpe Diem"

    I'm a huge fan of The Beatles and Bob Dylan!

  • Hope dies in the hands of believers
    Seeking the truth in the liar's eyes
    - Lamb Of God

    take my hand
    because you are no longer alone
    Go to hell with me - Lamb of God

    Sleepwalking in the minefield - Lamb of God

    So many problems remain, I choose
    That idiot became a better person.

  • "In a tree by the stream a bird sings, sometimes all our thoughts are confused"
    - Zepelin-LED

  • Heaven is not a place to go when you die
    It's that moment in life when you really feel alive.
    So live in the moment. the overflow strainer

  • I've always wanted to tattoo the lyrics to the chorus of Ben Harper's 'Pleasure and Pain'...

    I have felt joy
    and I felt pain
    and i know it now
    I can never be the same

    Especially now that I lost two close friends in 2010... I just have to decide on the final design. I think they fit a tree of life 🙂

  • I intend to get the letter; "I looked into your eyes and saw a world I'd like to be in," the quotes; "life is like drawing without an eraser" and "sometimes it's better to burn than fade" and i want a star in my left hand with a rainbow of colors at each point, the lines drawn through the star. I keep pulling them on myself and wish they were permanent! I have a matching tattoo on my back, the first was the Chinese symbol for 'evil' so I added a butterfly underneath. To me.

    If I had money I would be covered in tattoos. =) One by one... my skin will be my sun.

  • "One moment, one love, one dream, one laugh
    a kiss, a cry, our rights, our mistakes'

    The Temper Trap: Sweet Disposition

  • "I'd hand you drugs on a silver platter if I thought they'd help you escape" - At The Bottom by Brand New (a bit long for my taste though)

    "My lungs are fresh and let yours keep them" - Guernica also by Brand New (for a terminally ill family member)

    "I'm too shy to stop you halfway" - Stornoway Boats and Trains

    "You hug me without touching me. You Keep Me Unleashed - Gravity by Sara Bareilles.

    They are not lyrics but verses from poems/quotes that I love very, very much.

    "Even if I'm dead, I'll swim across the land from the bottom like a mermaid just to be next to your bones." -Jeffrey McDaniels

    "If you don't stay long, I'll wait for you here forever" - Oscar Wilde (I love irony and false sentimentality - very clever!)

    "I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart." - E.E. Cummings.

  • "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"

    John Lennon (handsome boy)

  • I have the line "There's no point going back to yesterday because I was a different person then." on the inside of my right wrist in white ink.
    If I had to get a lyrical tattoo, it would be "Let it be" by The Beatles.
    I would also like a blackbird on my left shoulder (possibly) with "take these broken wings and learn to fly" underneath/around it.

  • "And if you've lost faith in love and music, oh the end will come soon"

    "The Good Old Days" by The Libertines

    In fact, I'll be wearing that on my upper back/shoulders next month...although I'll change the word "oh" to "so" to make it sound more grammatical.

  • I have one love, one life.
    We have to carry each other.”

    I love this quote because I think it's an issue of equality, which I believe in more than anything.
    It's something I know I'll never regret.
    It's also my favorite song 😉

  • Eu semper quis 'Paso del Camino al Mar al Cielo' not my foot :-))

  • If you die before me ask if you can bring a friend - STP

  • Hats off to all my family and friends.
    Now we only have one left


    Some of your lyrics are amazing

  • I have it tattooed on my side
    "I am sure that life is beautiful all over the world"

  • "Only God can judge me"

  • "Oh, I thought I might drown, but it's hard to keep a good man down."
    "I can't define what I really want to say"
    "Love Is What I Have"
    "I'm like a razor, don't worry about my sides, I'm dangerous, very dangerous"
    "I don't know exactly where I'm going, but I'll try the Kingdom if I can"
    "This tired body will not sleep now, this lonely heart will not find peace, there are some things I can live without."
    "and no one anywhere understands anything about me and all my dreams lost at sea"

  • I already have three small tattoos, I'm thinking about getting the Bob Marley lyrics "We'll share the Shelter of My Single Bed" just because it's the nicest thing anyone can say to you

  • I want that goldfish (cookie) with the sunglasses...just below the bikini line...with her line: "The snack that makes me smile back!" 🇧🇷

  • Oh and I like that...

    Do new things today with more energy,
    old things are smarter
    and if you tend to talk to yourself... be nice!

    1. like smarter spelling... more like "smarter"

      Curse! I have fun

  • Another thing I can't resist...

    I love doing things I won't remember doing
    with friends I will not forget

  • Give it your all, but I won't give up.
    -Nickelback (Largo)

  • we just want to be whole.
    paramore ~ ​​we are broken

  • I'm going to sleep now
    I ask the Lord to keep my soul
    If I die before waking
    I pray to the Lord to take my soul.

    I love this one but I don't know where to put it. Help? (Sorry if my writing is not good, I'm from Slovenia 🙂

  • I have one tattoo so far and it's the spider from My Chemical Romance's Danger Days. I know your "brand" as people call it, but I love it. I'm very proud of it and don't regret it one bit. If I ever tattooed myself with letters (which I intend to do next), this would be it
    "When you lose faith in yourself, I'll give you the power to win" by Simple Plan
    The song is called Save You. These are people who are undergoing chemotherapy and just want to give up. By telling them that no matter what, you will help them through their pain.

  • I definitely understand: "If the sun didn't shine I would still love you, if the mountains crumbled into the sea there would still be me and you." I do it with my father's handwriting. I grew up with Zepp as they are my dad's favorite band so we've been together since we were kids. Also, my father once wrote this song in a love letter to my mother. They were high school sweethearts but are now divorced. Anyway, it means a lot to me, I was thinking of placing it just below the collarbone, on the back, on top, on the left or right side or maybe even on the side next to my chest. I also thought about one day "being able to close my eyes", the title of a circa survival song.

  • "To survive, you must learn to live with regret." – Jay-Z (Laments)

  • "I wonder what it's like to be loved by you, I wonder what it's like to be home, and I don't leave with a stone in my shoe.
    All I know is that I'll be fine with time" - Mcfly-Walk in the sun

    My favourite music

  • After I'm gone, your country will be free to spend its meager existence as one of my satellites, and so it will be. – deadmau5.

  • "No one cries, there are only butterflies"

    Natasha Bedingfield - Bag of Sunshine

  • "In the eyes of the world they don't mean much, but to me they are the world."

    I have this on my left inner bicep, it means a lot to me because it's for my family 🙂

  • probably: 'Raise your voice every time they try to silence you!'
    it just makes me think about freedom of speech, rebellion and not giving anyone the ability to choose their own life.
    it can also be a battle cry. in a positive direction. 🇧🇷

  • On my left wrist I have Donando Blood
    I have Keeping Faith on my right wrist

    Songtext auf einem Tool: „I’m still here, Doning Blood, Keeping the Faith“ von The Patient

  • "float" - humble mouse

  • I already have three tattoos, but none of them are that meaningful. I am currently thinking about:

    '...there is no one like you in the universe' - Muse, Invincible

  • always seems to be
    something in the past
    It won't keep us going.

  • I like:

    I'm Not Afraid of Dying, I Just Don't Want to - by Robbie Williams

  • "All I can do is be whoever I am."
    -Bob Dylan

  • I finally got my first tattoo 🙂
    In my left hand, on my side I have:

    dum spiro, spero (while I breathe I hope)

    and I hope there will be many more 😀

  • I do my own foot circling a rose.

    I also want "invictus" on my left wrist, an ode to william ernst henely:

    From the night that covers me
    Black as the abyss from pole to pole,
    I thank the gods that they are
    For my invincible soul.

    In the fallen clutches of circumstance
    I didn't flinch or scream out loud.
    under the blows of chance
    My head is bloody but held high.

    Beyond this place of anger and tears
    It just seems the horror of the shadow
    And still the threat of years
    Find, and you must find, without fear.

    No matter how narrow the gate is
    How loaded with punishments the parchment.
    I am the master of my destiny:
    I am the captain of my soul.

  • I understand "Saints and sinners will see the same white light" - sksk

  • I want to get some MCR related lurivs/phrases.

    "Never Fear Again" (this will go under a pair of wings behind my back).

    "Think happy thoughts and we'll fly home" (wrapped around my right wrist).

    "Look Alive, Sunshine" Along with my first tattoo (a cluster of six shooting stars on my right forearm).

    and that's not a text per se, it's a quote from Gerard Way:

    "You can't destroy me!" For my left forearm 🙂

  • "Because the world will never take my heart..."
    My chemical romance, welcome to the black parade

    I have a few others in the pipeline.

  • I hope to get a tattoo next month. I went through a phase in my life where I cut my left arm. He's not very attractive right now and I want a tattoo to cover the scars.
    So far I have...
    - Because it's a bittersweet symphony, this life
    -because the world will never take my heart
    -our scars remind us that the past is real
    -trust me
    -Love is the weapon of this wounded generation
    -She takes the devil's hand and thinks she's free
    When there is nothing left to burn, one must ignite
    -deliver us from evil
    - For a minute I got lost, I got lost
    -no lies only love

    Comment more ideas and give me your opinion on mine. Thank you very much.

    Oh, and by the way, I'm a 17 year old girl if it makes any difference.

    1. In my opinion, if you can't make a final choice among so many options, wait. You are young, give yourself a few times. I wanted half a mango when I was 14 and ended up getting it with... 32. I'm glad I waited because now I know I'll regret what I wanted up my sleeve when I was younger.

      Much luck! 🇧🇷

  • I am planning a tattoo on my chest, I have some ideas, please tell me what do you think?

    -My lifestyle determines my death style.

    Don't look with your eyes, look with your heart.
    Do not be afraid of what you see, but of what lies in the dark
    Stay true to your dreams, fear no more
    Is there an escape at the end of the day?
    Is there a will, is there a way?

    -In the silence I fall
    My way is chosen
    I need reasons to believe
    My life is broken.

  • Ah, I absolutely can't decide!

    "Forgive me, Lord, for I have sinned."
    "Save me from evil."
    "As long as I'm breathing, I'll wait."
    "Set me free." (with a dove)
    "The night is darkest just before sunrise."
    "And what they don't say in the church is that the saints are sinners too."

    comments please Thank you very much. 🇧🇷

  • My realm for a kiss on your shoulder. Jeff Buckley 🙂 I have this writing on my back (shoulder) in white ink

  • Lou Reed is the man. I always loved that VU song Candy Says and the line "What do you think I would see if I could get away from myself?" Radical falsetto, worthy of a tattoo I suppose. Or: 'I don't know why you're saying goodbye, I'm saying hello.' Because the Beatles rock.

    1. What do you think I would see
      if I could get away from myself?'

      Wow. That's brilliant. I love that!

  • "You can't destroy what doesn't exist..."
    A slight variation on the lyrics of "Snuff by Slipknot"
    I like it very much and it means something to me

  • Disgusting is a creature that, aware of its fleeting time here, would squander the ability to gaze up at the sky. TOOL- Right on two. After 10000 days this will be my first tattoo.

  • A change of pace, a change of style. A change of scenery, no regrets.

    A new dawn faded Joy Division

    I've been thinking about this for about 6 months but my girlfriend isn't interested!

  • “A change of pace, a change of style. A change of scene, no regrets.”

    A New Dawn Fades - Joy Division

    I've been thinking about this for about 6 months but my girlfriend isn't interested!

    (sorry for the double post)

  • I already have 2 tattoos including a half sleeve which I got 2 years ago. For my next tattoo I wanted "LET IT BE" by The Beatles on my wrist as I've been through a lot of bad times over the last 3-4 years and although it has stressed me out beyond words it has ended up getting better even though I'm out control was, my control. Basically, I'm learning to trust life a little more.

    But "LET IT BE" seems to be growing in popularity.What letter would you tattoo on your arm? (5)then I'll probably hear "There will be an answer" (still the lyrics to Let it be). Or perhaps "There shall be an answer" in black ink and underneath it "So be it" in white ink.

    I'm not 100% sure, so I'll keep thinking about it. I definitely plan to wear it on my forearm under half sleeve.

  • "Problems come and go." -Common Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  • I'm getting my first tattoo in a few months when I turn 18.
    I put on
    "Take these broken wings and learn to fly" - Blackbird by The Beatles
    "We all live our lives
    tied up
    and we never know
    we have the key” – the eagles are gone
    I can not decide

  • I have "Hey Ho Let's Go" tattooed on my inner bicep. It can be read by stretching my arms palms up. It might sound silly, but I got it because it was sort of a rallying cry for a military unit I was in. Basically it's like a positive affirmation for me.

    Another great lyric that is very long but I think would make a great tattoo comes from the Drive By Truckers song "The Opening Act":

    "And it's all so fleeting, so I think we better try to enjoy it. All that beauty and enough time to figure out how to destroy it."

    This text has always stuck in my mind and I think it is incredibly profound.

  • I have Edith Phiaff's lyrics tattooed on my arm. Says 'Je ne lamento rien', translation; I have no excuses

    i still love him

  • through the cracks
    Through the broken glass
    In the hot red light of black and white
    the roses are growing

    - Concrete blond

  • "The sun is shining, the sky is blue, it's beautiful, and so are you" - The Beatles

    "your skin and your bones are turning into something beautiful" - Coldplay

    "You will see its beauty every time you stand up" - the soft sound

    “This was the land we heard about, made up of Chaos and Old Night. here was not the man's garden, but the unsold balloon. - Henry David Thoreau

    "A caged robin angers all heaven" You probably wouldn't understand, but it's a good quote.

    "You didn't go to heaven, but you came close" - Coldplay

    "life is sweet in the bebel of the beast" - death taxi for the sweetness

    "I want to live where soul meets body and let the sun put its arms around me" - Taxi of Death

    "I wish we could open our eyes and see in all directions at once, what a beautiful sight if you were never aware of your surroundings" - Taxi of Death

    "Lights guide you home and illuminate your bones" - Coldplay

    "And to walk miles before I sleep, and to walk miles before I sleep" - Robert Frost

    “our breath moves the water” – r. Kees

    Then there will be thunder. remember me say "she called for storms". – Anna Akhmatova

    “Let your love grow” – passion good

    "it's hard to dance with a demon on your back, so get rid of it" - florence + the machine

    "The life we ​​give to beauty comes back to us" - Bliss Carmen

    just a few ideas!

  • I would like some lyrics from Simon and Garfunkel: They are my heroes and they were my mothers, I've narrowed it down to a few:

    "When the night falls so hard I'll comfort you"

    "Keep your memories, they are all that is left of you"

    "I am alone without faith"

    "The only truth I know is you"

    "My thoughts are a million miles away. They lie to you when you sleep"

    "Hello Darkness My Old Friend"

    "Listen to my words so I can teach you"

    "The words of the prophets are written on the walls of the subway and in the apartment buildings"

    "Can you imagine years from now we'll quietly share a park bench? How awfully strange to be seventy years old.

    “The memory goes back through the same years. Silently sharing the same fears”

    “Often I was wrong and often I was confused. Yes, and often I felt abandoned and certainly abused.

    "You Can't Be Blessed Forever"

  • "Face your mess, I know who you are"
    From Devin Townsend's Heaven Send, although he could change "know" to "show" as he does later in the song.

    "Be patient.
    I have to keep reminding myself of that.

    And if there were no rewards to reap
    No loving hug to get me through
    I have chosen this arduous path here,
    I would certainly have gone long ago.
    And I still can.

    I'll wait. From "The Patient" by Tool
    You obviously need to scale this down a bit

    "Embrace this moment, remember: we are eternal, all this pain is an illusion" - parable, tool

    also, possibly thinking about some Buddhist prayers behind my back

  • "And the kind and polite life is a life I've heard
    But it's good to say we played on the floor."

    -Jason Mraz, Good Mess

  • "Come on baby in our dreams we can live our bad behavior" - Rebellion (Lies), Arcade Fire

  • I wear Kelly Clarkson's "Everybody's Got a Darks Side" like a bracelet around my wrist.

  • What do you think about "I will find my way to happiness" and "infinite hope"?

    Which one is better?

  • If you see me, please turn around and walk away.
    I don't want to see you because I know the dreams you have are where we meet...

  • Comments are closed.

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