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ANDFantasia finalThe series has always been known for its quirky characters, side activities, and in some cases even the story that allows you to step away from the more terrifying stories and relax into what the series has to offer.last fantasy 7game suite does an excellent job at.

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunionis a perfect example of fun and joymini gamesParticipate to earn unique rewards while distracting yourself from the exciting story surrounding Zack Fair and everything that takes place before the events of the original Final Fantasy 7. There iseight minigamesgeneral in Crisis Core that you can address.


fragrance mix

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Complete Guide to Minigames (1)

One of the firstmini gamesYou can try Reunion en in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7perfume mix,whichSee how Zack tries to create the perfect perfume for Aerithduring your time inFavela do Sector 5whileChapter 4this will beone of the many ways to earn affection points, Deepening the bond between Zack and Aerith.

To start this minigame,to search for AANDPort Commercial StandinsideSector 5 Barrios Bajos market area.Talk to the stall owner to start the minigame we'll talk about next to find the perfect match. Before doing so, however, it is important to notethis activity will no longer be available in Chapter 9,so make suredo it as soon as possible(Chapter 4). you will tooYou need at least 1000 gil to start the minigame,So make sure you have it handy before you try to launch it.

Instructions for mixing perfumes

When it's aboutto make the perfect perfumepara Aerith,The clerk will tell you how many drops of oil to add to the perfumeby the right amountthen you must count the drops with text-based hints to determine when to stopadding oil.Three different text messages let you know how much oil has just been added.You can see what they are in the table below!

drop of oil

text suggestion

drops added


A drop of oil.

drip drip

Two drops of oil.


Ten drops of oil.

Once you reach the amount of drops the vendor told you to get the perfume, press the minigame end indicator to finish making the perfume.You'll earn Affection Points based on how well you did it, but you might also lose some if your Perfume Mixing skills are bad.See the table below for the rewards!


fragrance mix

To forgive

perfect mix

+5 no afeto de Aerith

+1-2 drops to the required amount

+3 to Aerith's affection

+3-4 drops to the required amount

+1 to Aerith's affection

5+ drops above the required amount

-1 to Aerith's affection

Aerith's affection for Zack determines what she says to him before returning to base in preparation for Chapter 9. Also, maxing out her Affection will net you the Trophy/Achievement Good Match for Aerith and you'll get the Master Blender. "Trophy/Achievement for creating the perfect combination in this minigame.

material collection

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Complete Guide to Minigames (2)

material collectionIt's like the previous minigame,will be available in Chapter 4insidemarket areadoDistricts of sector 5.Also taken frombe unfinished when you get to Chapter 9,so make suredo it as soon as possibleor he will end up missing the chance to increase Aerith's affection for Zack.

He canstart this minigameon the way tonorthwest section of Sector 5's Slum Marketjtalking to the man who runs the Materia collection stand.after talking to hima timer started,and you will have toCollect 20 pieces of Materia that consume the entire market area of ​​Sector 5 Slums.ANDThe faster your time, the better your rewards.Check the table below for timing and rewards!

(Video) Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion 100% Walkthrough Part 16 All Chapter 4 Minigames

Matter Gathering Rewards

completion time


23 seconds or less

  • +5 no afeto de Aerith
  • +100 guilds

24 > 28 seconds

  • +1 to Aerith's affection
  • +80 guilds

29>33 seconds

  • +1 to Aerith's affection
  • +60 guilds

34 > 40 seconds

  • No change in Aerith's affection
  • +40 guilds

41 > 60 seconds

  • No change in Aerith's affection
  • +30 guilds

61 > 105 seconds

  • No change in Aerith's affection
  • +20 guilds

105 seconds or more

  • No change in Aerith's affection
  • no Gil

As mentioned above, increasing Aerith's affection to the maximum state will grant you a special cutscene with Zack and Aerith before she leaves. It also unlocks the trophy/achievement Good match for Aerith. If you manage to collect all 20 pieces of Materia in 23 seconds or less, you'll also earn the Divine trophy/achievement!

guess number

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Complete Guide to Minigames (3)

Before trying the number guessing minigame,we dare youdo the two above firstwithIf you raise Aerith's affection before this minigame, you have a significantly higher chanceAlso, if successful, you may like othersstart this minigameon the way tonorthwestern partdomarket areainsideFavela do Sector 5jin conversation with the boyComplete the number guessing game. This can be donealready in Chapter 4.

After talking to him, you shouldFollow the children passing in front of the screen and guess how many there wereon oneList of multiple choice answers.will need50 gil to try the numbers puzzle minigame,So make sure you have this beforehand. With all that said, let's get out of the way to increase your chances of winning before we dive into the rewards.

The number puzzle minigame costs 100 gil to start, but can be reduced by changing the guy running the potions game. Each potion reduces the cost by 10 gil, so you can reduce the price to 50 gil by giving away five potions. Giving the child potions also increases Aerith's affection for Zack, so we recommend doing this.

increase your chances

heuTwo ways to reduce the number of guesses you have,Increase your chances of getting the right answer right when you have trouble keeping track of how many kids are passing by. HeThe first method is simply to pay the childAlso, complete the minigame50 guilds,have itMake a list of three numbers, one of which is the winning number.that is agreat method when you think you have the right hunch but need to confirm itRemove some options.

option number twoesAsk Aerith what she thinks about how many children there areDrastically limit your options depending on your current affection for Zack.The higher your affection, the fewer options you have, which means the better your choose the right ones. Check out the table below for more information on how Aerith can help you!

Aerith's guess

level of affection



51+ affection points

It only shows two options, which is a 50% chance.


41>50 affection points

Narrow your options down to three options instead of six.


40 or less affection points

Eliminate two options, leaving four to choose from.

If you pay the boy for a clue and ask Aerith for help, he can identify the answer by comparing their numbers and finding what they have in common.

Once you've completed and uploaded your assumptions, it's time to throw them away and hope for the best. If successful, you will receive thearticle of the day,Arandom element from an extensive list of possibilities.OfYou can replay this minigame multiple times from chapter 4 to chapter 9,and we recommend making it as yourChances of getting the rarest items will drastically increase each timeTry. For the full list of rewards and their rarity, see the table below!

Rewards for guessing numbers

To forgive




hello potion


potion x




Doe Material


matter of fire


Blizzard case


brass clamp

Very rare

brass clamp

Very rare

Bulletproof vest

Very rare


Very rare

Acima HP materials

Very rare


wrongly chosen

Though she does not gain any affection points based on the result of her divination skills, giving the child potions increases Aerith's affection by two each time she gives it to her, and ten affection points total if she gives all five. potions. This will bring you closer to the 75 Affects needed for the Aerith and Zack special cutscene and the Good Match for Aerith trophy/achievement. If you guess the exact number correctly, you'll also get "Bingo!" Trophy/Achievement.

Find Wutai-Spione!

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Complete Guide to Minigames (4)

Time to shake things up a bitFind Wutai-Spione!Minigame that can be accessedalready in chapter 5Visitavenue without loveTo start the minigame,talk toANDGuardia ShinraEmavenue without lovebe informed about itsix spies of wutaihiding among people in different places.

The six Wutai Spies must be found in a specific order.each unlocks a reward when found.Finding all six will give you a special reward.that willbe helpful onlineto another minigame (flower wagon), ThenWe recommend removing this as soon as possible.Also, like the othersWhen you reach Chapter 9, this minigame will be disabled.making completion impossible. The locations of the six spies are listed in the table below and in the correct order.

Locations Wutai espionage

wutai spy


To forgive

spy 1

Loveless Avenue, man walking down the street near the truck.

Mission 4-3-1

spy 2

Sector 5 Slums, market area, guard near the entrance.

Mission 4-3-2

spy 3

Shinra Building, Main Lobby, Shinra Agent near the elevators.

Order 4-3-3

spy 4

Sector 8, the woman near the fountain in the middle of the square.

Mission 4-3-4

spy 5

Shinra Building, Exhibition Hall, Shinra Agent perto da réplica de Shinra #26.

Order 4-3-5

spy 6

Sector 6, Park Area, the "spy" is a boy who acts as a Wutai spy.

Mission 4-3-6

walnut wood

You must talk to Wutai spies three times to trigger the cutscene where they are exposed as spies.

(Video) Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion - Master Infiltrator Trophy / Achievement Guide

Afterfind the six wutai spies,You will havewalnut wood,that youcan be used to help Aerith craft her Flower Wagona few chapters later. Beside,You don't need to complete the unlocked quests to advance through the minigame or get the walnut wood.Still, they offer decent rewards, so we recommend picking them up whenever possible.

Finding all six Wutai Spies will unlock the Wutai Nemesis trophy/achievement. You don't earn any affection points for completing this minigame, but you can help Aerith with her Flower Wagon minigame or her side quest, they're all worth it.


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Complete Guide to Minigames (5)

squatssimilar to the previous minigame except for thisAll of your rewards center around the Flower Wagon quest for Aerith.give you everythingParts needed to build the third flower wagonto complete the minigame/sidequest.This mini game isinsidetraining roomdoShinra buildingand can be completedalready in Chapter 5.

You will haveone minute to do as many squats as possible to outrun your opponent.heufour opponentseach one more skilled and trained than the last, forcing you to go straight to the point if you want to win. Although this minigame is challenging,There is a strategy and pace for going down that will help you tremendously,which we will try to follow.

squat strategy

When the minigame startstime his button presses on the side of Zack's arms.AsStart moving forward, press the button to continue and complete the squat,Repeat this action several times until the one-minute timer runs out. If youcan successfully complete five squats without errorsin quick successionZack starts crouching faster,So you can squat a lot more than your opponent if you can keep up and keep up the pace.

Not getting a squat or taking too longwillpowerreset your pacePut you in a bad position against more challenging competition. However,Once you get a feel for the pace, pace, and overall handling of the minigame, you'll be able to do a lot of squatsin the given time. JustTest and time your keys as Zack raises his arms,and you shall be golden. All rewards can be found in the table below!

Rewards for Squats


To forgive

Soldado Shinra

Shinra Lunch Cart Specifications

Captain Shinra


3rd private class

Shinra boots

private second class

Shinra welding

Getting more squats than the 2nd class soldier will unlock the Shinra's Squat Champion trophy/achievement and provide the final piece needed to craft the final flower wagon for Aerith in a later chapter.

flower wagon

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Complete Guide to Minigames (6)

Whileless than a minigamejmore than one Streaming, Aerith will build three flower wagonsIt is abig payout for some of the minigames in the real game,So we decided to include it and how to complete it as a result. YouYou can only continue this quest in Chapter 8,whichthen it will be availableinsidechurchwithinDistricts of sector everything beforethis quest will be inactive during Chapter 9,as soon as possible.

for this activityYou must collect materials to help Aerith build three flower wagons.As covered in the previous two minigames,To achieve this, you must complete the Find the Wutai Spies and Squat minigames.See the sections below for the location of all materials for each Flower Wagon!

Materials for the first flower wagon

For you

How did you get

used tools

It can be found outside the church by collecting the four red orbs.

old wood

He gave it to Zack after suggesting to the favela's resident carpenter that he name the bar "Sétimo Paraíso".

worn tires

Given to Zack by the man next to the truck on Loveless Avenue.

shipping specifications

Obtained by finding a Shinra Helmet outside the Church.

Materials for the second flower wagon

For you

How did you get

mithril tools

Obtained after completing mission 2-16 "Truth in the Wasteland" and talking to the researcher in the Shinra Building's exhibition hall.

walnut wood

Obtainable by completing the Find Wutai's Spies! minigame.

high quality tires

You will be rewarded by completing Mission 7-16, "Retrieval Mission" and talking to the 3rd Class Soldier located in the Shinra Building's Meeting Room.

artisans monthly

Complete mission 1-2-6 "Peacekeepers" and then talk to Captain Shinra on Loveless Avenue to receive this part as a gift.

Materials for the third flower wagon

For you

How did you get

Shinra Lunch Cart Specifications

Derote o Shinra Trooper no minigame Squats.


Defeat Captain Shinra in the Squat minigame.

Shinra boots

Defeat the Private 3rd Class in the Squat minigame.

Shinra welding

Achieve the second private class in the squat minigame.

There are no rewards for completing this side quest, but you will receive the Midgar Full of Flowers trophy/achievement and you can see a special scene where Zack and Aerith are selling flowers from the wagons created for the people of Sector 5. Slums.

Seven Wonders of Nibelheim

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Complete Guide to Minigames (7)

ANDSeven Wonders of NibelheimMini game is by farthe most demandingin the game and requires itSolve all seven puzzles in order without delving too deeply into the story or it will be impossible to complete.To start this minigame, you need to reachNibelheimEmChapter 9jTalk to the boy at the east end of the starting town.Talk to himGet the first puzzle.Steps to the Seven Wonders of the World are in the section below!

(Video) Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Squats Minigame, Shinra's Squats Champion, 68 Squats Guide

You must solve the first five puzzles before entering the basement of Shinra Mansion. If you don't, the quest will not be able to be completed, blocking your progress. Likewise, step six must be completed in chapter 9, with miracle number seven being the only one you can complete in the next chapter.

first miracle

After getting your first riddle for thefirst miracle,navigate toWater tower in the middle of the town squarejunder themto get thisphoenix matter.from here,back to the childto get the next puzzle.

second miracle

now that you have themsecond step, go to the innis found inwest side of townjAttention without talking to Sephiroth or anyone elseInside. once up,Enter the bedroom and look for the painting of a woman hanging on the wall opposite the bed. examine itand thenback to the child

The child will mention that the girl in the photo sometimes leaves the portrait,to have youcheck againThis will reveal thatThe girl is no longer in the picture.-scary thingsfrom here,Keep moving from the first floor to the second floor until you see the owner move behind the counter.When this happens,Drop in after him and follow him up the stairs and into the room.with the photo

Here,The host will go after the photo, put money behind it and return the girlback to imageface the hostjHe will give Zack 2000 gil to shut upabout the image and its mysteries,Solution of the second miracle.from here,back to the childto take the next step.

third miracle

Asthird miraclenow given to you, you'll have to do itHeading to Mount NibelEmLook for another bomb enemy.youre gonna need itDefeat him to bring the boy proof of his existence.To do this,Climb Mount Nibel until you reach a fork in the road,lead toContinue east and follow to the end.

Just before the end of the streetYou will find three bombs: gray bomb, sensitive bomb and cure bomb,all of whichlooks very different from anyone you've metduring your journey.Use Blizzard Materia and target the ones that are growing to reduce them.keep going untildefeat them allAObtain the Gold Shard item.Take the Gold Shardback to the childjchange it to the security bitfor information about the Fourth Wonder.

fourth miracle

ANDfourth miracleis more demanding and committed and takes place within theShinra-Villa(Remember not to enter the basement under any circumstances once you are inside!).To typea Vila Shinra,Go up the stairs and go left. Then take the first door on the right.Once in this roomYou see the Laughter Vault with a note in front of it.Read the note to finda set of puzzlesyoure gonna need itsolve to get Laughing Safe combinationneeded to open it. He canFind out how to solve all the puzzles in the table below!

Safe laugh puzzle solutions

secure number



first number

"Overflowing Knowledge".

Stay on the second floor, go to the northeast room and look through the keyhole. Count the number of books on the floor and on the shelf, but not the numberwithinoff the shelf.

second number

"Unwanted Faces".

Go downstairs and look through the keyhole in the door on the right side of the room. Keep an eye out for monsters dancing around the room, periodically moving in and out of focus and out of your field of vision. Take your time here and make sure you have the right number.

third number

"Delightful memories of home."

Go upstairs and look through the keyhole in the room near the Laughing Safe. You'll be looking for banora apples in all forms, so count raw fruit and canned banora apples and be careful not to confuse them with similar-looking items.

fourth number

rest on all fours."

Go downstairs, go to the room at the left end of the hall and look through the keyhole. You will see many chairs in this room. count them all

Now you have the complete combination.for sure I laugh,Go back and open it to reveal a cactor trapped inside.ANDCactuar will flee and the laughter will subsidebut you willGet the Slash Life Materiafor your effort, then it's worth it.

fifth miracle

After resolving the Fourth WonderGo to the inn and talk to Sephiroth to work on the story until you reach the basement.from the mansion.After the cutscene ends, return to the boy to get the fifth wonder's steps. Don't take the story beyond the basement point,or you cannot complete the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim.

from here,Return to Shinra Mansionjin the basement. Avoid the critical path gate, but enter the other twodoors insteadFind coffins to interact with in both.If you played the original Final Fantasy 7,Do you know who lives in one of these coffins?ButYou need a key to open it.He canGet the keys to these coffins by defeating the enemies in the basement.from the mansion, thenExit the coffin room and start killing enemies.ButRemember not to interact with the critical path gate!

(Video) Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion 100% Walkthrough 27 All Missions Finally Complete

After picking up the keys,You needGo back to the rooms with the coffins and open them.heuIt is not known who has who you are looking for withinof this aswill always be randomButKeep fighting enemies and opening coffinslike crazyuntil a scene plays.After the scene develops,He leaves the villa and returns with the child.Let's repeat againdo not interact with the critical path gate!

sixth wonder

For himsixth miracle,It's dark time!Advance the storyto the point whereNibelheim burnsAnd youback to the town square.once hereThey are told that the child's mother is trapped in a burning house,jsaving them is the sixth wonder."What's the riddle?"Questions. Good question becauseYou must guide Zack through the burning house while the camera is facing outside.MeaningYou have no idea where you are going.Oh,You have a minute for that too.

gladly,The camera still follows Zack with ease, giving you an idea of ​​where to go as you try to fumble your way through.the smoke and the flames. Generally,You should try to go to the far right after entering the building.ThenIn the stairs before turning leftThengo in front of the housejFinish by taking another to the right to enter the child's mother's room.

after i got ityoure gonna need itreverse your stepswhich means you mustGo left, up, right, down and left.Get out of the burning buildingalive and well with the child's motherhave itwill reward you with an ATK UP++ Materia.

seventh wonder

progress through historybisZack and Cloud leave Nibelheim,jThe boy emails Zack the final puzzle.Because you know why not? But,Due to the events, the boy informs Zack that there is no longer a seventh riddle.but thatInstead, he left a gift for you to find.which will complete the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim.

From here you have toGo as far as you canANDOut of Nibelheim.once hereGo to the farm to find a gold collectible on the ground in front of your this articlepreserves the matter of the wall,this ends the mini-game, sub-quest, thing...

If you solve all seven riddles of the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim, you will be rewarded with the "Seven Wonders Expert" trophy/achievement.

a waterfall full of treasures

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Complete Guide to Minigames (8)

A cascade of treasuresis one of the last minigames you can find in Crisis Corebecomes availableeach time to get toGongaga-Dorfregion duringchapter 9,just before leaving to help Cloud avoid being kidnapped by Hollander. However, keep this in mind.If you leave Gongaga Village, you will no longer be able to visit it, which means that this minigame will be unavailable.So you must do it if you come to the area.

To startthis game, you mustPlace seven groups of enemies near Gongaga Hillsthe region that will betriggers a scene where Zack sees a chest floating downstream from the waterfall.After that, you can participate in the A Cascade of Treasure minigame. Below are the rules and general strategy of the game.

You must pretend to activate the scene. If you don't get ten chests on the first try, you'll need to defeat seven groups of enemies again to try this minigame again.

A treasure cascade strategy

The Cascade of Treasure minigame has youmaneuver across a raging river to collect treasure chests and avoid monsters,reward you for transporting a large number of chests. While this may seem difficult on the surface,the patterns in which chests and monsters appear are always the same,allow youknow what's coming in time to get out of the way and take a standor.

Imagine the river divided into three sections.-ANDleft, middle and right.You willYou should always start in the middle, then move to the left and then quickly to the right.From there,the pattern repeatsthen all you have to do isBack to center, left, right and so on.We recommendGo left and right at a slight angle to attack the treasure chest that goes down the river instead of coming towards you.This gives you more time to reposition yourself for the next one. Now let's cover what you get for collecting Treasure Chests!

A cascade of treasure rewards

Collected Chests


10+ safes

  • hello potion
  • potion x
  • elixir
  • Goblin Hit Matter

8>9 safes

  • hello potion
  • potion x
  • elixir

5>7 safes

  • hello potion
  • potion x

1>4 safes

  • hello potion

0 safes

  • anything
(Video) Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion - Godlike Trophy / Achievement Guide

Collecting at least ten treasure chests in the A Cascade of Treasure minigame unlocks the Waterfall Hunter trophy/achievement. While looking for waterfalls is not recommended, this is the exception to that rule.

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