ELDEN RING - Tier 1 guide and non-upgradable weapons (PvP initial setup) (2023)

ELDEN RING - Tier 1 guide and non-upgradable weapons (PvP initial setup) (1)

Sets a level 1 character guide with all amulet slots for low levels and more importantly low gear pvp.


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Tier 1 and no upgrade weapons


Why would you force yourself and your friends to do this?

It's relatively simple and you can avoid a lot of cheesy weapons and spells late game with the lowest level and non-upgraded weapons.

Of course to get that cool challenge and feeling of limiting yourself in a certain way.

That said, enjoy the guide!

to create

First, a friend or two who are willing to help.

Second, before involving the aforementioned friends, get the following things:

  • Large Tortoise Shell, Chorosa Peninsula.
  • Aquarius Shield, Western Liurnia.
  • Radagon 的 Soreseal, Fort Faroth – Caelid.
  • Starscourge Heritage, Gailburg - Caelid.
  • Prosthetic user legacy, Millicent –​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Arrow's Reach Talismã,Stormgate – Limgrave.
  • Longbow, eller Blackbow, Leyndell Capital.
  • Extra arrows (rotten, poisoned, bleeding, normal).

to begin

Start as a rogue, level 1

  • Complete the tutorial for about 600 runes to get Kalé's Crafting Kit.
  • Get torrents from Melina in Gatefront or Agheel Lake North grace.
  • Optional at start; go to Liurnia or Caelid to unlock Roundtable Hold.


  • Go south to the Tower of Return, southwest of the Weeping Peninsula.
  • Climb the tower to open the Roofie chest.

Welcome to Linde Capital

  • Now that we have reached Shenqiao, there are two ways to exit the elevator.

good hop:

  • There is a bug that redirects you if you exit after traveling to another Grace location.
  • After sitting gracefully, when the loading bar reaches the first 1/5, rotate anywhere and press alt-f4 to end the game, as soon as you pay attention to this loading bar, you will see the point where it stops, this is scene.
  • After finishing to load backup, you will appear before the mercy of East Capital Rampart. (If you want a video of this, search MrTurboMoose for "Leyndell Royal Capital Early")
  • From here you can run to the mercy of the Avenue Balcony and further along the dragon's wing towards the mercy of the West Capital Rampart.

friend and aggressor

  • Summon a friend to get hacked or use Taunter's Tongue (1).
  • Since you can only be hacked by lv1, you may need another friend to hack you.
  • Raiders have to spawn at the bottom, or get lucky on the first spawn, or use ghost blood fingers. From there they can take the elevator up and unlock Leyndell Capital for you.
  • From here you run through the Iron Virgins and into the Fortified Manor.
  • After passing the walls of the western capital or the fortified mansion, you will follow the branch to Godfrey, the first Lord of Eldon.

(1) Taunter's Tongue Tangent:

Get the spear (I used the short spear from the twin's female corpse) and Gift Ashes from the Rotten Lake War in the Caelid. Continue to fight Mad Tongue Alberich under the Roundtable Hold balcony. He hits you twice when he catches you at that level, so it's a test of your patience.

Godfrey, First Elder Lord

When you reach the Erde Tree Shrine, there are two options, only one can make your blood boil.

  • Killing Godfrey personally requires a 1v1 no-hitter run with extended patience.
  • Gather friends to kill Godfrey while retreating and avoiding stray attacks.

A recommended strategy for your friends is to use a large shield and a javelin/spear (large) grapple. It is not affected by status, so it will take longer. Fingerprint Greatshield +25 and Greatshield talisman make the block not require resistance, it just stops stamina regeneration.
To be safe, use Jellyfish Greatshield with Radagon's Thorhail or Starbane Heirloom. Using the Great Turtle Shell provides additional stamina regeneration if needed.
After defeating Godfrey, you will receive a third Amulet Pouch and will now be able to use the Black Bow when using Radagon's Soreseal and the Prosthetic Wearer heirloom at the same time.

After Godfrey, you go to the Queen's chambers while avoiding the Black Knife Assassin (successfully or not).

Mogot, King of Omens

Again, there are two options.

  • Killing Morgott requires a 1-3v1 no-hit run to build patience.

If you attempt to do this, I recommend poisoning, rotting, bleeding, and freezing.

  • Enter the boss arena to spawn Mogott, then die on it.

When you come back, don't go into the boss arena. Instead, with a light load, climb up the rail and jump onto the higher rail next to the fog doors. (When you try this, jump to the side with the floor, not the ledge... thanks.)

From here you can shoot Mogot with a longbow. Without using the Arrow's Reach Talisman, aim slightly upwards to hit it. Shoot any arrow at him to knock him down.

Enter the boss room before he dies/disappears, run when he reaches 0 and starts to disappear!

If you're not in the arena when he disappears, you'll block this character because you need to touch Erdtree's spikes and talk to Melina.

This will not happen if you have not accepted Melina's agreement.

After successfully killing Mogot, you will receive his Great Rune, Memory, and the first Amulet Pouch. - As a side note, you have now also cleared the way to Stormveil Castle. Margit jumps ftw.

after mogot

After being dismissed by Erdtree and discussing the incident with Melina, return to the Round Table.

Once there, you can talk to Enia in the Roundtable Hold by tapping two fingers to perform the Rapture move.

After that, head over to the twin maiden skulls, who will now sell you another amulet pouch for a reasonable price of 500 runes.


To complete the story, for the love of warrior pots, go to First Step Grace and hit the Bravo message from Varré! hand gesture.

Visit Varré in Liurnia before following the message's instructions.

Complete your questline and enjoy the invasion, helping beginners while giving you fashion and four talisman slots!

things to avoid

There are three guys you want to avoid in certain parts of the story because they drop or give you upgraded weapons, which gets in the way of building.

These people are and the places to avoid them are:

  • Santo Edgar
    He took down a +8 Banished Knight Halberd with Spinning Strike Ash of War.
    Just to be safe: under no circumstances kill him, you can clear his and Irina's quests to unlock Hyetta's lines (especially with whichever emote you want), but avoid the Avengers in the West Liurnia cabin.
  • correction
    When killed, he loses +7 Spear and his equipment.
    Take care of yourself; give him grace to accept Grovel for Mercy gesture, attack him again for aggro. Let him beat you until you're around 25% health, do the extreme penance move and reset the area. This makes him friendly again and unlocks the shop and more stories.
  • Roger, o straffor
    He gives you his +8 Rogier's Rapier with Glintblade Phalanx Ash of War.
    Just in case: Be humble and don't brag about defeating Godric.
    And when he sleeps, do not disturb the dead man.

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