The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (2023)

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Vonkody wirth|Last updated: January 3, 2023

The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (1)

Rainbow Six Siege might be the perfect representation of a modern Ubisoft title. While it received critical acclaim in 2015, it quickly attracted criticism due to the crazy progression system and general lack of content.

Despite this, the Ubisoft Montreal team remained stubborn and gradually grew.rainbow sixone of the best tactical eSports experiences. With the addition of additional maps, operators, and some limited-time battle passes, it has become a worthy alternative to battle royale titles.

With news of a free version launching alongside the next generation of consoles, now is a great time to join the growing Rainbow Six community. To help you out, we've rounded up the best PC and console configurations to give you an edge over the competition.

This guide consists of the best options used by today's professional eSports players and streamers. It should serve as a good starting point so that you can change and adjust each setting as needed. So what are you waiting for? let's dive

Best Rainbow 6 PC setup

The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (2)

As with most professional eSports titles, you want to balance performance with visual clarity. Higher frames per second (FPS) and low latency are key to gaining an edge in Rainbow Six.

The next section covers the best mouse, keyboard, graphics, and audio settings for PC gamers.

The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (3)The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (4)

Best Rainbow 6 mouse settings for PC

Rainbow Six doesn't require juggling multiple systems; Instead, he opted for a minimal experience focused on specialties and weapons. This minimalism also extends to the mouse options and settings. That is, while youThe mouse feels goodand has a precise sensor, you are ready to go.

The following settings are based on average values ​​from G2 eSports, Team Empire and Team SoloMid.

PPC:400 – 800

If you've recently played a professional marksman, these settings will look familiar. While you'll see some pros trying DPI settings closer to 1400-1600, we recommend sticking to the lower range. This should help you hit that sweet spot of speed and consistency that is ideal for intense tactical experiences.

The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (5)

Raw mouse/keyboard input:E

Raw input interprets mouse clicks and keystrokes directly from the source. Turn it on for best results.

mouse gaze inversion:habit

This is entirely up to you and what you are most comfortable with.

Mouse horizontal sensitivity:21 – 24

You need to keep this sensitivity at the lower limit to maintain fine-grained control and motion. Since most maps are tight spaces, accuracy and responsiveness are much more important than fast movement. This will help keep your movement steady.

Mouse vertical sensitivity:21 – 24

The same goes for the vertical sensitivity of the mouse. Keep it consistent.

Point the view down:50

(Video) *NEW* Champion *BEST* Settings & Sensitivity - Rainbow Six Siege Console

Playing with visual sensitivity can be tricky. Also, most pros leave the default setting or close to it. For these reasons, we recommend leaving ADS at 50 to match most professionals' general range.

Best Rainbow 6 keyboard shortcuts for PC

Rainbow Six doesn't require a crazy hotkey overhaul thanks to minimal controls and settings. This means you have a good chance of creating a setup that allows you to keep your fingers on the WASD while crouching, sprinting, etc.

These are the latest optimized keyboard shortcuts based on professional gamers.

The control

The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (6)

keyboard shortcuts

The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (7)
The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (8)

Best graphics settings for Rainbow 6 for PC

Now for the in-game display and video settings. The following should be possible for most PC configurations.


The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (9)


Supplement your refresh rate with the current highest resolution for Rainbow Six Siege. 1920x1080 has become the default for almost all professional photographers, helping to maintain screen fluidity and avoid frame rate drops.

display mode:full screen

Select Full Screen to automatically adjust your monitor to the optimal size.

Update frequency:144 Hz

A 144Hz refresh rate has become the default for all Rainbow Six players, although some still opt for 60Hz. If you stick with the majority, you can play with input latency between 55-75ms (milliseconds). You want to increase your refresh rate as high as possible to get the maximum potential and minimum latency from your monitor.

If your PC isn't powerful enough, look for an RTX 2080TI to hit that 144Hz setting.

Screen ratio:Auto

You'll see some players opting for a custom 4:3 aspect ratio to allow enemies to take up more screen real estate. But when you're just starting out, it's better to play with automatic settings.

VSync:Outside of

Disable VSync for unlimited frame rate.

Widescreen Mailbox:Outside of

If you leave this on, pan bars will be created at the top and bottom of the screen. Turn it off to keep the FOV.

field of vision:90

Be sure to push it all the way up and feel free to adjust from there. In general, the higher you go, the better your peripheral vision and ability to spot enemies.


This is basically glitter. Feel free to customize to your personal preferences.


The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (10)

overall quality:habit

We identify each individual setting below.

Texture quality:Half

Choose medium or high (if you have frames to spare) to get enough visual clarity to spot enemies and keep an eye on the area.

(Video) BEST R6 Settings and Sensitivity for 2023 - Performance, HUD, Graphics and Settings Explained

Texture filtering:8X anisotropic

The best setting for crisp textures without sacrificing performance.

LOD quality:Very high

One of the most important settings. If possible, set the LOD quality to high or very high. The smaller the setting, the harder it is to distinguish enemy layout and hitboxes.

Shading quality:Low

Set this setting to low to avoid performance degradation. If you have frames left, you can set it to medium. But don't go any higher.

Shadow quality:Half

Rainbow Six is ​​one of the few shooters where higher shadow quality is actually an advantage and can make all the difference in a fight. Set it to medium to see better when enemies are approaching.

Reflection quality:Low

A superficial plane that swallows the frames. Keep them low.

Ambient occlusion:Outside of

Great for those who want their game to look amazing, but not necessary for competitive gaming. Leave this setting disabled.

lens effect:Outside of

It adds additional realistic detail at the expense of overall performance. Turn it off.

Zoom Depth of Field:Outside of

This setting adds blur around screen edges when aiming. While it's a great touch of realism, it's not worth continuing.

Anti-aliasing:Outside of

Turn it off to get a huge performance boost without turning your game into a generic, unidentifiable blob of pixels.

Best Audio Settings in Rainbow 6 for PC

Audio is just as important in Rainbow Six as graphics settings. Since most of the action is replaced by tactical movement and preparation, you want to listen in as much as possible without distractions.

The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (11)

legend: Outside of

They are just distractions on the screen. turn them off

volume principal:100

Maximize the overall volume and make adjustments to the other audio settings for clearer sound.

Music volume:0

Turn off the music completely. It's an unnecessary distraction.

Dialog volume:100

Maximize this to ensure you can clearly hear in-game calls.

dynamic range:night mode

Choose this setting to see your steps clear at all times.

(Video) How to *QUICK PEEK* + BEST *NEW* SETTINGS *CONTROLLER* - Rainbow Six Siege (Xbox/PC)

The remaining audio settings are all related to voice chat and should be changed based on your personal preferences.

The best configuration of the Rainbow 6 console

While the settings on consoles —xbox umYPlaystation 4– they are not as diverse as their PC counterparts, there is still a lot to optimize. Check out the console settings below to see what you can do to get an edge.

Best Rainbow 6 controller setup for console

Due to the minimal controls, Rainbow Six translates incredibly well to a controller setup. With just a few tweaks, you'll be able to hang out with PC gamers and dominate the console scene.

The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (12)

Changing the viewing direction:habit

As with PC mouse settings, this part is up to you and whether or not you prefer inverted controls.

Vibration:disabled person

Leave vibrations off to avoid feedback that can reduce accuracy.

Vertical Sensitivity:30 – 35

See the Horizontal Sensitivity section below for an in-depth discussion of this setting.

Horizontal Sensitivity:90 – 100

He sees this combination of vertical and horizontal sensitivity as ideal dynamics, regardless of the values ​​actually chosen. The reason for a lower vertical and a higher horizontal is to allow for quick side-to-side movement without fear of bouncing up and down the screen. This should result in faster response times and more accurate targeting.

Left and Right Joystick Deadzones:0 - 5%

Keeping both dead zones low allows you to make faster moves with less club input. The only time you should increase this setting is when you start to notice club drift.

Controller Rotation:habit

There has been some debate over whether or not the new steering curve makes a difference to the initial shooting experience. Try both during playtime to see which works best for you.

Objective help:disabled person

Disable aim assist to improve your own skills. It can offer short-term accuracy benefits, but you'll be at a serious disadvantage when switching to ranked play.

Point the view down:30 – 35

Keep this setting lower to allow for more precision, and try to adjust your vertical sensitivity setting for a consistent experience.

Implementing gadgets:Progressive

Select "Advanced" to maintain control over gadget usage.

Use of drones:Progressive

Changing this to Advanced will prevent it from automatically switching to operator view on deployment. Maintaining crosshairs can be useful if you're unsure of your surroundings or in a post-deploy firefight.

Controller layout:Standard

Due to the minimal number of actions that require specific button presses, you will find the default controller layout the easiest to use.

Best Rainbow 6 console graphics settings

The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (13)

Perhaps the biggest letdown of the Rainbow Six console experience is the lackluster graphics settings. Don't expect many optimizations here.

VSync:Outside of

Disable VSync so your console can boost unlimited framerate and fluid motion.

(Video) THE BEST R6 SETTINGS ON CONSOLE (PS5/XBOX) - Rainbow Six Siege


Optimal brightness depends on your TV's current settings and your personal preferences.

put into practice

While there are fewer in-game visual settings to work with, you can still make enough tweaks to simplify melee combat. Our guide should give you a good starting point where you probably won't need to change as much.

Remember, when in doubt, focus on finding a balance between visual clarity and performance. As long as you can prioritize framerate and low latency, go for it.

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  1. The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (14)

    playerJune 10, 2020 at 6:32 am

    WOW! I see many pros and top 100's using this setup! you did it kody


  2. The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (15)

    miguelon December 28, 2020 at 10:57 pm

    Thanks! You completely changed my game. I couldn't understand why my aim was so bad, now I know. These settings changed everything!!!


  3. The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (16)

    Punisheron May 25, 2021 at 4:14 am

    Also, can you set an equalizer setting for the siege?


    • The best settings for Rainbow Six Siege (2023) for PC and console (17)

      austin carollon May 26, 2021 at 4:49 pm

      Hello Punishers! Thanks for writing this! We are updating this guide and I will definitely include the equalizer settings in it.


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