'Super Mario Bros. Movie': 10 Most Overlooked Super Mario Movies and TV Appearances (2023)

oTurning on Super Mario Bros. moviethe trailer release showed thatmariois more important than ever. The plumber, and savior of the mushroom kingdom, has held the title of the most iconic character in video game history for many years. What is somewhat surprising, however, is that Mario's presence in other media, particularly film and television, is limited.

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Also developments likesupernintendo worldnoUniversal Studios parks around the worldand the new Mario movie has mostly stayed in the world of video games. Still, it hasn't entirely disappeared on screens big and small, some with lovely results that affect even gaming, while others are more noticeable.

'Saturday Superkade' (1983-84)

'Super Mario Bros. Movie': 10 Most Overlooked Super Mario Movies and TV Appearances (1)

Before Mario in his 1985 Super Mario Bros. game, he was the hero in an arcade game called Donkey Kong. So it made sense to him that his first animated appearance would be in a segment related to the titular monkey.

As the title suggests, Saturday Supercade was developed as a Saturday morning animated series with segments based on various video game characters. Characters included were Q*Bert, Frogger, Pitfall Harry, and Donkey Kong. In this last section, the plot deals with the monkey that flees from the circus while Mario (peter cullen) and his partner Pauline (Judy Strangis) try to restore it.

"Super Mario Bros.: The Big Adventure to Save Princess Peach!" (1986)

'Super Mario Bros. Movie': 10 Most Overlooked Super Mario Movies and TV Appearances (2)

Mario's first appearance in a movie was in a Japanese animated short. The plot is somewhat standard Mario - King Koopa/Bowser (akiko wada) kidnapped princess (mom yamase), intends to marry her. At the same time, Mario (toru furuya) and Luis (Yu Mizushima) plans to rescue her.

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Although this movie was never released on DVD and was not seen by many outside of Japan, it still has some influence on the games: Mario's tail-spin move against Bowser was replicated in Super Mario 64. Its cultural significance also remains unanswered. subtly intense: it was one of thefirst movies inspired by video games.

"The Day of the Super Mario Bros. Supershow" (1989)

'Super Mario Bros. Movie': 10 Most Overlooked Super Mario Movies and TV Appearances (3)

Perhaps the most famous television show starring Mario. It featured live-action and animated segments starring a professional wrestler.Captain Lou Albanolike mario andDanny WellesLike Luigi Other than the character designs and names (Princess Toadstool and King Koopa instead of Bowser and Peach), the show didn't have much in common with the games.

Instead, Mario and his friends traveled to various locations such as Spy Land, Car Land, and other locations where movies, books, and other media were parodied.It's not the most critically acclaimed show based on a video game, though., Lou Albano's performance as Mario is fondly remembered by many -perhaps even influenced bychris prattassume the character.

"The Magician" (1989)

'Super Mario Bros. Movie': 10 Most Overlooked Super Mario Movies and TV Appearances (4)

This cult film is about a traumatized boy (Lucas Edwards) with a unique talent for video games hitchhiking across the country to compete in Video Armageddon at Universal Studios Hollywood. Despite many obstacles along the way, they reach their destination in time to play the secret ending. This game turned out to be Super Mario Bros. 3, which had not been released in the United States until that time.

It is true that an embarrassing product placement for bothnintendomiUniversal Studies, predicted a bold new chapter in Mario's story, but made it significant.

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"Beloved anime series: Super Mario Bros." (1989)

'Super Mario Bros. Movie': 10 Most Overlooked Super Mario Movies and TV Appearances (5)

As Mario's popularity peaked around the world, Japan made three anime shorts that were released direct-to-video. Similar to the American series that aired the same year, this series used the Mario characters in slightly different settings, albeit with a main focus on Japanese fairy tales.

Specifically, Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser were cast in the lead roles of Momotaro, Issun-boshi, and Snow White. Like his first film, they were never released outside of Japan, but they continue to be remembered among Mario superfans.

"König Koopas Kool-Cartoons" (1989-1990)

'Super Mario Bros. Movie': 10 Most Overlooked Super Mario Movies and TV Appearances (6)

This is perhaps the strangest of the Mario side products.Kool Cartoons and Rei Koopawas a short-lived children's show that aired only on a local television station in Los Angeles. The premise was that King Koopa/Bowser (christoph collins) became the host of his own Krusty the Clown-style children's show, airing public domain cartoons along with his partner Ratso.

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Ironically, none of the Mario cartoons were shown. The show only lasted one season, with 65 episodes, most of which are considered lost media.

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The Adventures of Super Mario 3 (1990)

'Super Mario Bros. Movie': 10 Most Overlooked Super Mario Movies and TV Appearances (7)

After Super Mario Bros. 3 became one of the most acclaimed and best-selling video games ever, Mario was given a new animated series named after the game. Despite using the same animation and design studio as Super Show, the show mainly used different voice actors and presented stories, characters, and settings from the games more accurately.

This time King Koopa (Harvey Atkin) was accompanied by a whole squad of his children -os Koopalinge. The show ran for 26 episodes before being followed by a follow-up season titled Super Mario World, which was the most accurate of the three game shows.

'Super Mario Bros.' (1993)

'Super Mario Bros. Movie': 10 Most Overlooked Super Mario Movies and TV Appearances (8)

The infamous flop that kept Nintendo away from the big screen for over 25 years. While playing the idea of ​​Mario and LuigiBob HoskinsmiJoão Leguizamoisn't that bad, it's marred by chaotic production, dull humor, and aPlot with little resemblance to games..

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Instead of two plumbers traveling to the mushroom kingdom, we get two plumbers traveling to another dimension ruled by hybrids of dinosaurs and humans. Toad is a musician, Peach is nowhere to be seen, Yoshi is a raptor straight out of Jurassic Park, and King Koopa/Bowser (Dennis Hopper) is a spiky-haired street yuppie.

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„Futurama – Anthology of Interest II“ (2002)

'Super Mario Bros. Movie': 10 Most Overlooked Super Mario Movies and TV Appearances (9)

Although not an officially sanctioned performance, Mario's remembered performance was a fun skit. In the Raiders of the Lost Arcade segment, Fry uses a machine to view a more video game-like world. A war between the military and the Nintendians ensues, mostly involving cameos and parodies of video game characters such as Pac-Man, Asteroids, and Space Invaders.

In the opening scene, President Nixon prepares to sign an agreement with Ambassador Donkey Kong before he attacks the United Nations building. Italy's ambassador to the United Nations is Mario himself, who expresses his concern about the outbreak of war before running off in characteristically nervous manner of him.

Closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

'Super Mario Bros. Movie': 10 Most Overlooked Super Mario Movies and TV Appearances (10)

During the closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, a segment was played before the end to add excitement to the Tokyo 2020 Games. In a skit with different anime characters, Mario played the biggest role. The late Japanese Prime MinisterShinzo Abehe appeared and, fearing that he might not make it to Rio on time, he quickly transformed into the red-suited plumber before getting out of his limo.

He ran to the Shibuya crossing and passed another Japanese icon, Doraemon, and stuck a warp tube into the ground that went straight through the Maracanã stadium. Mario jumped off and traveled directly to Rio, where he transformed into Abe, waving Mario's big red cap at the cheering fans.

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