Talent management as a tool for a successful personnel policy (2023)

The struggle for qualified and reliable employees is already part of everyday life in the HR departments of many large companies as well as small and medium-sized companies. The gap between the demand for skilled labor and the well-educated people available in the market and looking for work is widening. Those who are decisive in hiring rarely immediately find candidates who match the job posting exactly. Therefore, the concept of talent management has become one of the new buzzwords in the world of human resources. The feared "skills gap" should be closed quickly by means of targeted support for jobseekers.

For decades, the battle for the best professionals among headhunters has become known as the "war for talent". In the eyes of the responsible HR employee, a job seeker who is talented in a particular field of work is a potential talent who can be better prepared for his new job with supportive measures. In addition to specialists who can be employed directly, companies are now also looking for skilled people who can grow into new areas of responsibility through supplementary measures. As a result, talent management will soon become a natural part of all HR decisions.

Talent management as a tool for a successful personnel policy (1)

Modern HR as a talent enabler

The classic tasks in a company's HR department include personnel management, as well as personnel administration and recruitment of new employees. In addition, the Personnel Manager deals with

  • Human Resource Management
  • human resource planning
  • personal communication
  • personal development

In relation to traditional talent development, talent management goes far beyond the usual training and further education. In the past, the supplementary training offered by most companies generally ranged from software mastery courses for managers to workshops for scientists such as biologists or engineers. Furthermore, career progression within the company, such as from employee to team leader, is of course a possibility for all employees in many companies. Current knowledge combined with key soft skills is the foundation for success. But even graduates fresh out of university no longer bring enough knowledge of the labor market to company interviews.

This situation has also led to the increased importance of talent management. Highly educated university employees who are specifically looking for jobs where they can receive free training on a regular basis. Therefore, talent management is a bonus, like a company car or holiday pay, which can be found in many job advertisements. Since normal staff development is directly linked to the promotion of the specialists the company needs, talent management is the responsibility of the HR department. However, the professional department of the employee who is to be promoted has a lot to say, especially in terms of content.

Discover talents and match them with the company with targeted support

Since every company needs different talents and well-trained employees, Finding Special Talent went into many special details when formulating a job advertisement. In addition to the work experience usually required (which seems to be a guarantee of the ability to work in a team), you can also see requirements such as successful participation in the main university subjects in job portals and journals. However, applicants with good degrees always have the opportunity to be interviewed if they are willing to participate in a relevant postgraduate course on a part-time basis. Important in these discussions is often a great interest in job advertisements, companies and specific everyday jobs.

If the HR person thinks an application is interesting, a first round of invitations to key applications is usually made on the spot in consultation with the professional department. During the interview, company representatives and candidates have the opportunity to exchange ideas and wishes. The guarantee of free training is essential for future cooperation. However, there are also permanent employees who have good opportunities on the open labor market and ask HR about any further upskilling. Just like the proverbial promotion in the company, the offer of professional training is seen as an incentive to link even more senior employees to the company.

Develop a personal talent management strategy

Today, many companies have a corporate identity. Letterheads, business cards and advertisements can be identified with a logo or even a specially designed font. In addition to the clear boundaries that everyone can perceive from the outside with the rest of the world, many companies value exclusivity internally. Therefore, HR departments work together with professional departments to develop special training programs, such as telephone training, for employees who come into contact with customers. On the basis of these training courses, generally organized by psychologists, many other typical business seminars can be developed. However, support specifically needed for specific roles is usually also an individual program tailored to one or more new hires.

The faster your skilled workers can complete 100% of their work, the faster your investment in them will pay off. As there is now a shortage of skilled workers in similar roles in the company in the labor market, there is also the opportunity to purchase examples of workshops and additional training programs. These seminars and training sessions can be tailored relatively easily to the company's needs, mission statement and corporate identity. Regardless, the concept of talent management, which has only been used in HR since 1998, is still changing. As a result, a new shift is expected in the line between the classic continuing education encouraged by HR and the personal support of individual employees who become decision makers in the company.

Integrate long-term goals and talent management

Younger generations, well-educated and with many vacancies on the labor market, are particularly concerned about their working conditions. Neither academics nor craftsmen are interested in working long-term in a company without a long-term, meaningful and profitable outlook. Young graduates see companies that have not been promoted as a side job on their resume or a stepping stone to a better work environment. Craftsmen, on the other hand, often leave the company without prospects and start working on their own. It is also relatively easy to resign from a company thanks to modern employment laws that clearly show the dangers of an old-fashioned company upgrade policy. Personal talent management combined with the sponsorship company's multi-year commitment more or less guarantees the company's existence.

After all, a company cannot function without its employees. This applies at all levels, from skilled workers to managers. For example, long-term success can only be achieved if investments are made in software modernization and in-house training of employees to perform specific tasks. Workers who influence their education are considered the happiest and most engaged of any generation. Therefore, HR departments must open their hearts to listen to the ideas and suggestions of employees and job applicants. In a confidential assessment interview, managers learned a lot about the company. In this way, wrong decisions that lead to staff shortages can also be avoided at an early stage.

Talent Management Software - The tools of the future

In all large companies, useTalent Management Software fra Rexx SystemsHandling all employee data is a matter of course. If desired, the software modules for the HR department can be expanded as needed. Automating routine activities saves a lot of time, among other things. Many software companies offer customization of candidate databases. Without breaking a sweat, important hobbies such as additional certificates and qualifications and team sports are summarized and compared. After entering all the basic data, HR managers can take a quick look at a candidate's potential. Companies with great aspirations can be especially invited, while candidates who are not particularly interested are almost rejected with a click.

In particularly sensitive cases, it is even possible to proactively approach externally discovered talent and recruit them in the form of headhunters. There are many ways to compare and evaluate internal and external data in databases against business goals. Using the filter function, new lists can be compiled again and again for other aspects. Less investment of time, real talent crystallization, it is worth investing time and money. As various human resource managers, professionals and marketing departments deal with these lists, no one goes unnoticed. Several perspectives complement the effective use of modern talent management software to lead the way to future success.

The risk of promoting talent

Employees who leave after costly additional training initiatives are an even more obvious loss. In addition to mindless spending, vacancies are also a problem. Financing must therefore always be linked to obligations towards the company that are feasible within the legal framework. However, the best way to connect employees to the company is true loyalty. Employees who feel comfortable in the company, embrace the ideas of the mission statement and see their future in the workplace are the best at every level. This idea goes directly back to the concept of modern talent management.

The more an employee is valued and supported by motivational programs and additional training, the more management can trust him. There are also non-disclosure and non-compete clauses to prevent individuals from leaving the company prematurely after support. However, there will always be residual risks. Therefore, it makes sense to simultaneously incorporate all the important and well-known aspects of talent management, such as positive employer branding, onboarding workshops,staff meetingCreate a long-term succession plan in a relaxed environment with referrals from your own employees and good reviews on the candidate portal.


In a world of increasingly complex job markets for companies looking for highly skilled employees, future-proof talent management software helps you keep up. After all, each job candidate's data entry is a first step towards performance management, which provides insight into the quality of decision-making in the HR department.

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