Rotten Lake of Elden Rim [The Definitive Guide] (2023)

The Lake of Rot in Elden Ring is a location primarily accessed viaLanny's Questline. This is a Rot location, but its notable feature is that it connects to some other underground areas here, as well as aimportant boss fightLink to the quest line. Be careful when crossing here though, as your character will slow down and sufferdilapidated conditiondiseases and enemies that attack you.

main highlights

  • rotten lake is one of themkey locationIn the game, it is found in the underground part of the Lands Betweenolder ring.
  • Most players will probably miss venturing to this location at some point, as it is usually discovered through progress.Lanny's Questline.
  • However, even if the player does not participate in Lanny's quest in the game, as long as there is a route to follow, the location can be reached easily.specific route.
  • In other words, the players mustDefeat Radan ScourgeExcavating a nearby underground areaMisty Skovruiner.
  • He will guide the player to an area,Nokron, and from there it's a long, easy slog across Rotten Lake to Rotten LakeSiofra River,to usedeep-rooted and leafy,then passRiver Ainsel.
  • It is worth noting that this area can be difficult to navigate as it lowers the grade and appliesdecay status effect,As well as ambush the player with enemies.

How to get to Lake Rotten without Lanny's quest

While you can get to this location by simply completing the entire Laney questline as we mentioned before, if you haven't tackled that specific questline or want to get to Lake Rotten as quickly as possible, just follow each little step. We have indicated below the route we will take to reach this place in the easiest possible way.

Defeat Scourge Radan in Kelid

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You can fight Radan by going to Redman's Castle through the portal located next to the Bridge of Grace ruins, pictured above.

But before you can visit the portal, you must first activate the Radha Festival in the castle, this can be done in several ways, the easiest is to activate the Grace Station in the castle.altus plateau,This will immediately trigger Festival so you can fight Starscourge Rad'an. However, keep in mind that this will temporarily prevent you from fulfilling the other NPC quest requirements here.

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Getting past the boss fight itself shouldn't be too difficult, as Rad'an will likely use his size and strength to deal heavy blows. You can use torrents to easily maneuver across the battlefield to your avoidMost of his attacks are light. In addition, you can also call various NPCs around the arena, which makes the whole battle easier, especially in the first phase.

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To Nokrón, the eternal city

After defeating Radan, the next step is a dubious mission that often confuses players:'Where are you going'in the game. You will need to return to Limgrave, where the Radarn will form a huge crater, to travel to the game's underworld.

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The meteor crater is located atHeidel Castle and Misty Forest Ruins,And it's big enough that you won't miss it. Players are often confused as to exactly how the game tells you to go through this to continue the game, but luckily speaking to NPCs like Iji and the witch Sellen will allow you to receive information about the crater, Nokron and Find It in the game.

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Travel through the crater through rapids and carefully pick your way through floating rocks and boulders to the entrance to the Eternal City of Nokrón. The Silvertear enemies here shouldn't be much of a problem as long as you don't get the Silvertear enemies.crowdedfor them. Again, make sure to carefully move through this covered area until you reach a crevice with an opening.

Finally, you arrive for free at the main railway station in the open part of the area. Activate it and take a break if you want, as you'll soon be fighting a mini-boss to advance.

Imiter Tears Boss Fight

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When you depart from the Grace Station entrance, the next stop you need to go to is the one pictured above, as you need to go down a flight of stairs from Grace Station.main yardthat nowimitate tearsBoss fight. Watch out for nearby Knox Maidens as you head towards the boss fight entrance.

The combat itself is pretty self-explanatory, as the simulated demolition will directly shape your character and the necessary equipment to engage him in combat. He will use all spells and spells equipped to make it a suitable challenge for you butdespises fightingIt is also quite simple as you can imagine.

Basically, one way to make combat fun is to do away with everything on your outfit, includingarmedand armor, so when it spawns in battle like this, the simulated rip will take that form directly into account and actually appear asuseless enemyWhich can hardly hurt you in a fight. Once there, you can quickly equip everything and make the whole boss a walk in the park.

After defeating him, rest on Grace and proceed left to the main area of ​​Nokron City, where we must now reach the Twin Gargoyle boss fight to unlock the coffin transport to Deep Roots.

Arrival at the Siofra Aqueduct

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As shown in the image above, you now have to go through Nokron to reach"Aquaduct - Braving the Cliff"space free. Getting there is described as a bit tricky, but you have to follow the map just to the left of the path. Among some trees, you'll notice some harmless jellyfish lounging around. Basically, it indicates that something interesting is coming.

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You'll know you're in the right place when you come across many of these questions, as you can see in the image above. Now just look to the left and carefully jump into the rapids or on foot. Continue along the road, with more jellyfish along the way, and you will soon reach a small rock overlooking the ruins of the aqueduct of Graça.

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From here you pretty much go to the Brave Gargoyle Boss Fightleftof the area. The important thing here, however, is that there are moreAlong with RidderPatrol the area, carefully walk past them and fight them if you are skilled enough. No matter how you defeat them, be prepared as the battle between two brave gargoyles is never easy.

Bravo Gargoyle Duo Boss Fight

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The double gargoyle boss fight is possibly the biggest obstacle to getting closer to Lake Rotten in Elden Circus. When we played the game it was pretty much a battle of attrition and a battle for survival because once you take down the first gargoyle25% or 50%, the other one appears immediately, making the whole encounter even more confusing than usual.

We strongly recommend usingbest remains of ashesIf you are in trouble and your character is not strong enough, we recommend you fight these tworedesignyour colored warrior and usebest construction.

You can also try usingpoison constructionThis damages them over time, allowing you to get extra DPS and making the fight a little easier for you. Defeating this pair of gargoyles will dropGargoyle Greatswordegargoyledouble edged arms. You can now also access the chest located at the end of the arena under the waterfall by teleporting it to the Deeproots Abyss location.

through the abyss

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Now you will wake up deep in the roots, and from here the next step is to venture all the way to the next chest to reach Ijssel and finally Rotsøen.

Once you've regained control of your character, be sure to unlock and rest on Grace, near where you woke up from the coffin. The next step is very easy as you now need to launch the torrent and go toNameless eternal cityGrace Site, where you can find the next chest, pictured above.

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The whole area is infested with ants, basilisks and other dangerous creatures, so be careful when you run towards the area we have marked for you. The initial trail may require you to navigate these large branches shown in the photo above, so caution is advised when traversing the area.

There will be another Grace between the first and the top one closer to the chest, so feel free to pick it up on the way. Once you're in the area, be sure to grab the Grace we mentioned earlier and jump into the chest here to reach your destination.isssel r..

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IJssel para Lago de Rot

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The final stage of the Rotten Lake route on the Elden Ring is always a crossing of the Einsel River. You will no doubt visit this place during your search for Lanny. Still, even without interacting with her, we've gotten to the point where you can visit the site consistently without her involvement.

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As shown in fig.Ainsel rips cardsLocated right next to the entrance to Lago da Rot, it's hard to explain, but the map we provide will ensure you get there as efficiently as possible. you want to joinmain corridorStart in the top right corner of the map, go straight out and take the middle path until you reachThe ruins of the Palace of the Clock.

you might have to be careful herecrazy starEnemies, he can unleash a steady stream of attacks that can kill them instantly if you're not careful. Other enemies may include dozens of Claymans, but despite their resilience, the only danger they can pose is sheer numbers.

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Now, if you continue, as we mentioned, to the ruins of the Palace of Ur, as shown above, you'll find some ants, but keep going out of that cave and eventually you'll reach Nokstra, the City of Eternity.

There are a lot of good things to loot in this area, but since our main focus is Lake Rotten, you can get to the elevator on the other side of the area shown above and go down further. Be sure to avoid the various enemies here, whichSilver Tears og Maiden Knox Riding the Ant.

Rotten Lake of Elden Rim [The Definitive Guide] (15)

After exiting the elevator, you can rest in another elegant place. But now the last step is essentially a straight line towards the cave where you arrive.last elevatorGo to the right as shown in the picture and when you enter you will be taken directly to lake Rotten.

Rotten Lake of Elden Rim [The Definitive Guide] (16)

Rotten Lake is a dangerous place, full of basilisks, they are ready to jump from the Rotten Pool on you, so be careful when you pass here. There are several platforms nearby that can help you navigate the giant rotten pool with ease. Best of all, this location also gives you accessAstel Naturalborn for empty boss fights,This is essential to completing Lanny's quest.


Again, the ideal way to get Lake of Rot is through Lanny's quest, as one player pointed out.subreddit posts, as you only need to getdeath curse, located on top of Lunia Tower, unlockedReindeer's riseThis will teleport you directly to the Einsel Main River to reach the location.

You can also access the deep chasm underground through hidden walls.three fingersIn the later stages of the game, if you missed it, you can quickly get back to the Lake of Rot using the chest method listed above. But other than that, if you go into the Lake of Rot, make sure your character is equipped withbest amuletbecause you can findDragon soldiers in the fight against the Nosktera bossalso here.

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Clever enemies can e.g. ambush you here.Basilisk,can cause a little irritation, but withThe best Elden Ring weapons, your wolves are hard to defend against your fast attacks. You will later be able to come across several other bosses, such asmelaniaethe skin duo, but hopefully withbetter strengthorConstruction Dex, as long as you concentrate and stay calm, they fall easily.

However, that concludes our guide on how to get to Lake Rotten in Elden Ring. If you have any questions related to the game, feel free to ask them in the comments section below and we will be more than happy to guide you on the right path as getting to Lake da Rot is not an easy task for newcomers. . player!


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Is there anything important at the Lake of Rot? ›

With your Flask of Crimson Tears increased from Golden Seeds and made stronger from Sacred Tears, spamming health potions while in the Lake of Rot works wonders. This is only until you get to the next Site of Grace. You can also grind for precious materials to craft multiple Preserving Boluses.

Is the Lake of Rot optional in Elden Ring? ›

Rotten to the core. The deepest, darkest secret of Elden Ring is rotting underneath the Capitol. The Lake of Rot is a secret, optional location in the Ainsel River region — but you'll only get a small glimpse of the true evil of this place from the Uhl Palace Ruins, which can be accessed much earlier in the game.

What is Astel weak against? ›

As mentioned, Astel is susceptible to Scarlet Rot. The closest you can get to cheesing the fight is to run up, get off a Rotten Breath cast, and retreat. The Scarlet Rot will eventually do all the work, and you can focus all your energy on dodging its attacks from a distance.

What level should I be to fight Astel? ›

Before taking on Astel, we recommend you reach at least level 90 and have weapons that are upgraded close to their maximum, as the fight can be tough. We also did this fight with our Elden Ring Samurai build, as Astel is best fought up close, and the extra magic damage from Moonveil is useful against their weaknesses.


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