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No forgiveness, no release

Oishgardian delegatelook for a battle mage with unwavering courage.

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— In-game description


  • 1 steps
  • 2 daily
  • 3 step by step
  • 4 Dialogue
    • 4.1 Acceptance
    • 4.2 Talk to Artoriel in Ishgard
    • 4.3 Talk to Clem
    • 4.4 Em Gorgane Mills
      • 4.4.1 After the fight
    • 4.5 Back to base
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  • Talk toArtoirelemIschgard.
  • Talk toEmphasisNoSaint-Reymanaud Cathedral.
  • Talk toEmphasisagain.
  • Find nearby clericsGorgagne mills.
  • Find and defeat the transformed Arbiter.
  • Talk toAymerisch.
  • Talk to the Templar Guard atCongregation of Our Heavenly Knights.
  • Talk toArtoirelI amstrategy room.
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  • The Ishgard Delegate seeks a battlemage with unwavering courage.
  • The Ishgard Delegate reports that a terrible dragon-like blasphemy has appeared in Ishgard, spreading panic throughout the nation. In order to immediately eliminate the threat, the authorities began to organize a hunting party. While there is no shortage of valiant knights, the Ishgardians believe their quest would benefit from the presence of a battle mage who can hold their own in the face of fierce prey, and who better to describe it than you? After agreeing to grant your power, go immediately to the Holy See.
  • Arriving in snowy Ishgard, Artoirel and Aymeric will warmly welcome you and inform you about the situation with the blasphemy. The beast, named Profane Fafnir, was apparently born from a young man who stumbled upon the hoplon in a state of distress. Though the creature soon fled, it has been seen regularly in the skies of Ishgard ever since, and the mere sight of it has caused others to turn their heads as well. Although the identity of the first victim is unknown, it has been determined that all those who were later re-educated were people of fervent faith, such as priests and inquisitors. To better understand the situation, Artoirel arranged a meeting with the only member of the clergy who witnessed the birth of blasphemy, but he did not give up. Then head to Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral, where the man, a deacon named Clem, is waiting for you.
  • They speak to Clem, who recounts the horrific moment the blasphemy arose, confirming that his brothers present were all in despair and transformed. As the deacon tells his story, Bishop Vartinoix, currently the highest authority in the Ishgard Orthodox Church, appears and thanks him for his efforts to rid Ishgard of this scourge. After saying goodbye to her, Clem turns to her with a request, a request that her tone suggests may be quite urgent...
  • After the transformations, a group of clerics fled the city in fear. Believing that he is more dangerous in the desert, Clem asks for his help in finding them in the western highlands and persuading them to return to Ishgard. While Artoirel and Aymeric attend to Hemlock, you are tasked with escorting the deacon to Gorgagne Mills.
  • You can find the clerics in Gorgagne Mills. But while he laments the mistreatment of the population after the end of the war, an Inquisitor succumbs to despair and transforms into a beast. To prevent it from harming others, Aymeric asks you to go after the creature and do what needs to be done.
  • You find the transformed Arbiter and bury him. After completing your task, hurry up to join his companions at Gorgagne Mills.
  • Aymeric reports that the rest of the clergy have agreed to return to the Holy See. Once they are brought back safely, he asks everyone to meet at the Congregation of Our Heavenly Knights to make plans. For your purposes, the strategy room is at your disposal, which you can enter by talking to the Templar Guard stationed outside.
  • When you arrive at the meeting, introduce yourself to the guard who will lead you to your companions.
    • ※ If you exit the Strategy Room, you can re-enter it by talking to the Knights Templar Guard at the Congregation of Our Heavenly Knights.
  • Recent revelations strongly suggest that people of faith are more vulnerable to reversal due to the challenges they have faced since the false Ishgard story was exposed. However, more research is needed to reach any definitive conclusions, and Aymeric asks her to rest for a moment while he and Artoirel prepare for their next move.
    • ※ The next RPG quest will be available in Artoirel upon reaching level 86 in any magic range DPS class.

complete solution




Ishgard Delegate: Ah, my [Miss/Mr] [given name]! I've been waiting for you to come! The phenomenon of humans turning into monsters... It hurts to say that Ishgard was not spared. A terrible blasphemy has appeared in the Holy See, and to increase the terror of the people, the beast resembles a dragon. It is imperative that he be defeated without delay, and for this we began assembling a hunting party. Ishgard Delegate: Since fear and despair can turn our allies against us, we are strict about who we select for this duty. Ishgard Steward: While we have faith in the quality of our knights, the quest would greatly benefit from the presence of a battlemage, one who can stand his ground against our terrible prey. Ishgardian Delegate: You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who better fits that description than you. Won't you lend us your strength and skill?
Player Response Options1. You can count on me.2. Oh very well...
Ishgard Delegate: We owe you! Just a moment while I break the good news to Command. He is resolved. When you get to Ishgard, go to Aetheryte Square. Lord Artoirel will welcome you there. May the Fury speed your way!

Talk to Artoriel in Ishgard

Artoirel: [given name], I was waiting for you! Words cannot express how heartening it is to see you fight alongside us. Aymeric: Let me repeat that sentiment. Greetings my friend. Before you wonder, Lord Artoirel and I are leading the fight against blasphemy. With his capable self in the fold, I have no doubt that we will succeed. Artoirel: I will inform you of the situation without further ado. It was a few days after the first beasts appeared in Radz-at-Han... A male Elezen was observed on the Pillars hoplon, walking with an unsteady gait. Suddenly, he doubled over as if he were in pain. And before anyone knew what was happening, he had transformed into a terrible draconic beast. Seeing him, many of those who were there also turned around, and unfortunately, the Knights Templar were forced to kill them. However, blasphemy itself grew wings and fled.Fafnir defiler, we decided to name it after the dracoman from the Ishgard myth. Since that day, the beast has been frequently sighted in the skies of Ishgard. Not to attack; it just circles menacingly for a while before disappearing again. Unfortunately, these brief visits are enough for more people to turn their backs and further spread fear and panic. As part of our investigation, we have tried to identify the man who became a blasphemer, but have had no results so far. Aymeric: However, we identified a common trait among those who later turned their backs: they were all people of fervent faith. People like priests and inquisitors. Artoirel: When the truth of our nation's history was exposed, the legitimacy of the Church was questioned. Aymeric: Many Ishgardians have struggled to reconcile the revelations with their beliefs, and none more so than the pious. We suppose that such men and women are more susceptible to despair and therefore to transformation. We have to find a way to stop it. Ishgard has just emerged from a thousand-year war, and we cannot suffer another great tragedy, let alone anytime soon. Artoirel: To better understand the situation, we intend to speak with a member of the clergy. The only person who survived the Birth of Blasphemy without being turned. His name is Clem and he is a deacon at Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral. Come on, let's meet him outside now.

talk to klem

(Optional) Artoirel: Here he is, Deacon Clem. Let's see what he can tell us. (Optional) Aymeric: Not long ago, few could have imagined that the Knights of Ishgard would go beyond the confines of their own domain. But we venture into the heart of Garlemald and fight for nothing less than the fate of the world itself. Our nation has changed and continues to change.
Clem: Lord Aymeric, Lord Artoirel... and also the Savior of Ishgard! You do me a great honor. I am Clem, serving as a deacon here at St. Reymanaud. Aymeric: As far as I know, you were among those on the hoplon when the incident occurred. We thank the Fury for their gracious preservation. We are now trying to prevent profanity from doing any more damage and would appreciate any details you can provide. As much as we hate to remind you of unpleasant memories, wouldn't you like to tell us what happened to you that day?
clem: alright We're currently moving the Vault Libraries to the Cathedral, in case you didn't know. We had delivered a set of tomes and were on our way to deliver another. As we approached the hoplon, we noticed a young man walking unsteadily. As soon as he stopped abruptly, he transformed into a draconic beast. The devil gave us a menacing look and all we had to do was pull ourselves together and run. But, to my growing dismay, my brothers who were with me also started turning into monstrosities. One by one...???: Praise the Fury for at least sparing your life, Deacon Clem. I can't imagine how terrifying that experience must have been. Clem: Bishop Vartinoix! Vartinoix: Forgive me for interrupting you. I was informed that our brave protectors were present and I wanted to express my gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service. I pray that we will soon be free from this scourge. In fact, if there's anything we can do to support your efforts, all you have to do is say so. Aymeric: You are very kind, Your Grace. Artoirel: It was Bishop Vartinoix, head of Saint Reymanaud and member of the synod. As the position of Archbishop is vacant, he is effectively the highest authority over the Archbishop.Ishgard Orthodox Church.Clem: That's right. However, despite his high position, he is still the kindest and most humble man I have ever met. As his Grace, he would do everything in my power to guide our people during this uncertain time. To that end, I'd like to make a request of you... if you have a moment to think about it. Arthur: Of course. If he is within our reach, we will be happy to help you. clem: thanks! After the transformations, a group of clerics fled the city in fear. But although they took refuge in the desert, they were left at the mercy of the elements and both became demons. Since the cause of the transformation is unclear, I think your decision was decidedly ill-advised. I want to go find her, but I was not trained in the ways of war. As such, I need you to join me in finding her. Artoirel: That's right. Just say we'll help you. Do you know where your teammates could have gone? Clem: The Western Highlands, I think. BetweenGorgagne millsmihemlockThere is no shortage of abandoned houses in the area. Aymeric: Very good. Since time is of the essence, I suggest dividing and combing separate areas. [Name] - If you can accompany the good deacon to Gorgagne Mills, Lord Artoirel and I will take care of Hemlock.

Em Gorge Mills

Clem: For choosing to live in such difficult conditions... Pale Inquisitor: Y-you! Aymeric: Ah, I see you found it. Clem: Yeah, and no worse, thanks to Fury. clem: my friends Forgive us if we gave cause for concern. We came here out of concern for your welfare. Clem: While we understand why you left town, we're afraid you've put yourself at greater risk by coming here. Clem: the Grace of him Bishop Vartinoix is ​​also worried about his health and prays for his soon return. So you won't allow us to accompany you to the Holy See? I assure you that you will be much safer there than in this miserable place. Pale Inquisitor: The Servants of the Fury will never be safe in the city, don't you understand!? Pale Inquisitor: This is your fault! You and your damn "revolution"! People look down on us, make fun of us behind our backs, and spit in our faces! Pale Inquisitor: And now someone has conspired to turn us into monstrosities! Enemies of the Church, emboldened by their actions, I bet! So no, I'm not going back to Ishgard! I'd rather freeze to death than suffer your pity! Artoirel: What!? Pale Inquisitor: All I did was serve you! I am a good man! I... I don't know... She can't leave me... Scared Nun: Ahhhhhh! Preserve H halons! Aymeric: [Name], we can't let him hurt others! Aymeric: Follow the chase and do what you have to do. We stay here and keep the others quiet.
(Optional) Artoirel: Don't worry about us, take care of the beast. She couldn't have gone far. Aymeric: Deacon Clem, please do what you can to reassure her. Clem: yes of course...

after the fight

(Optional) Clem: Everything will be fine my friends. come pray with me (Optional) Artoirel: And the beast?
Aymeric: Is it done, [Name]? aymeric: thank you What happened is very unfortunate, but we have to be thankful that no one else was hurt. Aymeric: While you were gone, the deacon managed to convince the others to return to the city. Aymeric: We will bring them back immediately and then meet in congregation to consider our next course of action. Artoirel: We can use the strategy room for our purposes. Report to the guard outside and he will show you inside.

back to base

Temple Knight Guard: Lords Aymeric and Artoirel await you in the strategy room. Will you join them now? (Optional) Aymeric: This is where we will discuss our plans to combat blasphemy. Whenever you want to go in, just let the guard know.
Artoirel: Lest you wonder, we took the clergy to Saint Reymanaud to rest and recuperate. Aymeric: To tell the truth, the thought that they might still succumb to despair and walk away lingers in my mind... Aymeric: Still, the risk would be even greater if we kept them at arm's length and comforted them. reject the church Artoirel: Indeed. From the words he spoke, this Inquisitor was longing for the old days. Aymeric: He and others like him can hardly be blamed. Aymeric: Ever since the truth about the nation's founding and the archbishop's machinations became public knowledge, the Church has been in crisis. Artoirel: While we have made great strides in separating religion and state, there has been much less progress in reforming the Kirche Artoirel: Because our faith was everything to us: our goal and our consolation. Reconciling one's beliefs with the betrayals of our spiritual leaders is not easy. Aymeric: Torn between heart and mind, many Ishgardians feel lost. And no more than members of the clergy whose faith was once unshakable. Artoirel: It is not surprising, then, that the most dedicated and devoted are happy to turn their backs. Aymeric: It seems so, but more research is needed before we can make a definitive statement. Aymeric Conclusion: With the end of the war, Ishgard embarked on a new path. The decisions we make now will determine our course for the future. Aymeric: No matter what, we dare not waste the opportunity we fought so hard for. Artoirel: Once the returned ministers have calmed down enough, I will have the deacon speak with them so that we can understand their individual needs. Aymeric: Good. In the meantime, I'll take the opportunity to update my men on the latest developments. Aymeric: Rest a moment, friend, you deserve it. If you are ready to continue our work, you can visit us here.


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