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One of the most important missionsolder ringFrom an NPC named Lanny. Lani is a witch in a doll's body. She lives in a tower near Caria Manor and asks the Defiler for help. The quest unlocks an alternate ending to the game if the tainted agrees to help. look at oursolder ringLanny's quest guide below provides a complete walkthrough.

where you can meet lenny

Laney can be found in her tower called "Lanny's Heights", located west of Caria's Manor in the Lunia region. To meet her, visit her tower and go to the highest room. Here you will find Lani. Talk to Lani and she will ask you to help her. You can meet her at almost any point in the game. To start your quest, select "Serve Witch Lenny" when you talk to her.

After talking to Lanny, she asks you to talk to Iggy and Seluvis. These NPCs are located at the bottom of the tower. Talk to both of them, then go back and talk to Lanny again. Afterwards, you can exit to continue to the next mission.

Defeat Starbane Radan to activate Interstellar Crash/Enter Nokron

characters: You can defeat Radan before or after you talk to Lanny.

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When you talk to Lani, you learn that she wants the Norkron treasure. Your mission is to find it and steal it. To enter Nokron, you must defeat the boss called Calamity Radan in the Wailing Dunes of Kelid. Once done, a star will drop just northwest of Fort Heit in Ringgrave. The star formed a crater leading to Nokrang.

Go deep into the crater and past Nokrang. You will eventually fight a boss called "Tears of Mimicry". Defeat this boss to unlock the Grace Mimic tear point. I will explain how to get to the treasure of this landmark.

where to find nokron treasure

Follow the bridge northeast until you reach the path leading to the land below to the west. Follow the path until you see a druid mage on the rock. Leave the road and go left. Turn left at the next intersection and you will arrive at the ruins of the Ancient Forest of Grace.

How to get Nokron Treasure

Turn southwest from Grace Ruins towards the building. Go to the edge of the cliff and jump onto the roof below. Continue southwest to the end of the roof and drop onto the small ledge on the next building. Go west and turn the corner. You will see a corpse hanging from a nearby building. Jump over. Continue southwest through the building.

The next part is a bit more complicated. The terrace area below you has imitators. Jump into the igloo and then into the yard where the imitator is. Run southwest, then turn south and follow the hallway there. You will see a broken arch pass through the street below. Run through the archway and through the window in the building.

Inside the building, a large boulder falls from an open doorway and extends to the south. Turn west and go down the stairs. To your left is the Shrine of the Night of Grace. Grab it, turn around and look northeast. Go down the street to the distant building you see in the distance with a huge giant sitting on it. Open the chest inside and get the treasure this isfinger knife.

Return the blade to Lani to get the Carian Handstand Statue.

Once you get the treasure, you can return it to Lanny. give her items and she will give youCarian's handstand statue. This item is used to return to the Karian Study Hall in Liurnia. This is the next place we want to visit on our mission.

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What to do with a Carian Headstand Statue

After receiving the Carian Inversion Statue, you may be wondering what to do with it. The answer is in your description. This statue helps reveal the hidden secrets of the Hall of Carian Studies. Now that we know what it does, it's time to use it.

To get to the Karian Study Hall, go to the east side of Lunia and find the marker on the map shown above. From this location you enter the building from the north side to the lobby area. Within this area you will find a place of grace and an altar with a pedestal. Approach the pedestal and select inspect the pedestal to place the statue on it.

Elden Ring Lanny Quest Guide | hold to restart (14)

The effect of placing the statue is to turn the building upside down. This will give you access to another building on the east side called "Lunya's Tower". At the top of the tower is an enemy apostle with divine skin. Defeat him and go to the top of Lunia Tower to getdeath curse(toFias mission)estargazer's legacy.

Get Micro Raney key elements

Once you get these items, return to Lanny Heights. Instead of going to her building, you will go to the northeast tower called Reina's Heights (if you go back to Lanney's tower, there is now a Grace location at the top of her tower). There is a teleporter at the top of this tower that you can go through. Take this teleporter to the Ijssel region.

Go forward and you will see an item inside the chest. Take this item to getLille LannyKey elements. Head south from the chest and rest at the Grace Master Ruins in Ainsel. You will see an option to talk to Mini Lenny. Choose this option three times to make him talk to you. He tells you to defeat the dark evil enemies.

where evil shadows can be found

Elden Ring Lanny Quest Guide | hold to restart (19)

To find the malevolent shadow, you must travel to Nokstra. It is a journey. Head southwest from the main ruins of Grace on the Ainsel River, past the ruins of the Palace of Ur to the tunnel leading into the city. This trail is highlighted on the map shown above. By following this path you will reach the outskirts of the city. Sitting in the ruins of Grace on the outskirts of town.

From Grace Ruins, follow the river and head northwest. Follow the river until you reach the elevator on the left (marked on the map above). Take the elevator directly to the Grace Nokstra Falls Basin site. Sit on this spot and head south/southwest through the tunnel.

Malevolent shadows will appear in the room behind the tunnel. Malevolent Shadow is an enemy that wields a greatsword. Like other Invasion enemy types, it has a Flask that heals once. beat him to getAbandoned Palace Key. Enter the southwest building and take the elevator down. Sitting on the shores of Lake Rotten, near Lake Grace.

Få Ring of the Dark Moon

Elden Ring Lanny Quest Guide | hold to restart (24)

Walk through or go to the large library in La Jalucarlia. There is a locked treasure chest in this room. Use the following method to open the treasure chestAbandoned Palace Keyto assumeDark Moon Ring. This ring will be needed later to advance the mission, getting it now will prevent the quest from being interrupted. After getting the ring, return to the Ruins of Grace on the shores of Lake Rot.

Where to find Astor, the Voidborn Boss

Elden Ring Lanny Quest Guide | hold to restart (25)

Return to the Lake of Rot and head southeast through Rot. As you go through the rot, you can stop on platforms with buttons. These buttons raise the platform for easier crossing. Continue southeast until you reach the building there. Continue through the building to the site of Graça known as the Grande Cloister.

To get to the boss we have to go through the great hall. To do this, go west from the Land of Grace. You will come to the end of the path. In front of you will be a ledge. Climb up this ledge and drop down the first gap to the ledge below. Follow the ledges around the building and drop down twice. Drop back down to the floor below. Follow the Rotten West River and turn left when the river bends. Eventually you will find a chest that you can enter. Enter the chest and go to the new location.

Defeat Boss Voidborn Astor

Elden Ring Lanny Quest Guide | hold to restart (28)

Prepare for battle in the new location. Go forward and enter the wall of fog when you're ready. On the other side, you face a boss named Astel, Voidborn. Defeat Astor. Sit in the seat of grace.

Head north from Grace Ruins to reach the elevator. Take the elevator to the area called Altar do Luar. Head northeast to the ruins of the cathedral on the hill known as the Cathedral of Manus Seles.

give the ring to Lenny

Inside the Cathedral of Manus Seles are the ruins of Grace. Head south from here and you'll find a hole in the ground. Drop through the hole in the floor until you reach the bottom. Go forward until you reach a room with Lani in. Go and place the ring when prompted. This triggers a cutscene where you place the ring on her finger.

Talk to Lani after the scene. She said you would meet again later. to takeDarkmoon GreatswordFrom where Lanny sat. That's the end of the mission. Lenny can be summoned late in the game to end Age of Stars.

things to do after mission

  • Sit in Lanny's free seat and talk to her.
  • wolf fightGet your armor (not including helmet) and greatsword outside of Laney Heights.
  • Summon Lani at the end of the game.

Here's everything you need to know to complete Lenny's mission.older ring. This task is quite long and requires considerable strength to complete. That said, getting the Darkmoon Greatsword and one of the game's possible endings is worth the effort.

What do you think of our Elden Ring Ranni quest guide? Leave them in the comments below.


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