Afghanistan Terrorism Report: December 2022 to January 2023 (2023)

The following is the December 2022 to January 2023 edition of the Afghanistan Terrorism Report. The authors provide a monthly analysis of the evolving terrorist threat in Afghanistan, as well as a comprehensive overview of Al-Qaeda and ISIS-K propaganda for the month.

In late 2022 and early 2023, ISIS-K attacks continued at reduced levels. A pattern of reduced violence during the winter months is typical of Afghanistan. Unfavorable weather conditions impede the perpetrators' freedom of movement to prepare and carry out attacks. However, during the period, ISIS-K carried out four high-profile attacks in Kabul in quick succession. In early December, an attack was directed against the charge d'affairesEmbassy of Pakistan in Kabul. In the second week of December, ISIS-K toHotel a Kabul,several Chinese citizens injured. On January 1, 2023, ISIS-K targeted the entrance ofKabul Airport Military Department, killing almost two dozen people and injuring about 30. Finally an attack by ISIS-KEntrance to the Ministry of Foreign Affairskilled many people in Kabul on January 11, 2023.

While the total number of alleged attacks by ISIS-K decreased by the end of 2022, with these four high-profile operations in Kabul, the group managed to hit several key Taliban interests in less than six weeks. successful therapy. On the one hand, it has shown nations friendly to the Taliban regime, such as Pakistan and China, that the Taliban will continue to face significant security challenges. On the other hand, with the attacks on the entrance gates to the military airport and Itamaraty, ISIS-K noted that hardened targets in the capital may also be attacked, albeit at their weakest, the entrance gates where employees normally do queue to sign in. . ISIS-affiliated and pro-ISIS propaganda outlets highlighted these attacks with various publications, notably the Kabul hotel attack, as it was presented as an action to fight the Chinese government, while the Taliban welcomed their investment despite of the persecution against the Uyghurs. The propaganda messages also highlighted the Tajik backgrounds of two of the perpetrators to point out that they are an ethnically diverse entity, unlike the Taliban regime, which is dominated by Pashtuns.

Finally, on January 4, 2023, the propaganda news channel Amaq published a summary of all the attacks that ISIS claimed responsibility for in Afghanistan in 2022. The infographic claimed that the group carried out 181 attacks with 1,188 casualties. While it is difficult to verify these numbers in detail, it is clear that ISIS-K remains a major security threat in Afghanistan, despite currently lacking the capability to do so.strategically destabilizedas Taliban-Regime.

Afghanistan Terrorism Report: December 2022 to January 2023 (1)

On the ideological front, ISIS-affiliated and pro-ISIS propaganda continued to attack the Taliban, emphasizing factional infighting, corruption, and mismanagement as now commonplace.Power outages in Afghanistanand crimes allegedly committed by Taliban officials. A particularly dire example is ISIS propaganda reports from early January 2023 highlighting the attempted kidnapping of children by Taliban officers in Panjshir province, which appears to have killed two children.

Interestingly, pro-ISIS propaganda has picked up on the story of Taliban figures.Buy Twitter Tickin January 2023. Pro-ISIS users have argued that this is not just an example of the Taliban wasting scarce resources, but also an indication that the movement remains committed to the US. Figures for Twitter, and while those marks were removed soon after, this incident shows a shocking laissez-faire attitude on the part of Twitter, an American company, towards the implementation of US and international sanctions aimed at quelling the Taliban regime to restrict. Allow receipt of remittances that could only have been electronic funds transfers from prominent members of a US-sanctioned organization.Liste der Nationals Specially Designated and Blocked Persons (SDN).Twitter demonstrates a serious or near-absence of internal controls.

Pro-ISIS propaganda also emphasized the Taliban's decision in December.Ban women from colleges, highlighting that this will lead to a shortage of teachers, doctors and nurses. Although ISIS commitsterrible violationsof women's basic rights, both during the so-called caliphate and in areas currently under the control of ISIS members, such asIslamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP), pro-ISIS propaganda claimed that women played a central role in society and that the group maintained women-specific educational institutions during the so-called caliphate period. Although the issue of women's education has been highlighted in various publications, unsurprisingly, pro-ISIS propaganda ignored the Taliban decree that prohibits Afghan women from working for Afghan women.International non-governmental organizations (NGOs). ISIS defines international humanitarian organizations as enemies and theirEmployees as legitimate targets. This new measure by the Taliban endangered humanitarian aid to the Afghan people in the dead of winter. The UN Secretary General, António Guterres, immediately gave aStatement criticizing this decisionby the Taliban, who forced various international humanitarian organizationspause your activitiesin the country. As of January, a movement seems to have been achieved in some international organizations on this issue.resume his humanitarian workin the country. It remains to be seen what concessions the Taliban will receive for allowing Afghan women to continue working for these international organizations.

Pro-ISIS propaganda rhetoric criticizing al Qaeda and its allies appears to have become increasingly aggressive. During early 2022, pro-ISIS propagandacriticized al-Qaedaand al-Qaeda's leadership for its support of the Taliban, in recent publications, pro-ISIS propaganda defines al-Qaeda as an apostate and highlights parallels between the group and the Taliban regime. For example, the ISIS-friendly online magazine Voice of Khorasan published a lengthy article highlighting what it calls a betrayal.Abu Muhammad al-Golani, the leader ofHayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), aAl-Qaeda-Zweig in Syria. So far, no reports have emerged suggesting that ISIS-K has started attacking thevarious organizations associated with Al Qaedacurrently operating in Afghanistan, or core members of the al Qaeda leadership residing in the country. However, the increasingly strong ISIS-related rhetoric against al-Qaeda could be an early indication that such attacks may become possible.

Finally, al-Qaeda's ambitions to attack Western targets have not diminished. On December 26, 2022, the new Al-Qaeda-affiliated online magazine One Ummah highlighted the current situation in Somalia, where Al-Shabaab, the local branch of Al-Qaeda, is located.increasingly aggressivein their establishments. Comparing the situation there to the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan, the magazine ominously declared that "the war is not over yet," highlighting the continuing threat posed by al-Qaeda and its affiliates.

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  1. ISIS Al-Naba Bulletin Number 370 published on December 22
  • No ISIS-K related content

ISIS Al-Naba Bulletin Number 371 published on December 29

  • "Caliphate soldiers take down one of the most prominent Taliban leaders along with his bodyguards in a controlled bombardment in northern Afghanistan."

“This week, in Khorasan province, Caliphate soldiers killed one of the Taliban militia's most prominent security leaders, along with several of his bodyguards, with a car bomb in the northern Badakhshan region after closely monitoring their movements. . ."

  • "A car bomb was detonated and was aimed directly at him"

“And in detail, by the grace of Almighty God, on Monday (2/Jumada al-Akhira) the Caliphate soldiers managed to park a car bomb and used it against the leader of the 'police militia' in the region (Badakhshan), the apostate 'Abdul Haq Omar', after watching him on his way to his office with his guards, is found at the police headquarters near his home in the city (Faizabad), causing his death, along with several of his guards and causing harm to others, praise God.

Hours after the operation, the Amaq Agency released a video showing the moment of the huge explosion that directly hit the leader and his guards, killing him. The slain leader is considered one of the most prominent militia leaders the mujahideen have managed to topple since they came to power from US forces.

It should be noted that the attack came days after the militia closed most of the religious schools, which the militia in the Badakhshan region call "takfiri", for violating Sufi and heretical teachings, which at the time allowed the car to commander of the 'militia'. police' in the region (Badakhshan), followed by a large number of militias”.

  • "The moment the car exploded against the commander of the 'militia police' in Badakhshan"

Afghanistan Terrorism Report: December 2022 to January 2023 (2)

ISIS Al-Naba Bulletin Number 372 published on January 5, 2023

  • "A martyrdom operation leaves 50 dead and wounded in Taliban ranks at the entrance to the military airport (Kabul)"

“Around 50 members of the Taliban militia were killed or wounded this week in a qualitative martyrdom operation at the entrance of (Kabul military airport), whose hero was one of the perpetrators of the attack on the Chinese hotel in (Kabul) weeks ago. , a hard blow for the Militia and its spokesmen who later demanded "the elimination of 3 of the attackers." The new attack undermines the credibility of the militia's statements and confirms that its leaders are pursuing deliberate lies. The mujahideen also killed two Pakistani intelligence spies in two separate attacks in the Afghan border areas.

  • "The Brother of Martyrdom (Abdul-Jabbar Al-Tajiki), may Almighty God accept him"

Afghanistan Terrorism Report: December 2022 to January 2023 (3)

  • "Murder of Two Spies by Gun"

“And in detail, by the grace of Almighty God, on Thursday (Jumada al-Akhira 5) a renegade Pakistani intelligence spy in the (Birbala) area of ​​(Peshawar) was attacked by Caliphate soldiers with pistol shots which resulted in in his death, as well as how a second intelligence agency spy was shot dead in the Khar region of Bajaur the next day, Friday, in the same way, resulting in his death, thank God.”

  • "Killing of Pakistani intelligence spy in Birbala, Peshawar"

Afghanistan Terrorism Report: December 2022 to January 2023 (4)

  • "50 killed and wounded in martyrdom"
  • "At the entrance of the 'Kabul' military airport and in a new qualitative operation for the soldiers of the Caliphate in Khorasan, on Sunday morning (8/Jumada al-Akhirah), one of the knights of martyrdom, brother (Abdul Jabbar ) -thank God- went to a meeting of Taliban who lined up in front of the gate of the In military department (Kabul Airport) to check their entry tickets at the headquarters in a regular security measure where the ordeal ended to be able to penetrating the security fortifications and reaching the gate of the military headquarters, he detonated his explosive belt in the middle of a gathering of Taliban members, killing some 20 militants and wounding 30 others.”
  • "Big surprise!"

“The apostates were very surprised when mujahideen security sources in this attack revealed Manf's identity to prove that he was one of the perpetrators of the Chinese hotel attack weeks ago, after he managed to leave the hotel after completing the operation and return. to his attack, his brothers were at peace before the latter denied the attack. May God accept it and thus unite the fight against communists and apostates. Many online Muslim activists praised Operation Martyrdom - accept it by God's permission - seeing it as a symbol of the "high standards" that characterize Islamic State soldiers and the magnitude of the strength of these heroes' faith in the unseen. , in the judiciary and in destiny - we consider them as such - and on the other hand the people and the observers mocked the militia chiefs and their false spokesmen who came out that day announcing the elimination of three attackers!' It is now clear that this was an outright lie with premeditation and investigation!”

  • "In the footsteps of renegade governments"

“In this regard, a private source confirmed to Al-Naba that this particular incident is just one example that shows everyone how extensively the Taliban militia has lied internationally and locally about the results of the attacks. and the successive losses and failures in their ranks. The language of militia leaders and spokespersons is the natural result of walking in the ranks of rogue governments and regimes that sell "illusions" to their masters and operators to dissuade them from their legitimacy to "fight jihad," as they call it. the Americans, to convince them. 'terrorism' and the Taliban and their brethren call it 'external'”.

  • "Abdul-Jabbar Al-Tajiki left the world and adorned it"

"On that occasion, the source (al-Naba) revealed part of the attacker's secret where the source said that brother Abdul-Jabbar is from (Tajikistan) and has spent most of his life outside his country and was kind, good and faithful to the truth. However, from the money that prepares him to live the life of luxury and fun that today's youth struggle with in pre-Islamic societies, this world with its trappings has not deterred him from the path of jihad that he is following. in obedience to Almighty God. , accompanied by several of his Tajik brothers.”

  • "Attack on the communists"

"The source explained (al-Naba) that brother Abdul-Jabbar had registered his name in the Martyrs' Office a long time ago and after killing some of his brothers he insisted on avenging them and started urging his princes to hurry up. , to send him to carry out a martyr operation on the darkest and most difficult target they saw and after persistence and urgency his brothers chose him as one of the perpetrators of the Chinese hotel attack in the heart of (Kabul) and the world saw his will, accompanied by his brother - may God accept them - when they swore allegiance to Caliph Aba al-Hasani al-Quraysh (may God protect him), as a blood oath, so he had him executed after completing his mission for the attack, and by the grace of God, he withdrew through the hotel windows as you saw on the visionary screens and contacted his brothers and they managed to return. rest, by the grace of Almighty God, so that he could return to his brothers with greater determination and kill and fight for Almighty God.”

  • "Attack on the Renegades"

"Where the source confirmed to (al-Naba) that after successfully managing the Chinese hotel and returning safely to his brothers, Abd al-Jabbar did not feel comfortable with him and continued to pray to God to go to the houses of the martyr. And his princes responded to him and again chose him as the hero of the martyr operation in the meeting of the apostates at the gate of (Kabul military airport) so that God would unite him between the fight against the communists and the apostates. His story would be a living example for the Muslim youth in devotion, benevolence and loyalty”.

  • "Last week"

“It should be noted that in Khorasan province, caliphate soldiers overthrew one of the Taliban militia's most prominent security leaders, along with several of his guards, last week by detonating a car bomb in the area. (Badakhshan) in northern Afghanistan after intense surveillance of their movements."

  • "The brothers Abu Omar and Abdul Jabbar, may God Almighty accept them, at the Chinese Hotel in (Kabul)"

Afghanistan Terrorism Report: December 2022 to January 2023 (5)

2.Pro-IS-Online Chat

  • December 17 - Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that Afghanistan's electrical infrastructure is failing and that the water infrastructure has been "cut off" for 9 months. The Post asks how this is possible considering that the Taliban receive injections of coins every month. The Post also claims that even while ISIS is under attack, they are struggling to "provide power and water, even though the matter is next to impossible." The Post claims that the Taliban are corrupt, stealing funds and sending their daughters to fancy schools abroad.

"#Khorasan. The country has been plunged into total darkness due to the long pause in electricity financing. The spokesperson also complains about the lack of water and that it has been cut off for 9 months.

Which leads to confusion and questions: where does the $40 million in cash that the Taliban rebel militia receive once or twice a month go? We will not ask to suffer for the millions that are spent specifically in support of the militia war against Islam.

Islamic State, bless them, struggled to provide power and water at the height of the siege and the continuous round-the-clock shelling, though the feat was nearly impossible.

Plunged into darkness, #Ukraine is backed by the West with billions amassed, and its neighbors provide electricity, gas and water, but the cuts continue...

And the renegade Taliban militia claim that the country's power, government and economy are in their pockets, and millions of Americans are guaranteed every week, so they line their pockets, they send the families of the leaders through of the oceans and prevent the education of girls and their daughters. in 5-star schools in #Pakistan and the two states of #Qatar and #Khamarat..."

  • December 18: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram indicating that Iran has appointed a former Quds Force officer of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, as its new ambassador to Afghanistan.

"#Khorasan. Magian Iran appoints a former Iran Magian Guard Quds Force officer as its ambassador to the Taliban separatist militia.

Following the recent scandal surrounding former Iranian ambassador Bahadur Aminian's leaked discussion of the mages' plans in Afghanistan, the post of ambassador was taken over by Iran's special envoy Magusi Hassan Kazemi Kumi.

Consider the joy of the dog for its impure owner.

  • December 20: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that the Taliban are only hostile to Sunnis and lenient to Shiites and Iran. The Post claims that the Taliban allow Shias to practice their religion and put up public billboards in the areas they control. The post also said that the Taliban did not encourage Muslims to migrate to Afghanistan and compromised with their "American masters" and said the fighting was over.

"#Meditation. Hostile only towards Sunnis, the malicious Taliban have admitted that they are fighting 'Salafi Wahhabism' and have no mercy on those who believe in their faith, saying 'Shia are our brothers and Iran is an Islamic state! ! ! '

In fact, look at the state of Taliban controlled areas, today you will find polytheistic rituals in Taliban areas invading cities and Al-Hussein images and banners are everywhere.

(Video) Video Inside Afghan Parliament as Taliban Bomb Explodes

These polytheists are the base of the ephemeral madness and its perverted and cursed sheikhs; Mujahideen on the methodology that pleases the Most High God, in fact, they are a purer methodology than the state established after the righteous predecessors, established the religion of God and its limits on earth and returned to God, published Sunni and even prevented that Christians discouraged her from establishing their rituals, as well as from killing polytheists.

You should know that the Taliban do not fight ideologically against the Afghan army, saying that they are agents and aggressors, their situation is like the case of the late Ahmed Yassin with the Jews when he says: “Our fight against the Jews is not for an ideological reason. he asks but because they are attackers and if my brother attacks me I will kill him.'

Here we must ask the enemies of God, the defectors from Al Qaeda, the awakened, the priests of the Levant and all those who celebrated and applauded these supposed victories!!

Can you migrate to the Taliban today or tomorrow, can you incite your followers to migrate?

And this despite the fact that the Taliban are not seeking immigration for him because they are unwilling and uncommitted to the terms of their American masters and have repeatedly stated that the Taliban fight is over and will not resume."

  • December 20: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that an improvised explosive device detonated in Takhar, killing a Taliban member and two others who were guards for Qari Lal Muhammad, the "regional security commander."

"#Khorasan. An explosive device went off in the sixth district of the city of Takhar, killing a renegade Taliban militia member and wounding two other guards of renegade Qari Lal Muhammad, the region's security commander."

  • December 20: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that the Taliban have banned female students from colleges and universities. The Post claims that since the Taliban came to power, they have "prevented girls of all levels from going to school." The Post also alleges that the daughters of Taliban leaders study abroad in Qatar and Pakistan at expensive schools, possibly paid for by corruption.

"#Khorasan. Taliban renegade militia closes the university doors to female students.

It should be noted that since they took power, the renegade Taliban have prohibited girls from attending school at all levels, the last of which is university.

Keep in mind that all the daughters of the leaders study abroad; In the state of #Qatar and #Pakistan) with the best schools and universities and alimony payments with people's money..."

  • December 20: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming Pakistani police are tying up Afghan refugee children and violating their rights.

"#Pakistan. This is how rogue Pakistani police treat displaced Afghan children.

  • December 20: Pro-ISIS Telegram post about disputes between different Taliban armed factions. The publication claims that there are many clashes in Helmand and Kandahar and that Taliban troops have left Helmand with their equipment. The publication said the disputes were caused by the "selective application of Sharia law and the preferential treatment of some over others." The publication concludes by stating that the Taliban are no longer as united as before they took power and have now been divided into tribal structures.

"#HouseOfTheSpider. Disputes between elements of the renegade Taliban militia and the Helmand leadership came to a head and the allegations became public.

An audio recording has surfaced on the internet telling of conflicts in Helmand and Kandahar provinces that broke out between elements of the rogue Taliban militia.

She says that there are many conflicts between the new regime's security forces, so the militia has divided into fanatical groups on a geographical and tribal basis and has begun to suppress others from other regions.

This situation provoked the outrage of the renegade Kandahar militia, who left Helmand with their weapons and belongings.

They blamed the renegade militia leaders and even the tyrant, the disgraced tyrant himself, for increasing divisions among the renegade militia elements in the south, and this is due to the selective application of Sharia law and preferential treatment. of some over others. . .

These divisions among the Taliban show that their leadership is not the same now as before, they are divided into groups, factions and tribal structures..."

  • December 21 - Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that the Taliban released two previously arrested Americans by placing them "on a plane from Qatar to... Qatar."

"#Khorasan. The renegade Taliban militia released two Americans they were holding and sent them on a plane from Qatar to the state of Qatar.

  • December 21 - Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that the Taliban released filmmaker Ivor Shearer, who was arrested in August, and a second unidentified person.

"US media revealed that the Afghan 'Taliban' movement has released two US prisoners.

And sources cited by CNN said on Tuesday that the two US citizens were on their way to Qatar after their release, according to Sputnik.

He explained that one of the Americans released was director Ivor Shearer, who was arrested by Taliban authorities in August while filming in Kabul.

The identity of the second person was not released at the request of the family.

The Taliban movement seized power in Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, coinciding with the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from the country.

  • December 21 - Mail from pro-ISIS Telegram claiming the two Americans were released with cash payments from the US government.

"#Comment. The US deal will be paid for in cash from the pockets of Taliban tyrants."

  • December 21: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that a large number of university professors have resigned and male students have gone on strike over the ban on female students.

"#Khorasan. Mass layoffs of university professors and strike by male students over dissident Taliban militias' decision to prevent construction workers from studying.

Imagine that after this decision she will not be a doctor or a nurse in the camp in the future.

We are waiting for mended professionals, prisoners of waste".

  • December 21: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram (originally by al-Naba 355). Groups that want "legitimacy and support" from the East or West lack "Islamic legitimacy."

"#post office. Emirate of Embassies!

The images of the leaders of these movements and organizations, addicted to wandering through the palaces of the tyrants of the East and West and leaning on the doors of their embassies in search of "legitimacy" and "support", are movements in which legitimacy Islam is absent, and this victory goes through these crossed messages and part of them, asking for their support and defeat. Two sides of the same coin that can only be spent in the markets of humiliation and slavery to others other than God.

In fact, after the rule of monotheism, jihad is a source of honor for Muslims, and those who are responsible for its cause and stand firm in it are the most beloved by the people of the country, even if they are burned at the stake. trenches, and those who allow themselves to be made, behold, those who neglect it and attack it on its way are the most humble and insignificant of men, even when palaces and hotels have been opened to them, and who looks at these movements and beings? renegades who belong to the messages of the Unbelievers make a pilgrimage asking for their love and begging for crumbs, knowing very well that they are far from jihad and monotheism in the East.

Exit message 355.

  • December 21: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that the Taliban would allow the practice of Shia Islam but would not allow the practice of ISIS interpretation of religion.

"#Meditation. Some of the polytheistic Shiite rituals that are prevalent in Afghan cities continue in Ghazni province, controlled by Taliban gangs.

Suppose, for the sake of argument, that one of the Muslims in your region set up a stall like this and started selling the books of pious predecessors and raised the banner of monotheism behind them. Will this polytheistic movement abandon you?

The question is drawn from the base and from a great broth on the part of the users ”.

  • December 22: Pro-ISIS Telegram post claiming that "22 senior (Taliban) leaders" are "sending their daughters to schools in Doha, Peshawar, and Karachi," while women are barred from attending schools in Afghanistan.

"#Khorasan. Media sources reported that as the renegade Taliban militia in Afghanistan prevents schools for girls from reopening, more than 22 militia leaders are sending their daughters to schools in Doha, Peshawar and Karachi.

The sources said the leaders include Qalandar Ibad, acting head of the Taliban dissident militia's health ministry, Deputy Foreign Minister Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanikzai and Suhail Shaheen, the militia's candidate for Afghanistan's seat in the non-profit nations. God.

The sources said Suhail Shaheen's daughter and three children attend public schools in Doha, where the Taliban's political office is located.

And Suhail Shaheen's daughter was also a member of the school's soccer team.

The sources added that Abbas Stanikzai's daughter graduated from a well-known school in Doha and from the city's medical college.

Qalandar Ibad gave his daughter a medical education and his daughter now works as a doctor in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan."

  • December 22: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen admitted in an interview with Piers Morgan that his daughters attended school in Qatar but "were allowed to go to school as long as they wore a hijab." The publication asks if the problem faced by educated girls is "related to veiling" and claims that the Taliban are hypocrites.

"#Refer. Faithless Piers Morgan meets self-righteous renegade Shaheen...

The disbeliever asked if it was true that his two daughters went to school.

The hypocrite reluctantly stammered that it was true.

(Video) Taliban's biggest attack on Pak; Afghan shelling kills seven civilians in Balochistan's Chaman

The non-believer studies, of course, because he's already in #Doha...

The hypocrite falsely argued that as long as they wore hijab, they were allowed to go to study!

If the learning of girls is related to the use of the veil, and by God, they are no less veiled than their wives, and let's not forget the journalists on their channels, saddened by their feelings.

If hypocrisy had a form, it would be embodied in the rogue Taliban and their bloody prisoners."

  • December 22 - Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that the Taliban are being hypocritical by forbidding women from going to school after claiming they would not, sending their daughters to college "at Mama America's expense."

"#Refer. The hypocrisy of the renegade Taliban militia...

Women were promised education the day they came to power, and today they return with their vomit.

On the other hand, their daughters are abroad, abroad, studying at prestigious universities and at the expense of Mama América.


  • December 23: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that Afghan airspace is open to foreign drones.

"#Khorasan. The sky of #Afghanistan is open to all...

Two drones are fighting in the sky over #Kabul..."

  • December 23: A pro-ISIS post on Telegram reports that there has been an explosion in the courtyard of a mosque in Kabul.

"#Khorasan. An explosion hit the courtyard of the Dirar Mosque in Kabul..."

  • December 23: Pro-ISIS Telegram post claiming there are rumors of a coup by Sirajuddin Haqqani and his allies

"#Khorasan. What is happening in the web of the Taliban?

There have been reports since yesterday of a coup against Al-Masredab Akhund and the attempt by intelligence officer Haqqani to install himself as the emir of the renegade militia, proposing the post of prime minister to Yaqoub, while the mullah's son Omar , he objected to it, as much as he wanted it also deserves his suggestion. As for the spy Barader, he wants to install the current prime minister; Hasan Akhund, Emir, and his successor in office.

While Pakistani intelligence, with the full support of Haqqani intelligence, tries to keep things under control to prevent potential defectors...

All this coincides with the widespread proliferation of armed elements near the homes of those involved, including foreigners.

Time will tell if this is proven or disproven."

  • December 23: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram saying medical students are dropping out of universities after banning women from attending. The publication claims that "there will be no women doctors, teachers or nurses" in Afghanistan, but that the Taliban do not care because their daughters are "being treated in hospitals in the state of Qatar".

"#Khorasan. Medical students' dormitory on their way home after #Taliban_ignorance militia prevented women from seeking knowledge.

With the stupidity and ignorance of donkeys there will be no doctors, teachers and nurses in the future, so they don't care that their daughters are studying abroad and being treated in hospitals in the state of Qatar and in silence..."

  • December 23: Pro-ISIS posting on Telegram that a Twitter account associated with the Taliban received a blue tick.

"#Meditation. They were given the land and given weapons and money to fight the monotheists... Today they are given the blue mark...

Oh, prisoners of fragmentation, we are preparing for you a rocket that crosses skyscrapers that will fly over your impure forehead in your last launch...

I broke them so much...

A weed the size of the ocean, you degenerate.

  • December 24 - Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that the Taliban have said that women cannot work outside of government jobs.

"#Khorasan. Prevent women from working outside government posts."

  • December 24: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that a regional head of the Ministry of Education in Badghis was killed by unknown persons.

"#Khorasan. The assassination of the leader Abdullah Obeida, head of the Ministry of Education in the Badghis region, Cádiz, shot dead by unknown persons... along with a colleague who is believed to be his brother..."

  • December 24: Pro-ISIS Telegram mail containing what is believed to be an old ISIS Health Divan pamphlet, explaining that the presentation is for "men and women." The Post claims that by banning women's education, the Taliban are preventing the emergence of future "doctors... nurses... (and) midwives."

“#Diwan_of_Health in Khilafah state. Submission is for both men and women, while the Taliban militia of ignorance deprives women of their rights, and in the future they will be neither doctors nor nurses nor midwives”.

  • December 24: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that the Afghan Taliban have condemned a Pakistani Taliban attack on a police checkpoint in Pakistan.

"#Pakistan. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for bombing a vehicle at a police checkpoint yesterday. Renegade Taliban militias rushed to their embassy in Pakistan to condemn the attack, expressing deep sorrow for the victims and They branded the perpetrator as suicide These things said a Jewish boy about jihad: If you present a thousand proofs, we will not accept them.

  • December 24 - Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that ISIS runs "malls" and educational institutions for women only, while the Taliban "robbed women of their rights".

"#You can see it. While renegade Taliban militias deprived women of their rights, the Islamic State ran women-only malls and offered them respectful, private work.

They also opened their own schools and universities with an innovative educational system based on the tolerant Islamic Sharia.

To learn the difference between the revealed rule of Sharia and the rejected tribal rule…”

  • December 25 - Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that male students at Kabul University are boycotting classes until women can attend.

#khorasan. Male students at Kabul University announce their boycott of studies until girls can study. Now at least every student -if not all- of two or three has a sister deprived of studies, think about it and don't overdo it with your head..."

  • December 25: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that classes are suspended at a medical school in west Herat. The post states that Afghanistan will have no female medical staff, including gynecologists, dentists, midwives or nurses. The post said that this problem will only affect the "ordinary people" of Afghanistan, as the Taliban send their daughters to school and their wives to give birth outside the country.

"#Khorasan. A notice from the West Herat Province Medical College regarding the suspension of classes until further notice or until male-female education prevails.

Now every teacher, male or female, needs a gynecologist, dentist, midwife, nurse for them/their daughters/their wives/their sisters and with the hot beast mentality, women in the future need to be checked out by Abu Shanab Talabani, this matter is reserved only for the common people of #Khorasan, or the tyrants in the militia know where their daughters go to school, where they get medicine and even where their wives give birth."

  • December 25: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that the Pakistani Foreign Ministry celebrated the Christmas holidays with Christians. The post said that Pakistan is the "official sponsor, guide, trainer, masseur and publicist" of the Taliban.

"#Pakistan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of #Pakistan is celebrating the Festival of Polytheistic Christians. If you are reading the news now, please remember that #Pakistan is the official sponsor, guide, trainer, masseur and publicist of the renegade militia. # Taliban..."

  • December 25 - Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming there has been an explosion in the Dar-Ul-Aman area of ​​Kabul.

"#Urgent. An explosion sounded in the Dar-Ul-Aman area of ​​Kabul's Sixth Security District..."

  • December 25: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram reports that there has been an explosion near the Russian embassy in Kabul.

"Afghan Media: An Explosion Near the Russian Embassy in the Afghan Capital Kabul".

  • December 26: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that the security commander in Badakhshan was killed by an explosion.

"#Urgent. #khorasan. An explosion near the security headquarters of the #Taliban rebel militia in the central #Badakhshan city of #Fayezabad resulted in the death of rebel Mawlawi Abdul-Haq, security commander in #Badakhshan ”.

  • December 26: Pro-ISIS Telegram reportedly posts a photo of the Badakhshan security commander killed in an explosion.

"#Khorasan. A photo of those killed in the explosion..."

  • December 26: Pro-ISIS Telegram mail saying that a delegation of Iranian diplomats arrived in Kabul where they discussed the importance of their relationship, increased Iranian trade and investment in Afghanistan, and "the plight of Afghan immigrants in Iran ". The Post claims that Iran's new ambassador to Afghanistan is a former IRGC officer.

"#Khorasan. A delegation of wise Iranian diplomats arrived in Kabul today to meet with the foreign tyrant, the renegade Taliban militia. During the call, they discussed the importance of the relationship between the two sides, increased trade and investment from the side Iranian in Afghanistan and the plight of Afghan immigrants in Iran.

Noting the good relations between the two countries, the giant Mottaki thanked Majusi's former ambassador Bahadur Aminian (who had the idea of ​​opposing the Taliban like his brother Hamas) and wished him success in his new role.

It is noteworthy that the former Magusi ambassador was succeeded by a former Magusi Guard officer and his understanding is enough."

  • December 27: Pro-ISIS Telegram email mocking the Taliban for exposing the Pakistani Taliban's attack on a Pakistani police checkpoint. The Post asks will the Pakistani Taliban be called “extremists and Kharijites” any time soon?

"#Khorasan. After the renegade #Taliban militia denounced the attack on their loved ones in Pakistan, calling it a suicide attack. Do you think calling them extremists and Kharijites will go as far as the foreseeable future?"

  • December 28: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram saying there was an explosion "in the central square of Takhar province."

"Khorasan. An explosion was heard in the central square of Takhar province."

(Video) Repeated border clashes between Afghanistan and Pakistan leave several dead | DW News

  • December 28 - Pro-ISIS Telegram post featuring a video of packages being thrown from the bed of a pickup truck into a large crowd. The Post claims that the Taliban are throwing "crumbs" to the poor in Afghanistan and claims that the Taliban are "getting millions of dollars."

"#Khorasan. This is how the Taliban renegade militia dogs treat the destitute and poor. They take millions of dollars and throw crumbs at people."

  • December 28: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram saying the Taliban are also paying Twitter $8 a month (or 709 Afghans) to verify their blue tick accounts.

“Back then, renegade #Taliban tyrants would pay $8 a month on Twitter to verify their blue accounts. $8 ~ 709 Afghans”

  • December 28: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that the blue mark has been removed from a Taliban-affiliated Twitter account after "negative internal and external reactions."

"#Khorasan. Twitter removes the blue tick from the account of the tyrant Talabani, who paid $8, which is the price of the badge for a month. The badge was removed after negative reactions from inside and outside."

  • December 29: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that the Taliban have "stopped the work of bakeries where only women work."

"#Khorasan. The renegade Taliban militia have closed bakeries where only women work."

  • December 29 - Pro-ISIS Telegram post saying Taliban "complain about their power" but children are involved in dangerous opium and poppy harvesting and production. The Post claims that drug trafficking "from hashish to dangerous methamphetamine" has doubled under the Taliban.

"#Khorasan. In glory, the renegade tyrants of the #Taliban and their captives speak of empowerment and clear conquest.

A boy cleans the narcotic marijuana plant from the ground after it has dried.

Opium cultivation, poppy harvesting and its production process, as well as skin contact all lead to addiction.

The cultivation and production of drugs, from hashish to the dangerous methamphetamine, has not stopped in Afghanistan, but has doubled under the rule of the Taliban renegade militia."

  • December 29 - Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that Afghan women and children are being held in Pakistani prisons. The post states that the Taliban will not be defended on their behalf.

"#Pakistan. Afghan women and children in prisons of #Pakistani tyrants...

Why don't the #Taliban renegades try to dismantle them? …which is the basis for it, a thousand percent.”

  • December 30: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram saying more Taliban members are buying blue marks on Twitter.

"#Khorasan. There is a growing trend among renegade Taliban leaders to buy the blue badge."

  • January 1 - A pro-ISIS post on Telegram says that some 20 people were killed and injured in an explosion in the military area of ​​Kabul International Airport.

"#Khorasan. An explosion in the military section of Kabul International Airport killed and injured around 20 people and sources suggested the cause of the explosion was improper ammunition storage."

  • January 1: Pro-ISIS Telegram mail saying 20 people were killed and injured in a bomb attack at the entrance to Kabul's military airport (later claimed to be an ISIS attack by Amaq).

"Afghan media: 20 people killed, injured in explosion at the entrance of the military airport in the center of #Kabul #Afghanistan"

  • January 1: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that the number of people killed and injured at the Kabul airport has increased.

"#Fail. #continue. The death toll in the IED attack on a rebel group of Taliban militants at the entrance to Kabul International Airport rose to 32, with 14 injured.

Ben al-Halki is likely a renegade Defense Ministry leader."

  • January 2 - Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that children are sleeping on the streets of Jalalabad and asking what the Taliban are doing with the money they receive, implying that they are corrupt.

"#Khorasan. Children of Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar. Where do millions of dollars go every week?"

  • January 2: Mail from pro-ISIS Telegram claiming that the ISIS-K terrorist who attacked the Kabul airport military area participated in the December 12 Kabul hotel attack and escaped after the December attack was jumping out of a window

"#Witness. A passage is said to be from Brother Abdul-Jabber, may God grant him, as he was leaving the Chinese hotel.

  • January 3 - Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that Taliban police killed four people who were trying to kidnap a "businessman." The Post claims that all four men were members of the Taliban forces.

"#Khorasan. The renegade police militia announced the elimination of four people who tried to kidnap a businessman. Upon investigation, it turned out that all four were members of the renegade militia. protector and thief. Even children were involved in the kidnappings."

  • January 3: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming Taliban involvement in child abductions.

#khorasan. About the kidnapping of children by the renegade Taliban militia… We will tell the tragedy of a beautiful child.”

  • January 3: Pro-ISIS Telegram post alleging that two boys from the village of Khaniz in Panjshir were allegedly abducted by Taliban members on their way back from school. The two children jumped from the vehicle, one died and the other is in critical condition.

“Boy Muhammad Waseem, 8 years old, from Khaniz village in Bazark district of #Panjshir. Yesterday, February 1, 2023, he went to school with his friend to receive his test results. On the way home, they were stopped by a car belonging to the renegade #taliban_militia while driving in disbelief.

The apostates put the two children in the back of a car and said they would take them to their village. After a while, Muhammad Waseem and his friend realize that the car has passed through their village and they go to another place...

The two boys started screaming and banging on the roof of the car from behind, begging the renegades to stop, but to no avail. The two children panicked and jumped out of the moving car as it passed two other villages.

After realizing that Wassim and another boy had thrown themselves out of the back of the car, the two renegades fled the scene rather than stop the car.

After some time, they were found unconscious by passersby and taken to the Panjshir emergency hospital with their relatives who had been summoned.

The doctors stated that the children should be taken to Kabul as soon as possible. But Muhammad Wasim died at the same time. Your friend is also in critical condition and his survival is almost non-existent.

When the body of the boy Ahmed Wassim was brought to his home, members of the renegade Taliban militia rushed inside. And when they discovered the boy had fallen from the ranger's car, they left the scene and never returned."

  • January 3: Pro-ISIS Telegram post in which the Taliban education minister claims that "educating men and putting them into jobs negates the need for jobs and education for women." The Post asks if the Taliban believes it is religiously permissible for men to be women's gynecologists, nurses or dentists.

"#Khorasan. The tyrant of the Ministry of Non-Education and Ignorance in the renegade Taliban militia, renegade Nada Muhammad Nadeem claims:

"Educating men and getting them jobs negates the need for jobs and education for women."



I met him


By understanding this ignorant man, men can fill the void in these jobs.

Of course, his harem is practiced in #Dubai and #Doha..."

  • January 3: Pro-ISIS Telegram mail stating that on the anniversary of Qassem Soleimani's death, an art exhibition sponsored by the Iranian consulate was held in Herat and that Hazara children presented 70 paintings "dedicated to the death of the Iranian general.

"#Khorasan. In honor of the anniversary of the death of Qassem Soleimani and in the presence of the renegade militia tyrants, an art exhibition organized by the Iranian Wizard Consulate was held in Herat, where the sons of Rawafid Hazara they painted 70 paintings dedicated to the death of the Iranian General Soleimani.

This is not the first time that the rejection of Iran and the rejection of the Hazara along with the rejection of the Taliban celebrate the anniversary of the annihilation of the impure butcher of Muslims.”

  • January 3: Pro-ISIS Telegram mail stating that four Taliban members accused of kidnapping were part of an unidentified Taliban intelligence unit and that one of them was the brother of the governor of the Kut region.

"#He continues. #Khorasan. It emerged that the kidnappers were not only members of the renegade Taliban militia, but also linked to their intelligence agency, and one of the fatalities, Abdul Majeed Ahmadi, known as Mawlawi Abbas, He is the brother of the governor of the Kut region.”

  • January 4 - Pro-ISIS Telegram post reports that there have been multiple explosions in Kabul.

"#Khorasan. A series of explosions in the 8th district of the city of #Kabul."

  • January 4: Pro-ISIS Telegram mail saying General Mobin was arrested after calling strikes against Pakistan over border disputes. The post also states that General Mobin allegedly sympathizes with ISIS-K, but the post states that this "ready" accusation "will be used against anyone who opposes the decisions of the rebel militia," regardless of his status.

"#Khorasan. Multiple sources, including those loyal to the renegade #Taliban_militia, have circulated that one of the most prominent active militia leaders, Mobin Khan (also known as General Mobin), has been arrested by security forces. The reason of the arrest is that the renegade posted a video clip calling to fight Pakistan over the border dispute.

#Pakistan is seen as a red line for Taliban defectors, which not even Mobin, the defector beloved by the militias, could cross.

This is not the first time that General Mobin has been arrested for anti-Pakistani comments, the difference is that this time he has lost his position as Kabul's police chief.

Pre-packaged accusations of alleged ties to Islamic State and a desire to join its ranks also began to circulate.

(Video) MEP Mick Wallace asks EU parliament if it considers Israel’s treatment of Palestinians terrorism

These staged accusations were used against anyone who opposed the decisions of the rogue militia, and used as a pressure card against them, regardless of their status and the weight of their loyalty.”

  • January 5: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram in which unknown persons claim to have "eliminated a Taliban member of Tajik origin" in Badakhshan.

"Afghan Media: Unidentified Gunmen Killed a Taliban Member of Tajik Origin Nicknamed 'Abu Omar' in Badakhshan's Bahrak District".

  • January 5: Pro-ISIS Telegram post claiming that the Taliban had closed “one Salafi school for boys and one for girls in Badakhshan province” and “seized four other Salafi private schools and expelled all Salafi teachers ”.

"#Khorasan. Local sources report that renegade Taliban militia have closed one Salafi school for boys and one for girls in Badakhshan province. They have also confiscated 4 other Salafi private schools and expelled all Salafi teachers."

  • January 5: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that the Taliban condemned Israeli actions regarding the Al-Aqsa Mosque for violating "international regulations" rather than religious grounds.

"#Khorasan. Renegade Taliban Militia Condemns Attack By Jews On Al-Aqsa Mosque As Violation Of International Standards!

  • January 5 - Pro-ISIS post on Telegram stating that Pakistan has carried out airstrikes against the Pakistani Taliban in Nangarhar. The Post claims that the Taliban are not preventing Pakistan from interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

"#Khorasan. Pakistani airstrikes target Pakistani Taliban militia strongholds in Nangarhar.

Where is the apostate defense minister who threatened Pakistan not to interfere in the country's affairs?

  • January 5: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram claiming that a powerful earthquake has affected "most of the provinces of Afghanistan."

"#Khorasan. Earthquake described as severe hits most provinces of #Afghanistan."

  • January 5: Pro-ISIS post on Telegram saying the Taliban and China have reached an agreement to "extract fuel" in Afghanistan.

"#Khorasan. The rogue Taliban militia made a deal with the Chinese communists to extract fuel. China is known to use the economic trap to trap poor countries and the country of Khorasan is very rich in underground minerals."

3. Statements by ISIS Amaq

  • December 26 - ISIS-K claims to have killed a Taliban police commander and several others in Fayzabad with a car bomb.

Khorasan Province A prominent leader of the renegade Taliban militia was killed along with several of his comrades in a car bomb explosion in Afghanistan.

By the grace of Almighty God, Caliphate soldiers managed to park a Taliban police militia leader and detonate a car bomb as he was on his way to his office at the militia police station in the north-eastern city of Faizabad. Badakhshan. region of Afghanistan, who along with several of his companions led him to death and injured others, and praise God.”

  • December 26 - ISIS-K further claims that the Taliban police commander and his bodyguards were killed and several others injured when a car bomb exploded as the commander was on his way to his office in Fayzabad.

A senior Taliban police commander was killed along with his guards in a car bomb blast by Islamic State militants in Badakhshan province in northern Afghanistan.

Badakhshan - Afghanistan - Amaq Agency A prominent Taliban militia police commander was killed and others injured along with several of his comrades in a bomb attack controlled by Islamic State militants in the "Badakhshan" region of northern Afghanistan. Security sources told the Amaq news agency that Islamic State fighters closely watched the movements of the Taliban police chief in Badakhshan province as he hesitated between his home and workplace in the regional capital city of Faizabad. . The sources added that the militants parked a tampered car and detonated it today, Monday. Said leader was assassinated about 200 meters from his house on the way to his office. As a result, he was killed along with several of his guards and others were injured."

  • December 30 - ISIS-K claims to have killed a Pakistani intelligence agent in Bajaur.

"Khorasan Province, by the grace of Almighty God, a renegade Pakistani intelligence spy was shot dead by Caliphate soldiers in the Khar region of Bajaur, resulting in his death, thank God."

  • December 30 - ISIS-K claims to have killed a Pakistani intelligence agent in Peshawar.

"Khorasan Province, by the grace of Almighty God, a rebel Pakistani intelligence spy was shot yesterday by Caliphate soldiers in the (Pirbala) area of ​​(Peshawar) resulting in his death and thank God."

  • January 2 ISIS-K claims to have killed or wounded 50 Taliban members in a suicide bombing outside the military wing of Kabul airport.

“Khorasan Province: Around 50 renegade Taliban militia members were killed and wounded in a martyrdom operation outside the military airport (Kabul).

By the grace of Almighty God, one of the Knights of Martyrdom, Brother (Abdul-Jabbar), may God accept him, went to a meeting of renegade Taliban militiamen outside the gate of the Military Department at the Airport (Kabul) yesterday when was before entering the section, where Martyrdom detonated his explosive belt in the middle of his crowd, resulting in the death and injury of about 50 members, and thank God."

  • January 2 - ISIS-K claims Kabul military airport suicide bomber was one of the perpetrators of the December 12, 2022 Kabul hotel attack. The Post claims he killed 20 Taliban members and injured 30 others when they lined up to show their identity documents before entering the military barracks.

“50 Taliban militia members were killed and wounded in a martyrdom attack at the entrance to the Kabul military airport.

Afghanistan - Kabul - Amaq Agency: Some 50 members of the Taliban militia were killed or wounded yesterday in a martyrdom attack that hit those gathered in the capital, Kabul. Security sources told the Amaq agency: "An Islamic State martyrdom fighter managed to penetrate the security fortifications and reach the entrance of the military barracks yesterday, Sunday morning." Connected to Kabul International Airport. The sources added that the militant detonated an explosive belt he was wearing in the middle of a gathering of Taliban who were queuing to check their maps before entering the military headquarters in a regular security operation. The sources said that the powerful explosion killed around 20 people and injured 30 others. The same sources revealed to Amaq that the bomber was one of the two Al-Inghmasi who carried out the attack on the Chinese hotel in Kabul a few weeks ago. . , since he managed to withdraw from the hotel after the attack. Today he successfully carried out his second attack.'”

  • January 4: Infographic on attacks reportedly carried out by ISIS in 2022. ISIS in Afghanistan (bottom panel, last column on the right) claims to have carried out 181 attacks, killing or injuring 1,188 people.

Afghanistan Terrorism Report: December 2022 to January 2023 (6)

4. Amaq video posted on December 26, 2022

The video is dated December 26, 2022, and was released on December 27, 2022. The 13-second video shows a group of men walking past an exploding vehicle.

"Amaq Agency: A video showing the moment ISIS fighters detonated a bomb-laden car targeting 'Taliban Police' commander in Badakhshan province with his guards in Faizabad city today."

Afghanistan Terrorism Report: December 2022 to January 2023 (7)

5. ISIS-friendly media Al-Adiyat image of the December 12 attack on a hotel in Kabul, released on December 21, 2022

“ISIS, as a country based on the Prophet's method and seeking victory for Muslims everywhere, their role in this matter has been to try to translate their threats against China into action on the ground. His soldiers did just that recently when they attacked a Chinese hotel in central Kabul. To start the revenge campaign, which is still in its infancy. News opening: why do you say what you don't know: 369”

"New Design: [ISIS's role in the Uyghur problem.]"

Afghanistan Terrorism Report: December 2022 to January 2023 (8)

6.Pro-ISIS web magazine Voice of Khorasan published on December 19, 2022

Article 1: Betraying Jihad: The Riddah of al-Jawlani, the Munafiq

  • Abu Mohammad al-Julani imposed a "tyrannical and anti-Islamic rule over Idlib" in Syria.
  • Julani pretended to be one of the mujahideen but has betrayed ISIS and is in league with the US, Europe and Israel.
  • Julani is now a mob boss "surrounded by armed foreign thugs pretending to be muhajirin."
  • Julani and his associates claim to be Muslims, but they are hypocrites and traitors who blaspheme.
  • The people of Idlib are reaching out to ISIS supporters around the world to tell them about the horrors under HTS.
  • There is no work, the sick are left to die. The only ones who get along are Julani's "minions".
  • HTS allows Christians to make religious videos, allows alcohol consumption and does not make veiling mandatory.
  • Julani appeared in Western attire to placate her international counterparts.
  • Julani said that he is following the path of the Taliban and will eventually try to join the United Nations. Julani and his troops are the current janissaries of Turkey.
  • Eventually, Julani will face her fate.
  • ISIS will eventually return to Idlib by force and overthrow Julani and HTS.

Article 2: Hypocrisy (An-Nifaq)

  • Hypocrisy is "pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you don't really have."
  • Types of hypocrisy:
    • hypocrisy in faith
      • Great disbelief.
      • These people claim to be believers, but they are not.
      • Six types: "Denying the Messenger, denying the thing with which the Messenger is sent, hating the Messenger, hating the thing with which the Messenger is sent, rejoicing in the shame of Islam, aversion to the spread of Islam."
    • Hypocrisy in facts and facts.
      • Someone who is a believer but still deserves punishment because his works are not pure.
      • Examples: lying, breaking promises, betraying trust, immoral conduct in disputes, breach of contract,
  • Hypocrites are described as greedy and only concerned with appearances.
  • Hypocrites will eventually go to hell.
  • Hypocrites deserve severe punishment because they pretend to be sincere while deceiving.

Article 3: Shaykh Abu Ubaitha, the Emir of the Istishhadi Knights: Who devastated the Crusaders in Sri Lanka

  • Abu Ubaitha was born in Kaathankudi, Sri Lanka.
  • Along with 800 others, he pledged allegiance to IS.
  • Appointed to head a Shura council, Abu Ubaitha killed 18 people, including policemen, in revenge attacks for Baghuz attacks in Syria.
  • Abu Ubaitha singled out the attackers for the 2019 Easter bombings, which was also revenge for Baghouz.
  • The Easter attacks in Sri Lanka were (supposedly) targeting Westerners visiting Sri Lanka for the holidays.
  • The churches were (allegedly) targeted because the Christchurch attack on March 15, 2019 targeted mosques.
  • If you choose martyrdom, you cannot lose.
  • The fight is mandatory.

Article 4: Today's traitors follow in the footsteps of yesterday's traitors 2

  • Turkey committed crimes in Afghanistan.
  • After ISAF's departure, Turkish troops were to remain in Kabul to protect the embassies and hold the airport. The Taliban called on the United States to withdraw Turkish troops "for the time being".
  • Turkish and Qatari troops reportedly returned to Afghanistan to control the Kabul airport and provide technical assistance.
  • Turkey works on behalf of the US.
  • The Taliban allowed this violation of their territory.
  • Taliban officials celebrated Turkey's national holiday and democracy celebrations with Turkish diplomats in Kabul.
  • The Taliban support democratic systems and have told the Turkish authorities that they will pray for them.
  • Proud of their disbelief and blasphemy, the Taliban celebrate Turkey's Republic Day in violation of religious law.
  • Turkey has acted criminally by allowing democracy (man-made laws) that violates religious laws. The Taliban support this.
  • This raises the question of whether the Taliban will introduce similar systems in Afghanistan.
  • If the Taliban brought democracy to Afghanistan or befriended democratic governments, why did they fight the previous government?
  • Anyone who is content with unbelievers is an unbeliever.
  • The Taliban embraced secularism by attending the Organization of Islamic Scholars Conference in Turkey.
    • The Taliban adopted slogans of "freedom of humanity, respect for human rights (sic) and guarantee of happiness for humanity".
    • The conference was an attempt to formalize and financially strengthen the Taliban government in Afghanistan.
    • And this despite the fact that Turkish troops had previously been sent to Afghanistan, where they fought against the Taliban.
  • The head of the Taliban delegation in Qatar celebrated Turkey's Republic Day at the Turkish Embassy in Doha.
    • The Turkish state is secular.
  • Like the Taliban, Ataturk took the form of a religious man to seize power.
  • Like the Taliban, Ataturk closed religious schools and tried to destroy Turkey's "Islamic identity."

Inset: Excerpts from ISIS spokesman Abu Umar al-Muhajir's speech released on November 30, 2022

  • Announce the death of Abu Hasan al-Hashimi al-Qurashi and call for an oath of allegiance to the new ISIS caliph Abu al-Hussain al-Hussaini al-Qurashi.

Article 5: Path to salvation in the time of trouble

  • People claiming to be Muslim "surrendered to the Americans and other crusaders for a few dollars."
  • People refuse to fight to free the prisoners, even though the women and children are trapped.
  • The fight is mandatory.
  • Some people refuse to fight because they think the US and its allies are too strong and technologically advanced, but those who rely on technology are actually cowards.

Infographic: The price of giving Qatar the chance to host the World Cup

  • Qatar won the World Cup after "nearly two decades... sponsoring interfaith dialogue to spread outright obscenities."
  • Qatar is accused of spreading confusion and humanism.
  • Qatar was "rewarded" because it "served Jews and Christians more than other Gulf countries."

Article 6: Operations that pave the way to victory

  • Wilayah Sahil: ISIS killed 80 al-Qaeda fighters after the latter allegedly attacked ISIS-affiliated individuals (November 12).
  • Wilayah Sinai: Two ISIS fighters attacked Egyptian police in el-Qantara el-Sharqiya (November 27).
  • Khurasan Region:
    • On December 4, ISIS-K attacked the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul, targeting the Ambassador and his guards. "The ... Taliban militias are unable to protect foreign interests in Afghanistan, despite their repeated speeches offering security assistance to their disloyal masters with the aim of inviting them to develop infrastructure and foreign investment in the country."
  • Wilayah Mozambique: December 2 - ISIS attacked a Mozambique military headquarters in Cabo Delgado, killing six soldiers, paralyzing two vehicles and confiscating weapons.
  • Proclamation of the Bay'ah to the Caliph of the Muslims
    • ISIS groups around the world have pledged allegiance to the new caliph.
    • The IS ranks remain united.

Article 7: Response to those who ask a stranger questions about bay'ah

  • People accused Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of being conceited before appearing in public.
  • They must swear allegiance to the new IS leader.
    • If you have honor, you will.
  • It makes sense that some people get confused when ISIS is being fought by a large coalition of enemies.
  • Public appearances by executives cannot take place to ensure their safety.
  • An enemy has an advantage when he doesn't know who his opponent is.

Article 8: Taliban - the patron saint of Shirk and its people

  • Sufi monasteries must be destroyed. Mosques are said to be the only places of worship in Islam.
  • The monasteries allowed the diffusion of polytheism, innovation, dancing, singing, etc.
  • Polytheism must be destroyed.
  • It is also obligatory to destroy idols in public places.
  • Those who pay jizyah can have idols in their homes.
  • List of monasteries and shrines protected by the Taliban in Afghanistan:
    • Shrine of "Sufi Hakim Sanaya" in Ghazni
    • "Jaber Ansar" Shrine in Kabul
    • Shrine and tomb of "Tamim Ansar" in Shuhada-e-Salihin in Kabul
    • Santuario de "Panja Shah" en Shuhada-e-Salihin en Kabul
    • Rawdah Sakhi Shrine at Kart-e-Sakhi in Kabul
    • Shah Du Shamsher Shrine Wali near Pamir Cinema Hall in Kabul
    • Shrine of "Hadrat Abu Fadl" in Mard-e-Khana of Kabul
    • Shrine of "Khwaja Abu Nasr Parsah" in the center of Balkh
    • Shrine of "Khwaja 'Abdullah Ansari" at Gasargah in Herat
    • Shrine of "Sultan Mahmud Ghaznawi" in the center of Ghazni
  • The article claims that there are many other shrines and monasteries in Afghanistan.
  • List of Sufi Khanqas protected by the Taliban:
    • Khanqah "Murshid Syed Gulab"
    • Hadhrat Khwaja Gharib-e-Nawaz Khanqah
    • Pahlewan Sahib Khanqah
    • 'Ala ad-Din' Alia Khanqah
    • Hadrat Imam Hussain Khanqah
    • „Inchi Baghban Chahar Dahi“ Khanqah
    • „Dhamzang“ Khanqah
    • Khanqah "Mir Waid Kabuli"
    • Integrated „Murshid Ahadur Jan“ Khanqah in Qala Zaman Khan
    • Khanqah "Maulvi Sahib Faidani"
  • People come to these shrines to make wishes, engage in acts of polytheism, make sacrifices, etc., which are acts of shirking.
  • The Taliban are polytheistic because they allow this behavior.
  • The Taliban abandoned the true religious path and decided to protect these places.
  • The Taliban have said they will protect religious minorities and Hindu and Buddhist religious relics.

Infographic: Information on how to contact the al-Azaim Foundation

7. Al Qaeda English Edition One Ummah Magazine Number 5, published on December 26, 2022

Payment in advance

(Video) Taliban attack Pak Army on Afghan border, 3 soldiers killed; Two terrorists shot dead | Details

  • The attacker compares the current events in Somalia with the war in Afghanistan. The essay claims that Somalia will fall to the Shabab just as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban.
  • “Like Afghanistan, Somalia is a classic example of failed military intervention followed by decades of experimentation with imported Western political and economic structures. Somalia was another testing ground for the Karzai model: a corrupt and ineffective government hastily assembled in Western capitals to replace an indigenous Islamic government violently ousted from power by a Western-backed occupying force.
  • "And like its former counterpart in Afghanistan, Somalia's federal government is almost entirely dependent on foreign financial aid to run ministries and pay staff salaries."
  • The document argues that corruption is analogous between the Afghan and Somali governments.

Exit Strategy: How do you end a conflict?

  • A history of the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan.
    • "The Soviets were slow to discover that they had been cornered."
    • "In the absence of a realistic exit strategy, the Russians have been forced to swallow the bitterness of military and political defeat."
  • “Has the United States achieved any of its stated goals in Afghanistan? The United States has revived opium and heroin production in Afghanistan, which had previously been banned by the Islamic Emirate."
  • “The United States was allegedly covertly involved in international drug trafficking. during the two decades of occupation. It has also been involved in the systematic exploitation and theft of Afghanistan's natural and mineral resources. However, the Afghans did not leave the Americans alone. You made his life hell in Afghanistan. The Americans paid a heavy price, military, economic, and psychological, for their misadventures in Afghanistan. The United States has failed to eliminate or defeat the Islamic Emirate militarily. The experiment in "nation building" and importing democracy turned out to be a complete farce. Americans inadvertently helped al Qaeda expand its global reach."
  • The article states that the United States owes reparations to the Taliban.
  • “It is important that we understand that victory in the war does not necessarily mean the end of the conflict. The conflict will never end as long as the seemingly "defeated" side continues to find a way to turn the tide. That is why it is important to be extremely careful and not get caught up in positive thinking. It is important to be careful with those whose hearts do not have faith.We can win the war, but it is important that the fight against some enemies continue even if their flames are buried under the ashes of a finished war (emphasis added).Some enemies will always be looking for opportunities to regain their strength, spread their devious ideology, and achieve their heinous goals. History teaches us that, usually, it is not long before the winds blow in new and unexpected directions and the conflict begins anew.


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