Elden Ring Ainsel River Locations, Directions and Items (Updated) [May 2023] - Qnnit (2023)

Elden Ring Ainsel River Locations, Directions and Items (Updated) [May 2023] - Qnnit (1)

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ansel r.One of the most interesting places in Elden Ring, with many things to collect. This is a cave system with many routes to enter and find items. The Ancel River can be reached from three different directions. He can be summoned from the north portal at the top of Reina Rise. Take the lift into the Ainsel River Well, which can be accessed from the south side.

Elden Ring Ainsel River Locations, Directions and Items (Updated) [May 2023] - Qnnit (2)

Also available after Siofra Aqueduct defeats the Gargoyles and takes Grace's chest, Nameless Eternal City. This Elden Ring location has three sub-locations, Ainsel River Main, Uhl Palace Ruins and Noktella, Eternal City. This site has no NPCs and a merchant to operate. Below is a map of the Ansel River.

Ansel River Guide:

Here are the steps to get back to this river through the various caves and objects:

  • In Eastern Liurnia, north of the Site of Grace in the Eastern Highlands, when you reach the building guarded by the Golem, you can jump over it and go to the elevator that will take you to the Ainsel River
  • When you reach the Land of Grace, there will be a colony of giant ants hanging from the wall. You can ignore them for now and go straight to where you find the Golden Rune [3]. Go straight from there, at the end of the waterfall, to find a corpse; looting its remains will yield Magic Grease x3
  • Go back to the cave where the ants are trapped and lure them out one by one. Once inside the cave, pick up another fallen corpse there, which gives Grace Mimic x8. After walking, be careful because there is another ant to attack on the right side behind the wall and another ant as you walk. Get rid of the ants and turn left where two more ants will appear. After killing them there will be Smithing Stone [3] x1
  • Go back to the main path; Two more ants will be waiting as they descend from above. After you kill them, to the left you'll find Silver Glowfly x2 and a corpse with a golden rune [1]. An ant guarding the corpse will appear in the left hand, after killing the ant and looting the corpse it will drop a stone forge [3]
  • After jumping and killing the ant queen, go back the same way and reward the rune bow [10]x1. After that, face seven more ants, kill them and go back to where you found Silverfly. There is another road to the left; follow this path to the end where you'll see a Ghost Glove Herb [1] and a corpse just beyond holding a SShattershard Arrow (fletched) x10. Go to the left corner and get the Smithstone from the corpse [3]
  • After that, go upstairs and activate the mercy seat. Then go back and find a room next to Campo da Graça. Enter the elevator and it will take you down, at the bottom you will find the ruins of the Palace of Ur
  • Move right, hold on to the wall and continue until you find a corpse with a golden rune [1]. There will be many Kleimans. Go up and find another corpse on the left, take the golden rune [3]. Stick to the wall on the left to get the Smith Stone [1]. More claymen will appear, kill them, on the right side you can find another corpse with a golden rune[2]
  • Behind that wall is another Ghost Glovewort [1]. Go back to where the queen was found and continue on the route. When you reach the end, jump down and find a corpse with a Smithing Sine [4] on it; jump again and another corpse with potion. Jump back down and head towards the entrance.
  • More Claymans will appear in the hallway; when you get to the end, different things will appear on the ground, but the strange star will attack you, so hide quickly. Here you will find Furcalling Finger Remedy, a Golden Rune [3], Throwing Dagger x6 and Magic Grease x2
  • Turn right, past Clayman and up the stairs to the Golden Rune [3]. Be wary of the monstrous star, ignore Clayman and continue until you reach the ruins under the monstrous star. In this remnant, move to the right of the pillar, take the Ansel River Map from the corpse and find the Hermit Merchant Ansel River. He sells Gravity Stone Fan, Prisoner Set, Lost Ashes of War, Gravity Stone, Sky Dew, Perfume Recipe [4] and Nomadic Warrior Recipe [16]
  • Go back to the hallway and find a corpse covered in shield grease. Turn left at the end of the hall, which leads to the tunnel on the left. At the end of this tunnel, go through a broken pillar to the Abnormal Star and find a corpse and Smithstone [1] x3 to the left. Jump on the platform to move forward and get the forge stone. Lean against the wall to continue protecting yourself from the freak star attack
  • Jump from the right ledge, jump again to get the Smithing Stone [3] x3. Jump down and grab the wall on the right to reach the Land of Grace. Avoid the giant ants and find the Ant Stone, Horn of Immunity Amulet, Forgestone [2] x3 and Crystal Dart x5. Find another Formica Stone to the right and two Basilisks to the left, which can be surprised from behind. To the right you can find more Ant Rocks and another Basilisk Corpse with x4 Soap. Aeonic butterflies will be found at the end of the cliff, and a somber Smithing Stone [3] by a corpse.
  • Go back to where you found the giant ants and turn left. Sneak up to the other three ants, go straight out and turn left at the first corner to find the Molten Mushroom x3 next to the corpse. Turn around and go straight to find Ghost Gloves [2]. Make another U-turn and go right, at the end of this tunnel you will find the Notskella Dragonkin Soldier
  • This boss fight will reward you with the Frozen Lightning Spear spell, earn 12,000 runes and the Lands of Grace will appear. Move into the tower to get the Large Oni Glove Grass
  • Visit Ranni's room, go downstairs and exit. Move northeast to reach Renna's Rise. Find the ladder inside and go up the stairs, then use the portal to quickly reach the Ainsel River Main.

Main areas of the Ansel River:

  • Once there, go forward and find a grave with a miniature of Lanny. Arrive at the Land of Mercy, rest and talk to Mini Lanny
  • After that, head straight to the ruins of the Ur Palace and meet the Deformed Star again. Kill the Monstrous Star and get the Gloomy Forgestone [7]. Also grab the Golden Rune [7] next to the corpse on the left and the Smithing Stone [4] on the right. Go up the stairs to the bone fragment, held by a corpse, guarded by a Clayman.
  • Then go to Miranda's Giant Flower to find the corpse of a Stone Sword Key. Head towards the waterfall and take the Clayman Ashes on the right.
  • Turn around and go down to find the tunnel past the two beetle cliffs on the right. In the middle of the tunnel you will find a corpse with a stimulant pill to the left. Keep going and see another corpse with a golden rune [10] x8, guarded by two winged ants. To the right, another x2 shield grease corpse can be found blocked by shield ants
  • Continue down and find the Starcaller at the end. Beetle Rock is almost nowhere to be found on the left. Another Starcaller will be on your right, kill him and keep moving while holding the wall. Jump down, go forward, jump on the platforms. Find a chest next to the pillar and get Astel Wings. Go back the way you came, to the left, get the somber forgestone [6] from the corpse. Go back to where you found the winged ants, turn left and follow the path. Enter the hall and you have reached the Eternal City of Noxstra.

Nokstella, the eternal city:

  • After jumping twice, an empty space will appear. Go left and you will find Magic Grease x3. As you move to the right and through the water wall, you'll meet Nox Swordstress riding a giant ant. Go forward and face two more Nox Swordstresses along with a corpse with a Forgestone [6] and another corpse with Drawstring Holy Grease x2
  • Go to the edge of the cliff and move to the right until you find a corpse with a silver drop shell x3. Now turn around and grab the wall on the right and go forward. After turning right, you'll find a snake slug surrounding a corpse with a sheet on it.
  • Go southeast, go up the stairs, turn left into the room and find a chest with Ant Skull Plate guarded by Nox Swordstress. Outside and upstairs, find a corpse with Fan Daggers and Night Maiden as guards. Keep going up and find Silver Tears
  • Once at the top, go around the wall to the left and find a corpse at the end of the road with Archer's Ashes inside. Go back to the building, enter the room, there is a chest inside which contains Ghost-Glovewort Picker's Bell Bearing [2] guarded by Silver Tears
  • Follow the path with the golden rune [10] to the right to find another corpse outside. Then go to the left room and get the somber smith's stone [7] from a corpse.
  • Go upstairs after exiting, turn left and use the Stone Sword Key to enter the fog. Once inside, find a chest with Nightmaiden and Swordstress Puppets guarded by two Nox Monks.
  • Once outside, use the statue on the bridge to protect yourself from the rolling silver ball. Find the golden rune [10] next to the corpse on that bridge. Enter the building over the bridge on the right, take the large ghost herb from the crate and kill the second rolling orb that enters the room.
  • Go outside, turn right and go up the stairs to find a corpse with a golden rune [10] on the railing to the left. Once at the top, go right and then left and find the Smithing Stone [6] from the corpse in the doorway. Go outside and enter the room, the door is open and there is a chest with the Gloomy Forge Stone [7] inside. Take the right exit, find the bridge at the end and take the Somber Smithing Stone [6]. After killing the tear bug
  • Continuing to rise, two human-shaped silver tears appeared at the front of the room. You can find Nokstella's Moon in a chest at the end of the room.
  • Leave the room and take the elevator to the bottom to go down. Find the golden seed of the unreal tree. Go north to the ledge and get the stone sword key from the corpse. You have already collected all items

common problem:

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Eldon Circus Ansel:

Q1: What boss will I encounter in Ansel River?

Response: Notskella's Dragon Soldiers are boss fights for the Ainsel River mission.

Q2: Where can I find merchants on the Ainsel River?

Response: It can be found at the end of the stone ruins southwest of the Ansel River.

Q3: How many routes are there to Ainsel River?

Response: There are 3 routes to get there: the south side, the north gate at the top of Reina Heights, and the chest of grace in the nameless eternal city.

to complete:

ansel r.is a place in Elden Ring that has many rewards, but there are many caves and routes to get those rewards. This questline only has one boss fight due to the many access points, but many creatures require different spells and weapons to kill.

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