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We saw a complete overhaul of NPCs with the 1.4 update ofterrariumsin 2020. They've gotten a bit more complicated and it can be difficult to know what to do with them. The Journey's End update brought us more NPCs as well as a happiness system. NPCs have preferences in life and neighbors they prefer - meeting these needs will increase their happiness.

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With such a large number of NPCs, it can be difficult to decide who wants to live where, but that's where we come in! Let's go through each habitable biome and the ideal NPCs to place in it for maximum happiness.

Updated June 15th by Jacqueline Zalace:There are many NPCs in Terraria, so we've updated the format of this guide to help you fully understand the location of each NPC. Also, we've added how to unlock these NPCs if you don't already have them.

Available NPCs

Terraria: Best location for all NPCs (1)

There are 26 NPCs in Terraria.This includes 18 pre-hardmode NPCs and 8 hardmode NPCs. When you start in your world, the difficulty will be set to hard mode. In this mode you still haven't unlocked all the enemies and NPCs.

To convert a world to hardmode, you needDefeat the Wall of Flesh.Once this boss is defeated, you will have access to a new biome and all 8 NPCs.

Below you can check out all the possible NPCs and also how to unlock them.

(Video) Everything to know about terraria NPCS (Max happiness + how to get)



How to open


unlocked by default


Have a total of 50 Silver


Have more than 100 health points.

Demolition Man

get an explosive

Dye Merchant

get dye


meet at the beach


Defeat every boss except Wall of Flesh or Slime King


Unlock another 8 NPCs


Talk to him in the underground desert.


Fill 10% of the bestiary


Get bullets or a gun


Defeat Cthulhu's Brain or Devourer of Worlds


Release them in a spider cave

Conservative Leprechaun

Besiege die Goblin-Invasion


Defeat the Queen Bee


Found in the dungeon


With 14 NPCs you have a small chance to spawn

I admit

defeat the skeleton



How to open


found in the cave

tax collector

Use of cleaning powder in the underworld

Brigadier General

Creates a glowing mushroom biome on the surface


Besiege die Pirateninvasion


Besiege Skeletron Prime, The Destroyer oder The Twins


defeat plant


Unlock all other NPCs except Santa Claus

Santa Claus

Defeat the Ice Legion

  • Only available from December 15th to December 31st

NPC luck

Terraria: Best location for all NPCs (2)

All NPCs in Terraria have a happiness level. This is affected by biomes and other NPCs.Each person has a preferred and least preferred biome, as well as others they prefer to live near.For example, the zoologist likes the forest, he dislikes the desert, and he loves living near the magician.

When an NPC is as happy as possible, they will sell special items, including pylons.A pylon is an item that allows you to teleport to different biomes.They're incredibly useful for travel, so you definitely want all of your NPCs to be as happy as possible.

Next, let's take a look at each habitable biome and what NPC we need to move to each one. The NPC settings don't match perfectly, but that's okay. If more than one villager is selling a mortar, you only need to focus on one of them.

Once you have all the items and pillars you can move all your NPCs into a giant house.Although they aren't happy, this ensures they don't die when there are enemies nearby. You can also quickly access each one without having to walk around the world.

Wald Biom

Terraria: Best location for all NPCs (3)


Golfer, guide, zoologist

The forest is the first biome you will encounter. It's pretty easy and many NPCs prefer not to live here.

These three NPCs are pretty easy to find. The guide will already be in the forest when youStart in your worldand you won't have any trouble finding the others. With this setup you can buy the Forest Pylon.

You need more than a mortar to use them efficiently.So if this is your first pylon, it won't be of much use.

Snow Biome

Terraria: Best location for all NPCs (4)
(Video) Terraria 1.4 Journey's End NPC Housing, Happiness & Pylons Guide!


Mechaniker, Koboldbastler, Cyborg

Next we have the NPCs in the snow biome. The mechanic and the goblin tinkerer love each other, so they make a perfect couple. While the goblin tinkerer doesn't prefer living in the snow, he compliments the mechanic's luck.

By adding the cyborg, the mechanic will be as happy as possible and start selling the snow pylon.

Santa Claus can also be placed in this biome,However, since it's only available for part of December, you don't have to worry about putting it on. He goesAlwayssell the same items (except a mortar, which depends on your happiness).

His looks make for a nice Christmas present, but mostly just that, as sticks are reliably available elsewhere.


Terraria: Best location for all NPCs (5)


Nurse, arms dealer, steampunker

The nurse is an important NPC at the beginning of the game. For a small fee, she will heal you completely. This is very useful when you are just starting out as you don't have much health. In general, you should put it in the desert, but keep this in mind.You can temporarily move it to heal it.

For example, you will most likely fight the Eye of Cthulhu first. Having the nurse around will ensure you don't die during this fight. If you are strong enough, use the arms dealer to take the nurse to the desert. Add steampunker after converting to hardmode.

Jungle Biome

Terraria: Best location for all NPCs (6)


Dryad, Painter, Conjurer

(Video) Terraria 1.4.4 - All NPCs Guide

This is probably the easiest biome to set up.All NPCs like each other and the biome they are in, and the painter has a crush on Dryad. Once you spot a jungle, add those three NPCs and you'll have the mortar in no time.

ocean biome

Terraria: Best location for all NPCs (7)


Trader, fisherman, pirate

The ocean is the biome farthest from you. Because of this, it will probably take you a while to get there.You'll have to traverse dangerous biomes to get here, so be sure to come prepared.

The trader will be one of the first NPCs you meet, howeverYou don't have to throw it into the sea right away.The fisherman is already in the sea, so you can just build him a house once you find it, no relocation required.

When the world goes into hard mode, add the pirate and buy his tower!

glowing mushroom biome

Terraria: Best location for all NPCs (8)


Stylist, Dyer Merchant, Truffle

This unique biome has two variations. Above is the underground version. This biome can also be present on the surface.The surface version of this biome needs to be crafted, so a little work is required.

After building a glowing mushroom biome above the ground, you can place the Stylist, Dye Merchant, and Truffle.

underground biome

Terraria: Best location for all NPCs (9)


Pastry chef, pest, tax collector

(Video) How to get all NPCs in Terraria! (NPC Guide, Full List & Move-In Requirements, All Platforms)

Underground can refer to several different biome variations. But for NPC placement, we'll focus on caves since most of the underground is made up of caves. As you explore you will see the wall/floor made of dirt.The wall will eventually turn into a stone material once you find the cave biome.

It can be a bit tricky to build proper houses in this biome. you will needClean any existing wall with a hammer and make a flat surface to place your house. Once you have enough space for 3 NPCs, place the Cloth Maker, Demolitionist, and Tax Collector.

Try not to place these NPCs too far from your main base. The Demolitionist is a great source of bombs. You don't want to stray too far from him.


Terraria: Best location for all NPCs (10)


Party, tavern, magician

Finally we have the Relics biome.The Hallows unlocks when the world goes into Hardmode, so you might not have that biome yet.Luckily, you can temporarily relocate Party Girl and Tavernkeep. Try to keep them together and then move their houses if you have a relic biome.

The relic biome can also expand. After your world is in hard mode and you have enough relics, place the party girl, bartender and magician.

to the princess

Terraria: Best location for all NPCs (11)

You may have noticed that the princess is nowhere on this list.The princess is a unique NPC as she has no preferences.

When placed in any biome with up to 3 other NPCs, it is happy. Also, all NPCs like it.You can place it wherever you like as long as there are other NPCs nearby.Your happiness will decrease when you are alone.

Now all your NPCs must be placed in different biomes! As mentioned above, you can buy all items and then take them back to a giant house. In Hardmode it can be difficult to keep NPCs alive, especially when they are far away from you. A big house helps to keep track.

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What are the best places to put NPCs in Terraria? ›

Once you have every item and pylon, you can move all of your NPCs into a giant house. Although they will be unhappy, it ensures that they won't die if enemies are nearby. You will also be able to quickly access anyone without running around the world.

How far apart should Terraria NPCs be? ›

Be sure that there are, at most, two other NPCs within 25 tiles of NPC A, and at most three other NPCs between 25 and 120 tiles away, and be wary of how close you place your pylons to their humble homes. And that's it for our Terraria NPCs guide.

Where does every NPC go in Terraria? ›

If there are vacant houses available in the world, the NPC may move into one of them. If the NPC gets killed and does not have a home, they will not respawn until a new house becomes available. The Guide and Old Man are unique in that they always spawn upon creating a world.


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