Elden Ring: How do you get to the sacred snowfield? - Bedeutung online (2023)

Elden Ring: How do you get to the sacred snowfield? - Bedeutung online (1)
The Dedicated Snowfield is one of the largest optional playable areas in the open world action RPG Elden Ring. It is, so to speak, an addition to the player. On the map of the open world action RPG Elden Ring is called Sanctified Snowfield Sanctified Snowfield. Once the player reaches the Consecrated Snow Field, two more optional areas will be unlocked in the game, containing various optional boss fights.
Fighting the bosses in Consecrated Snowfield is the hardest thing in the open world action RPG Elden Ring. Most players cannot match Miquella's black blade, Malenia. Malenia is a boss with amazing magic and fighting skills.

Therefore, players must test their character's abilities before unlocking the Consecrated Snowfield. One way to test it is to complete "The Royal Capital Leyndell" mission in Altus Plateau. The faster a player defeats the Leyndell boss, the better their chances of winning the Consecrated Snow Boss.

Unlocks the Sacred Snowfield: Ring of Fire

Until the Consecrated Snowfields are unlocked, this area will appear as a dimmed northern zone on the open world action RPG Elden Ring's map.

To unlock the Hallowed Snow Field, players must have the Hallowed Tree Secret Medal. If the player uses this item as the Rold Elevator Key (which initially only leads to forbidden areas), the player can also choose to enter the Consecrated Snowfield as a new destination. All he has to do is select "Change action".

As the game progresses, players discover that the secret haligree medal has been broken in two. To collect this item again, the player must complete the mission "Village of Albinaurics" in Liurnia for the right half of the medal and the mission "Sol Castle" for the left half of the medal.

Quest "Albinaurics Village": Elden Ring

The village of Albinaurics is located near a lake at the foot of a mountain in southwestern Liunia. From the riverbed to the south, first to the lake, then from the lake to the mountain, you can reach the village in no time. As enemies, there are some giant crabs to defeat on the way to the village.

In the village of Albinaurics it was very dark. For his further path, the player must create a light source. More enemies attacked from the dark corners of the village. The mercy seat (save point) is next to the village well. From there, a staircase goes up the hill. East of the stairs, a small path diverges leading to a dead end. At the end of this dead end was a hut with some pots in front.
When the player reaches the hut, he must hit the jar. However, these cannot be broken. One of the vials made a noise. The jar then introduces himself as Albus. The target is an NPC. He told the player a sad story. For listening, Albus gives the player the right half of the Halig Tree Medal.

Explore the "Castle of the Sun"

The task "Sol Castle" is optional. Sol Castle is a dungeon. This dungeon is slightly off the main mission. After completing the "Giant's Mountain" mission, players can simply ride or walk north from the frozen lake. At the end of the frozen lake lies Solens Slot. In front of Castelo do Sol there is a walking mausoleum.

In Sol Castle, the final battle awaits players against Commander Niall. He summons two knights to fight the player. After the two knights are defeated, Commander Neil attacks the player. After defeating Commander Neil, entry to the tower is free.

At the top of the tower, the player encounters a ghost. Players can talk to ghosts. He later received the left half of the Haligbaum Medal. Alternatively, the player can also kill the ghost and loot the left half of the medal.

The Road to the Sacred Snowfields (Elden Ring)

To enter the Sacred Snow Field, the player must return to Roald's elevator and onto the lower platform. The open world action RPG Elden Ring unlocks "Pick up the Secret Medal" when the player collects the secret Haligbaum Medal. If you unlock this option, players will be able to target the Sacred Snow Field in Roald's Elevator at all times.
The Rold elevator will not immediately transport the player to the Hallowed Snow Field. The journey ends in the catacombs. More battles await the player in the catacombs. Then he left and entered the sacred snow field.

Once you get out of the sacred snow field, the view is pretty bad. There is a snowstorm. To avoid the storm, the player must move strictly north. If the player deviates from this route, character deaths will occur with regularity.
After overcoming the blizzard, the player reaches the town of Ordina. This is the city of etiquette. There is a place of mercy outside the gates. Players should make sure to activate this mercy seat. Otherwise, the player character will be teleported back to Rod's elevator after he is killed.

Inaugurate quests in the snow field

Quests that await players in the Consecrated Snowfield are "The Mystery of Ordina" and "Miquella's Haligree".

The quest "The Mystery of Ordina" is used to unlock the path to Miquella's Haligrana. Players must find keys that can light up the four statues of Ordina. Only after lighting up the four statues is a path to Miquella's Haligree unlocked.

The quest "Miquella's Haligree" is a boss fight with Malenia, Miquella's black blade, and boss Loretta, Knight of Haligree. In the process, the path through Haligbaum goes over logs and branches. After defeating Malenia and Loretta, players will receive runes as well as rare and valuable items.

Conclusion: Elden Ring: How do you get to the sacred snowfields?

Snowlands are called Dedicated Snowfields in the open world action RPG Elden Ring. This is an optional play area in the game that leads to two other optional areas with optional boss fights. After playing Sanctified Snowfields, the game rewards rare and valuable items.

To unlock the Sacred Snowfield, the Hairy Tree Medallion must be collected. To do this, you must complete two tasks. The passage leading to the Sacred Snow Field is the lower platform of Roald's Elevator. The Haligbaum medal must be worn there. The open world action RPG Elden Ring will unlock access to the Sacred Snowfield with the "Lift Secret Medallion" option.

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