The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (2023)

older ringIt wasn't a smooth launch, but the open world RPG has already proven its worth as another game.the softwarecomparabledark souleBlood borne.Leave the Cave of Knowledge and it becomes clear that the world of Elden Ring is huge.

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With a map this big, you can't be blamed for missing out on certain areas of the game. Whether it's an illusory wall or a deeply hidden cave opening, it might be time to return to some of these attractions for a second look.

Updated June 23, 2022 by Charlene Maria Teressa:The vast Midlands proves that there are countless hidden corners, most untouched, to explore. As you approach the Throne of Eldon, it can be easy to miss these very hidden places. Well, we've identified a few that probably didn't catch your eye in the first round, and we've included them on this list.

13 Tap Carrian Inverted

The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (1)

to beKarian Study roomCute for sure, though you can't help but feel like you're missing out. The fact that you have to connect a certain statue that only the Lanney witch can give you is food for thought.

Located in Liurnia in the middle of the lake, this cool secret areacan only be unlocked afterGet Ranni's Carian Inverted Statue.Once you put it in place, you enter a world upside down (literally), exciting combat with a teleporting magical ghost and a barrage of fearsome enemies. But it is all worth it, for the sacred towers of Liurnia await the weary Defiler.

12 celia

The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (2)

There is also a cave that can only be accessed by hitting an illusory wall with the right timing,celiait's a cave that you can easily miss. Found near the town of Sellia in the Caelid region, pass directly past the Plague Church and continue straight to the distant graveyard.

The illusory wall is directly hidden in the cave wall.of course you have to knock. Inside, Tarnished must cross a giant purple crystal bridge and deal with several deadly slugs. In the end, you will have to face a terrifying trio,These prove to be one of the most challenging bosses in the game..

11 Deeproot Depths (Nameless Eternal City)

The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (3)

The road to the deep root region is long and winding,with the deadly double gargoylego first The underground area is filled with giant ants and wasps, as well as deadly armored riders, and Tarnished must cross walkways made of giant tree branches to reach the other side.

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After defeating the Valiant Gargoyle duohitchhiking in the magic chest, to bedeep rootsFull of precious falls and paths to the nameless eternal city and beyond. Nokron, the Eternal City is a large area that takes some time to clear, so be sure to continue down to the Root Abyss and beyond.lake i can.

10 Forseglet tunnel (West Altus Tower)

The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (4)

When you look at the map of The Lands Between, you will notice a certain tower below the capital city of Leyndell. The question is, "How do you get there?"From the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace, continue east and turn left past the wolves and down into the canyon.

there you will findclosed tunnel.Home of the Onyx Lord boss, defeating him will allow you to enter the Holy Tower in West Altus. You must have access to the latterActivate Rykard's Great Rune.

9 Mogwin's Palace

The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (5)

not onlyMogwin's PalaceWell hidden, but also notoriously tricky. involvingGo back to the first position you were in when the game started, which is triggered when it findswala white mask, the first NPC you encounter.

Of course, there are easier ways to reach it, like through the portal in the Inner Holy Snowfield. For those venturing into the area, however, be careful as the enemies are quite formidable. It's great for rune farming as they drop a bunch of runes and there's a secret boss:Mog, Lord of Blood.

8 Nokron, the eternal city

The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (6)

It's no surprise that you miss out on the Eternal City of Norkron, as you'll need to do a few things to trigger the portal's appearance. Yes, that's right, the portal only exists if you do these things.

To do this, you must first defeat Radan in Redmane Castle, after which a star will fall from the sky and form the entrance..Along the Siofra River, Nokron, Eternal City features tons of bosses and enemies, from the inventive Mimic Tear to the Swordstress.

7 black water hole

The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (7)

Easy to miss but not too hard to cross,Murkwater Cave is where you find Patches.On a narrow path in Lake Agheel, there is a cave entrance to your left..

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After fighting off the attackers with the help of another NPC, you will be able to enter the cave. If you choose to go invisible, pay attention to the alarm bells in various positions on the floor. If you accidentally trigger one, all enemies will fall on you before you reach the boss fight in Patches.

6 Cave of Heroes of the Folklore Fringe

The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (8)

You may have noticed a wall of fog blocking your entrance.back to the beached graveyard.If you didn't choose to have the Stone Sword Key during character creation, be sure to come back when you've collected enough.

After inserting the stone sword key, the fog will disappear,Grants access to the Cave of Folk Heroes Fringe.Jump straight down will drop you into the poisonous water and you will quickly realize that this cave is not for beginners. From deadly traps like the Rolling Chariot to the Ulcerated Tree Boss, this is the classic dungeon crawl you've come to expect from FromSoft.

5 Dragon's Communion Chapel

The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (9)

To get to this hidden area,Defeat Yakir or WyvernThat's the key.When defeated, this dragon boss will drop a dragon heart; return to NPC Bloody Finger Hunter Yura and he will take you to the Dragon Sanctum.

In a cave in the lower left corner of the mapcoastal cave, you must defeat the two-headed demi-human boss. It is easy not to realize that you can go deeper into the cave and you will find a new exit. After leaving the cave, you will see ruins on the edge of the cliff, this is where the church is located.He gives you awesome perks that give you dragon powers like breathing fire or dragon claws in exchange for dragon hearts.

4 lake i can

The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (10)

The Lake of Rot is underground near the Ainsel River Main, and was actually built into itRaya Lucaria College.As you cross the ruins of the Uhl Palace and down the river, you'll need to take the elevator deeper into another part of the city of Noktella.

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Full of tricky bosses and mini-bosses,lake i canIt is a death trap in itself that you have to go through. After defeating Nokstella's Dragonkin Soldier, you'll reach the Grand Cloister, where you'll take a chest into another area where you'll fight the craziest (and biggest) boss yet —Astor, Son of the Void.

3 rich ruins

The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (11)

Kingsrealm Ruins isn't what you'd call a hidden area, but its optional boss is well hidden. Instead of illusion walls, Ruins of Kingsrealm uses illusion floors. After fighting or fleeing from the enemies scattered throughout the ruins, turn right and go through an opening in the wall.

Continue forward and jump over a low wall where you'll find an enemy with a wand. After defeating him, slam your weapon down as usual and it will reveal a set of stairs leading to the boss,real ghost.

2 dedicated snow field

The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (12)

To reach the hallowed snowfield, you must recoverhalves of halligtree medal halvesHaligtree Medallion Right is in the village of Albinauries and Haligtree Medallion Left is on top of Giants Mountain.

Inserting the locket into Rold's large elevator will take you straight down where you will pass through a tunnel to reach the sacred snowfields.But it may take a while to get to this area, due toCommander NeilOne of the hardest bosses to beat on the left half of the coin.

1 Black Knife Catacombs

The 13 most hidden and secret areas in Elden Ring (13)

Similar to the Kingsrealm Ruins,Black Knife CatacombsThere is a hidden area northeast of Liurnia of the Lakes with an optional boss. yes, exceptthe shadow of the cemetery.

In this case, oddly enough, you should immediately stay on top of the leaf traps as they fall down so they can lead you to another easy-to-miss area. Go down the hall and you will see a ghost wall that you will have to hit. This will reveal the hard hitting, fast Black Blade Assassin boss.

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