The Sacred Tower of Caelid: The Complete Guide to the Ring of Elden (2023)

The Caelid Tower is one of six towers on the Ring of Elden. recovery towerlarge runeAvailable from remaining shard holders.

to go backDefeat Starscourge RadenAnd receive the Greatness Rune from Radahn, you can find out where to activate your Greatness Rune. However, the Holy Tower of Caelid offers a formidable platforming challenge, where one wrong move means death.

Also, when you get to the tower, it's not immediately clear how you get to the top of Caelid's tower. To make matters worse, the platform section at the bottom of the tower is harder to get to.

In this Elden Ring Divine Tower of Caelid guide, I show you how to overcome two difficult platform sections. I will also tell you where to activate Radahn's great rune and how to defeat the boss at the bottom of the tower.

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Restoration of Ladan's Great Rune

The Caelid Towers are located north of the Caelid, specifically in Dragonbarrow. Once inside Dragonbarrow, it is hard to miss as it is a huge tower that can be seen from many vantage points in the area.

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The fastest way to the Dragonburrow is through the portal directly to the Bestial Sanctum where you canFå Curse of the BeastIn Eldon Ring. The shortcut is located north of the third church in Marika, in the Ringgraven above Tågeskoven.

Go to the canyon to the north and turn east. Under the rock, hidden behind some foliage, is a portal that will take you to the Beast Sanctuary. From here you mount your horse and start riding south along the trail.

after arrivalRyan's Rise, heading west past Dragonbarrow Cave and Minor Erdtree. Eventually, you'll see the Dragonbarrow Map Fragment; The Caelid's Sacred Tower is north of this landmark.

Detour west from the map fragment before going to the Tower of Kaleid. Look for the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace and use it as your revive location; you need a safety net for the difficult platforming challenges ahead.

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It is better to ride in the torrent when climbing the tower because the torrent is easy to control when you jump. If you also need to fix a jump, you can redirect the torrent in the air, so you don't get into a dangerous situation. Finally, don't forget to get off a stationary torrent without moving, because if you get off the latter, you will propel yourself forward.

Now head north to Kaleid Tower. The way up is scary and one step can be deadly, but as long as you are careful, you will succeed. When you reach the cliff near the tower, jump onto the large vines below and follow them near the base of the structure.

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Jump onto the ledge with the enemy holding the long torch. Melee weapons in this tight area are difficult as you risk hitting walls. You can eliminate enemies with ranged weapons such as spells, mantras or bows. However, a spear or any thrusting weapon would also work in this case.

Only start climbing the ladder after dealing with the first enemy. There are several stairs and dead ends on the way. You can avoid these situations by looking for areas where enemies congregate or by following messages left by other players (if you can trust them).

After the first set of stairs, turn right and climb up the semi-circular ledge. Watch out for the cracks on the ledges and jump over them. Join the torch-wielding redmaned knight on the platform and defeat him. Then go up the ladder.

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After climbing up, look to the left and climb onto the triangular ledge. Unfortunately, there are two cracks in the framework that you have to jump through with torrents. Face the building as you walk forward so you don't accidentally fall.

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Another enemy sits around the corner. Kill him first and get ready to jump over the familiar triangular ledge. This time, however, you have to jump three holes.

Climb the ladder and you're almost safe. Carefully go left to activate the Holy Tower at the Caelid Site of Grace.

General Laden's Store Rune is located west of Gracelands. Go through the door and up the stairs. When you reach the end of the hallway, approach and interact with the door on the left to open it.

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This design choice confuses many players in terms of restoring Radahn's great rune. At first glance, it doesn't look like a door, but a wall.

Go through the door and take the elevator. Then it's just a matter of climbing up the spiral steps to the balcony to reach the top of Kaleid's Tower. If you have the Great Rune of Radahn, you can restore it in the center.

To use Radahn's Rune of Greatness after restoring it, use any Land of Grace and equip it in the Rune of Greatness menu. Then use a Runic Bow to activate its effect. Radahn's Rune of Greatness increases the player's Max HP, FP and Stamina.

Guide Caelid's Sacred Tower

Now to descend the Caelid Sacred Tower, go to the Land of Grace east of the Caelid Sacred Tower. Enter the door and go down some stairs.

When you get to the bottom, there is a red jellyfish knight with a shield waiting for you. There is also a hidden knight to the right. Get rid of both, ignore the locked door for now. Then drop down to the platform below.

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Turn around and carefully go left (northeast) along the ledge. Drop down to the cracked platform and enjoy your swim. From here, go to the end of the platform and slowly walk across the ledge until you drop to the platform below you.

The next part was difficult and caused many deaths on this descent. Drop into the circle on the right side (facing the center) of the platform. Just go and land at the top of the circle, don't try to run, jump or roll in the circle because you will overshoot it.

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Drop down to the next platform and jump to the next thinner platform. Then go forward and jump off the ledge and land on the platform below.

If you have ranged weapons or can cast spells or hexes, this is a good vantage point to sit down and fight the red maned knight. Otherwise, use a melee weapon, preferably one that can parry your attacks and return fire, to fight more safely.

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Walk along the ledge to where the knight is sitting, then take the elevator. Once upstairs, take the stairs to the east to open the previously unlocked door near the two red maned knights. Go down the stairs and through the east door.

You will be attacked by Black Flame Monks patrolling the hallways. In addition to being a formidable fighter, it can use black flames to infuse its weapons with elements or throw them as fireballs.

After defeating the Black Flame Monk, go forward and climb the ledge. Follow the ledge, then drop down onto another cracked platform. It's a long autumn, but you won't die from it.

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Go to the end of the platform and take the elevator down. Finally, activate the Holy Tower in the Vault of Mercy to complete the platform test.

Another Black Flame Monk is ahead, and then the Divine Skin Apostle boss. The boss is more difficult, it is recommended to fight around level 90-110.

If the boss is too strong for you, upgrade your equipment elsewhere while you're at it. After all, at any time you can teleport back to the Holy Tower in the Mercy Cellar and challenge the God-Skinned Apostle again.

Defeat Apostle Godhide

First, solve the black flame monk guarding the boss entrance. If you decide to summon Spirit Ember, it will draw the Spirit's attention away from the boss. The ghosts will be too busy trying to fight the monks in the mist wall and ruin your chances against the boss.

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Another note about Ashes of Spirits, you will ask for help depending on the stage of the match. In general, the first stage is more demanding, especially for melee players. So the first phase call is great for creating more attack options for you.

Godskin Apostle's second phase gets a new ranged move. Ranked and magic users may want to summon during this time. However, it's still your choice when to call in reinforcements, depending on what phase of the fight you need help with.

The first stage of Godskin Apostle is where most players hesitate. It has the unique twin blades called the Godskin Peeler, which uses the blade tip to cut, while the sharp tip is used for stabbing and stabbing. You canGet your own God peelerWindmill Village no norte do Altes Plateau.

There is almost no long attack window in the first phase, as Apostle uses long combos to attack and has a fast recovery time. This battle was a hard time for anyone who had large weapons; I can personally confirm that.

I lost to Godhide Apostle so many times that I managed to fully farm Black Flame Monk from the enemies outside the door. For those with massive weapons, prioritize heavy jump attacks and the fastest attacks in your movement. For example, a giant sword can use a slash or throw followed by a poke attack, while a giant hammer can use a regular light attack or a quick defensive counter attack.

Here's the best advice: Godskin Apostles are easy to fall asleep. A throwable Sleep Pot or Sleep Arrow can help create a huge opening. When you summon it, the mock tear summon can also cast a sleeping pot when equipped in its quick slot.

There are also some weapons such as the Sword of St. Trina and the torch from St. Trina, who can apply a sleep status effect using their unique War Ashes. Bleeding is also an excellent status effect, even against the strongest Mutant Skin Nobles.

Divine Skin Apostles usually use Curse of Black Flame to initiate the fight as soon as they enter the room. He creates a black fireball before throwing it at his target, dealing heavy initial damage and some damage over time. Roll over the black flames for a quick melee, or roll to the side to cast a quick spell.

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Apostle of Godskin also casts Black Flame when you use the Flask while idle. If you are far enough away, you can easily dodge it at the last second.

But most of the time the spell hits you before it rolls. So don't heal when the boss is idle, just take your time to replenish health and mana when the boss attacks.

Godskin Apostle has a few regular attacks that can be switched between during battle. First he twirls the weapon briefly, then slashes twice, pauses for half a second, then stabs.

For this attack, every attack is deflected in the direction of the attack. You have a small window to fight back after stabbing with light and fast weapons, but heavier weapons can prevent retaliation.

When you're away from the god-clad angel, he can jump on you before attacking with his weapon. The attacks are surprisingly fast, so you'll likely need to dodge early.

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This attack is the best time to get some hits for any playstyle as regeneration is very slow. For melee players, you can even try to break his stance by throwing a heavy punch. Of course, it's always a good idea to bait this attack by staying a few feet away from the boss.

He can also perform a quick slash before retreating. It is usually followed by a black flame spell or other ranged attack that it receives in the second phase. When you see him raise his weapon to the right, dodge back and prepare for the next attack.

Another surprise attack it can do is stab with a scythe and pull the target closer. This is one of his most dangerous attacks as he can combo to deal massive damage to himself.

Before the first sprint he stands up and his arms are ready; it is a telegraph you must divert in response. So it's best to keep a certain distance from the Divine Skin Apostle at all times and avoid long range attacks like this speed attack and jump attack.

He can also stab up to three times with the tips of his weapon. The first blow was given immediately, after a pause he stabbed twice more. He is stationary during this move, allowing him to attack at will from a distance.

Apostle Godskin's most damaging attack is when he quickly spins his weapon in front of him. The boss communicates this move by swinging the weapon around before moving forward.

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Do not try to block or fight this move as it will destroy your health or stamina. But if you manage to dodge, this is the perfect time to heal or attack with different options. Get ready to perform a vicious jump attack as soon as the animation ends.

When the Apostle's health is below 60%, he will float with his arms crossed. Immediately after, it hit hard and black flames were released around it, marking the second phase of the battle.

The Sacred Tower of Caelid: The Complete Guide to the Ring of Elden (15)

Godskin Angels will begin performing four new actions. Any of these three moves are easier to dodge than the rush attack in the first phase. Fortunately, these last moves are slow, telegraphed, and provide good attack opportunities when dodged.

The first new attack starts with Apostle Godskin swinging his weapon around, just like the move mentioned above. But this time he stretched his upper body and moved towards the target.

Don't panic, just dodge the attack. Then it started howling in its lower body.

The second attack is quite difficult. First, the divine apostle strains his upper body to attack the target; the bottom half rotates to where the top half was. Then it finally extends its upper half and sweeps the nearby area.

Be careful to avoid these two attacks before attacking. The recovery time isn't the longest, but it's enough to take an attack or two.

For the third attack, the divine skinned apostle remained in place and extended his upper body. It then attacks in a circle, leaving a trail of black flames. First it attacks its vicinity and then expands to the outer circle.

There is a sweet spot where you can stay out of range of the first circle and not get hit if you don't go back. Ranged players can start attacking from here, while melee players should wait for the first flame to die before attacking.

Finally, he imbues his weapon with black flame, which then swirls around his body in a tornado of flames. It stretches and expands, creating even bigger tornadoes before Apostle Godskin attacks his weapon. You can also recreate this action when you get yourself the God Skin Peeler.

The Sacred Tower of Caelid: The Complete Guide to the Ring of Elden (16)

As soon as he recognized the black flame, he started to run away from Apostle Godskin. The entire animation takes some time, so ranged characters can use all that free time to attack the boss.

For those who wear sleeping bottles, this is the perfect time to use them as the top is locked in place.

In short, always try to keep a certain distance from the Divine Apostle. Melee players will have a hard time in the first phase, but will easily get through the second phase when they manage to secure a long recovery time. At the same time, ranged builds should try to pull in long recovery attacks like Blackflame spells or jump attacks, as this gives enough time to use spells and arcs.

People who really struggle to deal with the boss, don't forget to use your weakness to sleep. You can chain the sleep state effect to it to effectively end the fight and defeat Godskin's Apostle.

Congratulations on defeating the Apostle under Kalid's Tower! I hope you learned enough from this fight, because you'll have to fight a few more times through the Elden ring.

There is also an absolutely terrible battle where you have Godskin Apostles and Godskin Nobles. This is a late game problem though.

For defeating the Apostle Godskin, you get the Apostle Godskin set, which includes a hood, cloak, bracelets, and pants.

You can also explore the room behind the boss arena to find treasure chests. Inside you'll find the Godslayer's Greatsword, one of the best Faith weapons in the game.

The Godslayer Greatsword is a greatsword that requires 20 Strength, 22 Dexterity, and 20 Faith to wield effectively. Godslayer Greatsword uses a large greatsword move that swings quickly for its size.

Additionally, it has a single Ashes of War titled The Queen's Black Flame. Use this to ignite the sword before performing a sweeping slash and you can follow up with additional information. Any enemy hit by it will have their health drained for a period of time, similar to the Black Flame spell.

As daunting as it is to climb the Caelid's Sacred Tower from the outside in, it's worth the effort thanks to the rewards. As long as you have the nearby Grace Lands as a safety net and patience, you can capture Kalyrid's tower in the Ring of Elden.


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