Elden Ring: 11 tips to complete Siofra River (2023)

Many Tainted may first stumble upon this impressive area.antique ringinadvertently. The Siofra River Pit in Limgrave is an easily accessible area for the first few hours of the game, and players will likely be surprised at how large the area was below them the entire time.

Therefore, it is understandable that approaching the area can be daunting. Every ten steps, the corruption is struck on the head or crushed by a wandering crab. While Tainted recalls a few key tips, it should make exploring Siofra a much more manageable experience.

Updated November 10, 2022 by Russ Boswell:Siofra flowIt is one of the most beautiful, deadly, and sometimes most imposing areas of the Elden Ring. Players will likely stumble upon this impressive area accidentally and soon find themselves surrounded by hordes of powerful (sometimes annoying) enemies that are capable of quickly decimating a Tainted in the early parts of the game. To give players better accessSiofra flow, and to guide you to some of the most important waypoints in the area, the guide below has been updated to include more entries. Here's a better look at what to expectRing O river Siofra of Elden.

11 Illuminate the pillars as you explore

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By exploring some key areas ofantique ring, Tainted are often aided by Guiding Grace, which is used as a rough indicator of where the player should go next. In Siofra, several extinct pillars are scattered around the Siofra area.

There is a set of eight pillars in the main Siofra River area and a set of six pillars in the Nokron, Eternal City sub-area. The Tainted should make sure to light these pillars while he explores the area, because lighting them will unlock the Ancestral Spirit as the final boss.

10 Use the teleporters

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There may be several teleporters in the main area of ​​the Siofra River.used as useful abbreviationsto avoid the area. This is an extremely effective way to light up some of the final pillars and avoid taking headshots from the Ancients.

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Another particularly useful teleporter sends the Tainted to the upper level of the Siofra River, where they can fight the Dragonkin Soldier and obtain many useful items guarded by Claymen. This teleporter is located north of the Hallowhorn complex on top of a collapsed pillar.

9 Keep your head in a spin

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The Siofra River is a beautiful place. Once players have delved into the underground expanses, they are likely to be mesmerized by the dazzling skyscape that glows mystically in the background. While it's easy to get distracted in this area, it's a mistake. The Siofra River is teeming with dangerous enemies, some of which are completely invisible until players get close enough to trigger an encounter.

Followers of the Ancestors can be seen roaming the Siofra Rivers in some areas, but others simply appear and manifest without warning. Players must be careful when moving through each area and also keep an eye out for Ancient Archers, who can quickly take down an unsuspecting player with their heavy arrows.

8 wolf location

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passing byRanni Moon Princess quest line, will charge Tainted to find Nokron, the Eternal City,with the help of wolves, his half-wolf companion. At this point in the quest, Blaidd will say that he will find you in Siofra.

A large number of players may have a hard time finding Blaidd due to the sheer size of the area. It's just beyond the Hallowhorn complex, right next to a point where players can torrent to a higher area. Here he will give the Tainted useful information about their quest and give them clues on how to access the Eternal City.

7 Defeat Radahn to access the Eternal City

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Some Tainted will likely spend time trying to reach the higher reaches of the Siofra River in particular.try to access Nokron, Eternal City. Unfortunately, the player may not realize that the Eternal City cannot be accessed until much later in the game.

In order to reach the Eternal City, players must defeat the Star Conqueror, Shardbearer Radahn, in Caelid. After accomplishing this feat, there will be no one left to hold the stars and a huge meteorite will hit The Lands Between. Traveling through this crater brings the Corrupted to the city.

6 Watch out for stray explosions

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On their way down the Siofra River, players will encounter a series of "enemies" that appear as spheres of blue light. While these spirits appear relatively harmless, they can explode, dealing fatal damage to anyone who gets too close. When players venture near these spirits, they become aggressive and run towards them, exploding when approached. Players need to know where these energy balls are at all times, as it can be all too easy to lose sight of them during a fight, only to fall victim to an explosion while being distracted by another enemy.

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5 Access to the secret area of ​​the Siofra River

Elden Ring: 11 tips to complete Siofra River (7)

Near the Hallowhorn complex, the Tainted can access the top of a half-collapsed aqueduct. Here the player perceives a distant area that cannot be reached by normal means. This is another area that cannot be accessed by further exploration on the Siofra River.

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This secret location can be accessed by traveling to the other side of The Lands Betweenin Liurnia dos Lagos, specifically the four bell towers. Using an Imbued Keyblade in the third bell tower will take the player to the secret area where they will find the Speckled Necklace and a small Crucible Knight.

4 Find the nomad trader

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While exploring the main river area (populated by giant crabs and localized thunderstorms), Tainted can hear beautiful music from a hidden area. This is fromone of the nomadic traders, and achieving it can be a bit difficult for players who are not at a high level.

To reach this merchant, the player must scale the scaffolding surrounding the base of an aqueduct. After climbing the ladder, Tainted must fight an Ancient Follower at close range. Then just drop down onto the lower scaffolding and follow the path to the vendor.

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3 bring a friend

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Those who struggle a lot with the Siofra River should consider bringing a friend. There are many enemies patrolling this area, and it's easy to quickly become overwhelmed by groups of Ancients and Claymen. Bringing a friend (or two) can help players break up groups of enemies. Accompanying a friend to tour some of the most impressive spaces of Fonte Siofra can make the experience much easier.

2 D's twin brother

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One of the most enigmatic NPCs in Roundtable Hold is D, Hunter of the Dead.Definitely worth completing your series of quests,because it gives the player the twin armor set. Not only is it strong armor, but it also has another use in Nokron, the Eternal City.

Just before fighting the formidable Valiant Gargoyle Duo, Tainted encounters D's twin brother, who cowers in fear unless the player gives him the double set. If Tainted does this, they can summon him to fight the gargoyles, which makes the boss fight much easier.

1 Purchasing the Fingerslayer sword

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The reason the Ranni sent the Tainted to the Eternal City of Nokron is to acquire the Finger Slayer Sword. Finding this item allows the player to progress further in their quest line, obtaining the inverted statue of Carian in exchange for the sword.

Located under the giant skeleton statue in the Eternal City, the Fingerslayer sword will essentially be the final reward for completing the sub-area, as the sword represents Nokron's symbolic downfall. Be careful though, this is a late game area with challenging enemies.

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