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If you've ever been scammed by someone, you can use a R.E.A.L. Tattoo or "Realize that not everyone is a loyal tattoo." This list of tattoos has been compiled for you.

Top 10 tattoo ideas to realize that not all are loyal and that will blow your mind! -outsons (1)

Loyalty should be a trait in a person.

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You should never be inconsistent or vacillating, no matter what the situation calls for. Loyalty should be an innate quality in everyone.

Loyalty is often considered rare and expensive today. The more the human race advances as a civilization, the less morals like honesty and loyalty are hard to come by. As humans approach a glorious future, humanity is deteriorating.loyaltyit makes a person stronger and more believable. People are constantly getting hurt because someone very close to them has stabbed them so brutally in the back that they can't seem to get up. Cheating and lying are common signs of infidelity.

Both of these poisons leave the victim mentally paralyzed. Therefore, it is natural for someone to express their sudden realization through art. And among the various popular art styles, body art is the most coveted way of expressing your thoughts. If you've had betrayal and underhanded experiences from people you trusted, you might want to explore these tattoo design ideas. Remember that not everyone is loyal.

Loyalty tattoo on arm

Top 10 tattoo ideas to realize that not all are loyal and that will blow your mind! -outsons (2)

This Realize Everyone Ain't Loyal tattoo design is inked on the back of the upper arm. The first letter of each word is drawn larger, and the remaining letters of each word are placed inside the larger letters, making the tattoo look elegant and cool. A silly design is drawn around the REAL tattoo to give it a special effect.

Arms have to be the most commonly seen part of a human's body. The arms are usually bare and visible to all. Therefore, a tattoo on the arm promotes self-confidence and courage. People who have been exposed to trauma in their past lives are more likely to get tattoos on exposed body parts such as the neck, arms, and legs as a way of gaining authority over their body and thus gaining control over their trauma. Lettering such as "Recognize that not everyone is loyal" on the back arm demonstrates the need to reclaim autonomy of mind and body with confidence. If you are a person who needs reassurance through body art then getting this tattoo is not a bad idea.

Colorful recognizes that not everyone is faithful to tattoos

Top 10 tattoo ideas to realize that not all are loyal and that will blow your mind! -outsons (3)

Although these REAL tattoos are often inked with black ink, this forearm tattoo is spectacularly inked with red and black colors. The two contrasting colors give the tattoo a subtle look. The first few letters of each word are written larger and bolder to allow the REAL word to flourish. The tattoo calligraphy is superb.

The red and black combination of this loyalty tattoo to love is deadly. It could indicate passionate anger at someone or betrayed love. Whatever the meaning, it all depends on the tattoo lover. So getting a real black ink tattoo is not that bad if you are planning to get a symbolic colored tattoo. Women who have been abandoned or cheated on by their partners can choose this tattoo design.

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King's crown tattoo on chest

Top 10 tattoo ideas to realize that not all are loyal and that will blow your mind! -outsons (4)

This tattoo is one of the tattoo design ideas. Remember that not everyone is loyal. It is located in the chest area and is characterized by a hugeCoronaover the words. There is a brick design as the background of this tattoo. Black ink is used for this REAL tattoo.

The chest looks like a great canvas for the tattoo artist. He or she has complete freedom of movement to masterfully execute the tattoo. A chest tattoo for men can represent your need to keep your masculinity and strength. The crown is like the icing on the cake. The crowns symbolize strength and autonomy. Or maybe the tattoo artist is holding those words closer to their heart as a reminder. So if you like big tattoos and need to make sure you have their presence in your heart, this REAL tattoo is a good choice for you.

Realize that not everyone is a faithful back tattoo

Top 10 tattoo ideas to realize that not all are loyal and that will blow your mind! -outsons (5)

This is the best of all faithful tattoo design ideas on this list. The word REAL is written in a different black-shaded letter than the smaller one. To do this, the entire upper back is first traced with the “Realize that everyone is not loyal” tattoo stencil.

The back is the largest space for larger and more intricate tattoos. Tattoo lovers get the biggest back tattoos. This Realize Not Everyone Is Loyal tattoo is also huge so has more room to separate the word REAL from the rest of the tattoo. Getting a back tattoo is not only visible to you but also, and more importantly, to others. You let very few people around you see your back and the tattoo on it. So, getting a REAL tattoo on your back could mean that the tattoo is more important to you than showing it to the world.

real tattoos on the forearm on the back

Top 10 tattoo ideas to realize that not all are loyal and that will blow your mind! -outsons (6)

This forearm tattoo has a subtle 3D effect that makes it look real. The first few letters mean REAL while the other letters wrap this word like a piece of cloth.

If you've ever encountered a disloyal partner, friend, or even co-worker, you may have questioned every move they make in front of you. Getting sick from lies and manipulative promises is the worst feeling there is. To express your pain and satisfaction, you may need such a tattoo.

Loyalty Out appreciates all tattoos

Top 10 tattoo ideas to realize that not all are loyal and that will blow your mind! -outsons (7)

This Realize Everyone Is Not Loyal tattoo on the side of the stomach has a realistic look. The fire shading in the background of this tattoo looks like the tattoo artist has given it a lot of attention.


Loyalty is never a choice or a talent. It must be a quality inherent in a person. And it should definitely trump everything else. If you are someone who agrees with this opinion, you may need such a tattoo on your body wherever you want.

REAL short sleeve tattoo

Top 10 tattoo ideas to realize that not all are loyal and that will blow your mind! -outsons (8)

The shading on this tattoo is amazing. The tattoo is placed on the inside of the forearm. The letters that make up the word REAL are hollow and show lighter skin. The contrasting effect of the black shading and the skin gaps make the tattoo stand out.

Time is powerful medicine for those whose hearts have been broken by ugly lies and infidelity. Every wound heals if you wait. This mesmerizing tattoo clearly reflects that message, while the other hand features an inspirational quote and an angel healing a broken heart. So put in some time and effort and the pain will go away, but a permanent tattoo like this won't.

Real leg tattoo

Top 10 tattoo ideas to realize that not all are loyal and that will blow your mind! -outsons (9)

This is an excellent choice of all tattoo design ideas. They're not all loyal. The tattoo looks like the others but it has an incredible 3D effect that will make it stand out on the skin. The shading looks very realistic.

Leg tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos in the world. The legs are almost always bare and the tattoo artist would have the opportunity to show them. Telling people what you believe takes a lot of courage. If you are one of the bold people then go for this tattoo.

cute little royal tattoo

Top 10 tattoo ideas to realize that not all are loyal and that will blow your mind! -outsons (10)

Women often request cute little tattoos. This small REAL ("Realize Everyone Isn't Loyal") tattoo just below the collarbone is an eye-catching work of art. The lettering on this tattoo appears to have been sewn on with thread. The word REAL is made up of the first letters of each word and is painted black while the other words are painted red.

Tattoos below the collarbone increase women's sex appeal by making their collarbones more attractive. This type of collarbone tattoo gives confidence and affirmation to the person who owns it. The neck and collarbone areas are often chosen for meaningful tattoos or script tattoos. These areas are more exposed and therefore only skillfully done tattoos can be inked there.

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Real tattoo under the arm

Top 10 tattoo ideas to realize that not all are loyal and that will blow your mind! -outsons (11)

This piece of tattoo art definitely burns. Real Tattoo Realize that not all loyalists rarely have colors; it is always painted black. But the words on this tattoo are written in black while an orange fire burns in the background. The tattoo easily attracts the viewer’s attention with its bright appearance.

Inner bicep tattoos are not that rare to see. However, the inner part of the arm is a delicate part of the body to get tattooed. It is painful and much more difficult to go through the process. But if you are confident that you can handle the pain, make sure you go for this tattoo design on your inner biceps.

It is important to know when and who to trust blindly. People tend to betray those who depend on them the most. But heartbreak has no gender or age. Men and women are often subject to infidelity and deception. Disloyalty is a trait of people who have been abandoned and lost for most of their lives. They don't know the value of trust and loyalty. You rarely have the opportunity in life to understand the pain of others without putting yourself first. Therefore, it's understandable if you've already faced the same thing and now you want to get rid of that sick feeling of betrayal. These recognize that not everyone's faithful tattoos are equally appropriate for men and women.

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Top 10 tattoo ideas to realize that not all are loyal and that will blow your mind! -outsons (12)

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How do I come up with unique tattoo ideas? ›

8 Steps to Come Up with Original Tattoo Ideas
  • Step 1: Ask Yourself Why You Want Body Art. ...
  • Step 2: Determine which area of skin you want the tattoo. ...
  • Step 3: Make a List of Your Favorite Things. ...
  • Step 4: Look Through Tattoo Portfolios. ...
  • Step 5: Choose a Style. ...
  • Step 6: Be Patient and Gather Inspiration.
Nov 22, 2021

What tattoo means overcoming struggles? ›

"Spiritual tattoos — mandala, hamsa, chakra, tree of life, Budha, lotus, etc. — are common for battling anxiety. They symbolize the overcoming of struggle, protection, self care, rebirth, the circle of life, kindness, strength, new challenges, and new beginnings."

What does tattoo 444 mean? ›

"444" can be interpreted as small blessings that guardian angels send to help us through rough times. The “444” specifically refers to passion and ambition.

What is a smart tattoo? ›

Smart tattoos will include flexible electronic sensors, through which they will be able to monitor brain and heart activities, blood sugar levels, muscle functions, and sleep disorders. In brief, smart tattoos will work like a personalised circuit onto the skin.

What is the latest tattoo trend? ›

New tattoo trends like colorful, dotwork, minimalist, abstract, and '90s themed are only a few examples of what you can expect to become popular in 2022. If you become a tattoo artist you can start making your own designs and become an influential artist who invents their own trends in years to come.

How do I choose a meaningful tattoo? ›

Keep scrolling for some tips on choosing a tattoo you'll always love.
  1. Ask Yourself Why You Want Body Art. ...
  2. Consult a Tattoo Artist. ...
  3. Determine Where You Want Your Ink. ...
  4. Ensure It Makes You Happy. ...
  5. Make a List of Your Favorite Things. ...
  6. Gather Inspiration. ...
  7. Look For Ideas in Unusual Places. ...
  8. Keep an Open Mind.
Jan 26, 2022

What is the hardest spot to tattoo? ›

The armpit is among the most painful places, if not the most painful place, to get tattooed. The pain you'll experience getting tattooed here is very severe. In fact, most tattoo artists advise against people getting armpit tattoos.

What symbolizes overcoming struggle? ›

The lotus symbolizes growing and overcoming obstacles, hardship, and whatever life throws at you.

What tattoo supports mental health? ›

Semicolons. Many people choose to represent their mental health journeys with a semicolon tattoo; the semicolon serves as a symbol of mental health awareness as well as suicide prevention.

What tattoo represents mental strength? ›

A semicolon tattoo through the lens of mental health is a symbol of solidarity between those of us who live and struggle with a mental illness or who have lost someone to suicide. "Semicolons are a very traditional, very popular mental health tattoo and they represent that it's not the end," explains Roman.

What does 333 mean? ›

Whether it be spiritual, personal or financial growth, seeing the angel number 333 means this is your time to expand. "Three encourages you to put energy into your own growth and expansion and your own journey, and where you want to be and where you'd like to be, and then encourages you to dream big," said King.

What does 777 mean? ›

Strengths. Peace of mind and contentment are two positives associated with the angel number 777, said Summers. It also has an intuitive energy. The number is associated with spirituality, more related to getting in touch with your inner self; to raise your own consciousness about what you want and need on your journey.

What does 555 mean? ›

Similar to 444, the angel number 555 is associated with change. This could be a change in location, change of job or a relationship change.

What is the most popular tattoo ever? ›

According to SINGULART, butterflies, rose, and dragon tattoos were ranked the most common tattoos nationally.

What should I get tattooed first? ›

If you're worried about how you'll deal with the pain, it's good to test your first tattoo out on the legs or arms, where Brodsky says the pain can be less intense, especially if it's a fleshier part of your body.

What is a good remembrance tattoo? ›

Memorial tattoos are common after the loss of a loved one and often take on some special meaning that is specific to that person. Tattoo ideas for memorials include things like names, dates, hands holding hearts with initials inside them or even a simple rose.

What are tattoos have a deep meaning? ›

Tattoos can have deep meaning, a permanent reminder of something powerful in life or an experience that cannot and should not be forgotten. Many times, tattoos can give people a feeling of empowerment, a design that inspires and reminds them of something they have overcome.

What tattoo symbolizes strength? ›

Lion tattoo

As the king of the jungle, lions represent courage and power. That's why they are often seen in tattoos about strength. What is this? As the glyph of the Leo sign, they also show up in most Leo tattoos.

What colors hold best in tattoos? ›

Black and gray: Black and gray inks are the boldest and most dense; thus, they are the most fade-resistant colors. These are suitable for any skin tone, especially with tan or black skin. With proper aftercare, black and gray colors last for up to 10 years or longer before requiring a retouch.

What are 3 things you should consider before getting a tattoo? ›

Make sure you're ready

Don't allow yourself to be pressured into getting a tattoo, and don't get a tattoo if you're under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Choose the location of the tattoo carefully. Consider whether you want the option to hide your tattoo under clothing.

What tattoo symbolizes a lost loved one? ›

The infinity symbol is a common grief tattoo. This sign represents togetherness and eternity, mostly used to honor a love that will never end. Though you might have experienced loss, your love is endless and unyielding.

What is the lucky few tattoo? ›

The Lucky Few tattoo features a simple, minimalist design of three arrows that Mica says represent “the three 21st chromosomes and how we rise up and move forward.” It began as a simple bonding moment for a few new friends, but quickly went viral when pictures of their matching tattoos were shared on social media.

What is the tattoo for mental health? ›

The green ribbon, also referred to as the mental health ribbon, is the global symbol of mental health awareness and can also be associated with bipolar disorder. The green ribbon Tattoo is an excellent mental health tattoo choice, especially for people who want to show their support for mentally ill people.

What does 81 tattoo mean? ›

Gangs often use numbers to signify membership. People bearing 81 may be in the Hells Angels (8 = H; 1 = A). A 12 signifies US prison gang the Aryan Brotherhood.


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