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strategy room(X:6.1,Y:6.0)
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Only justice, only revenge

Artoirellooking forward to the deaconEmphasisMessage

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  • 1 tutorial
  • 2 steps
  • 3 diary
  • 4 Dialogue
    • 4.1 Acceptance
    • 4.2 Compilation of eyewitness accounts
      • 4.2.1 Serious Citizen
      • 4.2.2 Sociable Citizen
      • 4.2.3 Energy Citizen
    • 4.3 Talk to Aymeric
    • 4.4 Wait in the Mist with Aymeric
    • 4.5 Return to the strategy room
  • 5 References and Notes


  • Visit Artoriel in the Strategy Room to accept this quest; If you still don't see a quest marker, talk to the Knights Templar just inside (and to the left of) the Congregation of our Celestial Knights at X:13.4, Y:11.0.
  • Talk to the following minor characters in any order:
    • south ofFocusedAetheryte, search the bridge for a yellow-robed noble namedserious citizenchildren (X:12.3, Y:9.2).[1]
    • Fastlast watchAetheryte, look for a woman in a blue dress namedsocial citizenchildren (X:11.4, Y:10.6).
    • northeast ofKathedrale Saint-Reymanaud, Look for a noble dressed in black namedenergetic citizenchildren (X:11,0, Y:7,8).


  • Gather eyewitness accounts of the man who became blasphemous near the Hoplon.
  • Talk toaymerisch
  • hopeaymerischEmin mist
  • Talk toArtoirelinsidestrategy room.


  • Artoirel eagerly awaits Deacon Clem's report.
  • After speaking with the rescued clerics, Clem enters the strategy room to share his findings. He reiterates that he and his brothers have faced harassment from certain communities since the Church's deception became public. However, he believes the church can once again be a beacon of hope for people. His unshakable faith, Aymeric believes, is the reason he didn't convert when others did. Having thus determined the cause of the transformations, he turns his attention to the mystery of Unholy Fafnir's identity. It is decided that he is looking for eyewitnesses among the commoners, and to this end he goes to the hoplon to investigate.
  • You talk to several townspeople and gain some information about the identity of the man who became blasphemous. Satisfied, you visit Aymeric at the Arco del Venerable.
  • After sharing your findings, you and your colleagues realize that the man may have been a patient at Saint Vaindreau's Grace and, by a strange coincidence, shares the same name as the person for whom the ward is named. Artoirel offers to go to the sky to investigate and asks you and Aymeric to wait for him in the Brume.
  • Artoirel emerges from the firmament with Loverick, the orderly who was looking after Vaindreau. From him he learns that the young man was found by a patrol in the central plateau. After his injuries were treated, he was taken to the infirmary to recover. During this time he was heard unconsciously muttering the names of Archbishop Thordan and Bishop Vartinoix. Because of this, Loverick assumed Vaindreau was a godly man who held her in awe and admiration, but you can't help but wonder if there's more to it.
    • ※If you leave the Strategy Room, you can re-enter it by talking to the Knights Templar Guard at the Congregation of Our Heavenly Knights.
  • Back to the Congregation, consider why Vaindreau specifically mentions the name of Bishop Vartinoix. Faced with the possibility that they had met in person, Artoirel suggests speaking directly to His Grace and leaves Aymeric to arrange a meeting.
    • ※ The next RPG quest will be available in Artoirel upon reaching level 87 in any magic DPS class with range.



Artoirel: Oh, [name]. Her timing couldn't be better. Deacon Clem concluded the conversation with the saved clergy and will be here shortly to share his findings. Lord Aymeric is also on his way. Let's wait for them. (Begins cutscene) Artoirel: Deacon Clem, thank you for investigating on our behalf. Clem: That wasn't an impertinence. Like I said, I like to do as much as I can. Aymeric: So we understand that those we escorted back were all close acquaintances of the Inquisitor who turned. Like him, they were persecuted by certain communities. Is this right? Clem: Yeah, I'm afraid. And they are far from alone. The Cloth Men once received respect and reverence as servants of Halone, but are now openly slandered by many. We were complicit in perpetuating terrible lies, it is true, but we were also deceived. We are victims too. However, some see us as criminals... Aymeric: Well, I understand people's anger, but it saddens me to think that they would attack those around them that way. Especially when we need solidarity more than anything... While I can imagine your anguish, I wouldn't dare fully understand your pain. Tell us about the challenges you and yours have faced since the end of the war? Clem: Like all sons and daughters of Ishgard, we dream of peace in our lives. But now that you're here, we have little reason to celebrate. Our faith has been the foundation of our lives, and overnight that foundation has been damaged by fractures. For some beyond repair. Knowing that we were deceived and that we had inadvertently deceived others was… crushing. We who were once shepherds of men find ourselves like lost lambs, without security and guidance. We've all languished in the dark. However, I have faith. That the church will redeem itself. May he find a new path and become a beacon of hope for the people again. Aymeric: I see... Thanks for sharing this with us. His testimony confirmed our suspicions. What holds people back, say our allies, is nothing but their despair and fear. If not before, it is now very clear why members of the clergy are among the transformed. I don't think he did it because of his unwavering belief in the Church. In this context, we ask for your continued cooperation. Clem: Of course. Anything to help my brothers. Artoirel: Now that we've established the cause, we're left with the mystery of the unholy Fafnir's identity. The harbinger of these troubles... Could he also have been a man of splendor? Clem: From what I remember of her outfit, I doubt it. He was dressed in the usual way and also inadequate against the cold. Aymeric: “It is said that something about the individual can remain in the blasphemy and affect his behavior. If we can discover what instincts drive the unholy Fafnir, we can learn who he once was. And that knowledge, I believe, will be critical to our efforts to stop it. Deacon Clem - we ask that you reach out to your fellow clergy. Please do what you can to ease their fears. Clem: Understood. As I have always done, I will offer as much comfort as possible to those in need. Aymeric: In the meantime, we need to make profanity identification a priority. He would look for other eyewitnesses. Hoplon is a busy place all the time; Some ordinary citizens were certainly present when this tragic event unfolded. I suggest we investigate the Pillars. If you can handle the hoplon, Lord Artoirel and I will scour the area.

Compilation of eyewitness accounts

serious citizen

I was not present at the Hoplon incident, but I saw a young man poorly dressed for the cold. I remember well because an assistant from Saint Vaindreau was looking for him. He was a patient on the ward and went by the same name. (Optional) I don't know what happened to this young man, but I hope the helper found him. It was evident that he was incapable of wandering alone.

social citizen

No, I didn't see that dragon. I wouldn't either, as scary as it sounds. They say it wasn't a Dravan attack. But if not, then what was it? (Optional) Whatever this beast is, I pray I never have to see it again. He prefers to forget he was ever here.

energetic citizen

The dragon that appeared in the hoplon? Yes, I saw it with my own eyes. An Elezen one moment, a terrible beast the next. He was a heretic, I suppose. (Optional) This dragon was huge let me tell you. I didn't know heretics could turn into something so big.

Talk to Aymeric

(Optional) Artoirel: Did you learn anything? Aymeric: There you are, [name]. Did your search bear fruit? a patient ofFirmamentNurse, you say... Artoirel: One of the people I spoke to claimed to have seen a person fitting that description. A man who walked in a daze, who didn't seem to feel the cold. If she had walked straight out of the ward, that would explain the state of her clothes. Aymeric: Yes, I dare say we found our blasphemy. But to think his name should have been Vaindreau... It's the same as the former commander of the heavenly chambers, Ser Vaindreau de Rouchmande, after whom the infirmary was named. Artoirel: However, Ser Vaindreau retired from his post at an opportune time. age a few years ago. It's not like he was. In any case, we have an advantage. I'm going to the infirmary right away. Please wait for me belowno twilight.

Wait in the mist with Aymeric

(Optional) Aymeric: Lord Artoirel must not delay. Let's wait here.
Artoirel: This is Loverick, the assistant in charge of Vaindreau. Loverick: Did you? Oh please say you made it! Aymeric: Unfortunately we don't. But we're looking and hoping you can tell us more about it. May we ask how you got to the infirmary? Loverick: Found by a patrol in the central highlands. After his injuries were tended to, he was brought to us for convalescence. He was fine in his prime, but then... Aymeric: In his prime... He's not an old man by all accounts. It seems safe to assume this is not the case.To beVaindreau.Loverick: Oh no, she's definitely a different person, as I told Lord Artoirel. And although he gave her name as Vaindreau, he seemed quite confused and we had no way of confirming her identity. In his condition, he shouldn't be walking alone. Please, you must find him. Aymeric: The man who turned into a beast in the hoplon recently... Sorry, but it could have been Vaindreau. Loverick: Wh-what? No... how can that be? Artoirel: Is there anything else you can tell us? Things you may have said or done while in their care? Loverick: Hmmm... I used to talk a lot when I was unconscious. Though most of it was incoherent, he mentioned the archbishop many times. Oh, and he also spoke of a bishop: Bishop Vartinoix. In view of this, I thought he was a godly man. Aymerich: I see. Thank you for your cooperation. We will continue our investigation and if we confirm what happened to Vaindreau we will let you know immediately. Artoirel: Now let's return to the Congregation.

Go back to the strategy room

(Optional) Aymeric: Who could this Vaindreau be...?
Artoirel: The mystery remains, but we are one step closer to identifying the man who became Unholy Fafnir. Aymeric: Indeed. Although at first he doesn't seem like a member of the clergy, his words reveal a burning faith. And how strange that he spoke not only of the archbishop, but above all of Bishop Vartinoix... Artoirel: Perhaps he knew his Excellency personally. Given the possibility, I think we should talk to him directly. Aymerich: Okay. I'll request an audience, but his Grace demands a lot of your time. It might be a while before they see us. If you have other matters, feel free to take care of them in the meantime.

references and notes

  1. not to be confused withIshgard-Bürgerwhich will provide you with the Dark Knight unlock quests.
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